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Flag of Dalgon
Current Claims of Dalgon
Location3271, 5295
Capital cityTronjheim
• Dictator
• General of Defence
• Master of Newfriends and Design
Foundation dateJune 2022
Motto"Create community, create commerce, create history."
National anthemDalgon

The nation of Dalgon was founded on the opening day of the CivMC Server in 2022 by fredhun14. Most citizens are previous players of Civ servers, especially the nation of Caledonia on CivClassics.

Dalgons are a dwarven-like people who prefer to live in the sprawling cave systems in the mountains as it offers protection and abundant reasources.

Create community, create commerce, create history.


SOTW - Summer 2022

With a bit of luck after a rough Start Of The World which included many resets and rollbacks, fred decided to settle near his inital spawnpoint in diorite mountains. Players who joined him were darthorangejuice, Raid_Boss, Verberate, Aamon, and captainstarb0ard. It was a race to claim land before being blocked in to the East and West by neighboring nations. Luckily, brother nation Nara settled nearby and working together, both nations could thrive in the new beginings of the new server.

One of the twenty bedrock nether portals was discovered off the coast of Danzilonia a few thousand blocks away from Dalgon by darthorangejuice. The nether spawn point was close to a fortress as well as both warped and crimson forests.

The construction of the oak tree, wheat, carrot and pumpkin farms quickly began. A blackstone road was laid to these sites in order to navigate the mountainous area.

After negotiations at multiple islands, Dalgon claimed an additional exclave in the jungle biomes to the north at 4000, 450. Since most of Dalgon calims include snowy biomes and mountain regions, adding a jungle farm meant the xp production could expand. A cocoa and sugar cane farm were constructed soon after.

The town center of capitol city Tronjheim, lovingly named "The Pit" due to its shape (a hollow cylinder with radius 50, height 100) was outlined and digging began. After securing their first beacon, clearing the pit became a much simpler task.

Cylindrical pit with walkways on the edges. Upwards view from ground floor
Town center of capitol city, Tronjheim

At the bottom of The Pit, citizen Azulos built the Vroenguard Inn with a Brewery created underneath. Several citizens began building their houses in the northen hall that branches off the cardinals of The Pit.

User Vah began griefing the +,+ region; breaking and stealing from chests, killing players and leaving their pearls in the ground soaked in fresh blood. It is suspected his base is in the southern region of the world, but he is still at large. Using x-ray hacks, he broke into the bedrock level bunker and destroyed the Dalgon Basic Cauldron.

Greyscale image of region of the country of Dalgon. Forests are indicated by round dark strokes, mountain ranges indicated by pointed triangles.
Physical Details of the Claims of Dalgon and Parts of Nara
The Durin Trading Co. has begun their base of operations in the northen hall of The Pit and is selling enchanted tools and armor. XP shops are currently under construction for buying and selling.

To combat Vah, Naran citizen Saren_Solaris was tasked with tracking down his home base. While searching on along the Nara-Gensokyo border, Saren's horse was attacked and killed by Ferro_Vir and Anastasia_Steele in the middle of a river while leaving Gensokyo territory. After being pursued for 250 by the two, Saren pearled both players. Ferro's pearl is currently being held in Shiroyama, Anastasia is in Saren's personal bunker.

A nether portal was found by Gensokyojins in the south western ice shelf of Dalgon claims. Instead of making the portal public, Gensokyo decided to dro the portal and require that players ask permission. A sro rail was also placed by Gensokyo through Nara and dalgon at y = 1 without consulting either nation beforehand. Due to these events, Dalgon and Nara closed their borders to Gensokyojins for an indefinite period. Dalgon closed the nether portal to remove the dro and iro and then reopened the portal for public access. The rail is currently being removed as long as it resides in non-Gensokyo territory.


Formed in the early weeks of the server, Alenarith Forum is a group of several countries in the +,+ that reside on one of the large conitnents in the world map. A large snitch relay system was created to track shitters accross member nations of the Forum.