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Kingdom of Lusitania
Flag of Lusitania
Coat of Arms of Lusitania
LocationApprox. +8000, +4000
National Colors
  Lusitan Wine
  Lusitan Red
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
Governing documentConstitution
• Monarchs
King Metriximor V
Queen Banyough
• Prime Minister
Foundation date2 September 2017
Foundation documentRedditPost
  • Portuguese
  • English
MottoIn Media Res
Official TimezoneUTC+0

For the other iterations of Lusitania see Lusitania (CivClassic 2.0) or Lusitania (CivRev).

Lusitania (luːsəˈteɪniːə), officially the Kingdom of Lusitania, was a sovereign independent nation in the Southeastern quadrant of CivMC, in the continent of Oriente, bordered to the south by the Medi Sea, the world border to the east, Rozia, Khaganate to the north and Ila'Kyavul to the west.

Lusitania is world famous for its wine production, being very proficient with the Brewery plugin, its pacifism, and the country being heavily inspired on Portugal.


First Settlement

Lusitania was settled on the first day of CivMC, posting its claims on the second[1].

The first house of Lusitania was the yellow townhouse that can be found on the southwest peninsula of the mainland of the nation.

With several islands under Lusitan jurisdiction, two new counties were established, those being the county of Olimpia and the county of Cascais. Both islands are similar in format, having one main island with several smaller surrounding islands in its proximity. Both counties have rail access to one another and to the mainland via a domestic underground rail system.


Due to the location and climate, Bread and Wine is the staple meal eaten in Lusitania, being freely given to any visitors and supplied to its neighbors of Rozia, Khaganate and Greater Duskwood. However, due to Lusitania's portuguese roots, sea food, like Codfish is a very common sight in a fully stocked Lusitan pantry.

Lusitania prides itself in its alcohol production, having produced wine for a long time[2], producing and exporting the world famous Lusitan Wine among a miriad of other alcoholic drinks. The sight of people enjoying a sip of wine is very common in Lusitania.

The Lusitans are proud of their pacifist ways, attempting to solve conflicts through diplomatic means, and in general tend to be hsm and chill to talk to.


Lusitania operates under a political structure that divides the nation into counties, each of which is governed by a Lord. These counties enjoy a significant degree of autonomy, except in matters concerning foreign diplomacy and the presence of central government infrastructure within their loosely defined borders.

The nation of Lusitania can be broadly categorized into three distinct regions: the mainland, the exclaves, and the islands.

Overall, Lusitania's political structure grants counties a degree of self-governance, while the nation's geographic divisions encompass diverse landscapes and climates that play a crucial role in the country's agricultural and natural resource strategies.


The mainland encompasses a considerable landmass characterized by a blend of flat and hilly terrain, with numerous rivers traversing its expanse. The climate in the mainland is generally warm, although the land itself is not particularly fertile.



The county of Provence is a mountainous region of the mainland of Portucale, that is split in half by the Limena river (see:Geography). The founding lord of Provence was RektTangle, who was declared Lord of Provence on the 14th July 2022[3]. The theme of the county is to have a "Sleepy railside town with monastery and fishing boats down stairs next to a big rail viaduct, Countryside hill sheep farming and cheese and wine making aesthetic. Sandstone and terracotta and cottages and cobble town squares", with a heavy focus on being a rural place, for would be tourists that wish to relax.

Island Territories

Lusitania's territory also includes three archipelagos: the Açores, Olimpia, and Cascais arquipelagos. These islands exhibit a fertile, humid, and temperate climate, making them ideal regions for the cultivation of Lusitania's entire supply of timber.

Due to the close proximity of both islands to the world border, both Olimpia and Cacais have parts of their island inaccessible. Additionally, part of the islands are also not reinforcable, thereby losing some value in terms of construction.


The county of Olimpia is an island located West of the mainland, with several smaller surrounding islands under its jurisdiction. The current Lord of Olimpia is PCRato06, having established the county on June 6, 2022. The population of Olimpia is steadily growing, with several Lusitan citizens having decided to settle on the island.

The main island is home to a flower biome, enabling the expansion of Olimpia's logging industry. Olimpia also boasts of a carrot farm ~1.000 blocks in area, which supplies the rest of Lusitania with carrots.


The county of Cascais is an mountainous island South of the Mainland and Southwest of Olimpia. Cascais also holds within its jurisdiction several surrounding islands, topographically similar to the main island. The current Lord of Cascais is ArtificialDriver, having founded the county on June 6, 2022. The geography of Cascais is very mountainous, with over 30 blocks of amplitude between sea level and the island's highest point. The surrounding islands are largely comprised of granite, adding a red tint to the surrounding area.



The exclaves, are located in warm and humid environments, primarily consisting of dense jungles. These areas serve as vital locations for cultivating and harvesting the more exotic crops necessary for Lusitania.




The official map of Lusitania

Bay of Portucale


Douro River

Limena River

The Limena river, named by RektTangle, separates the temperate climates of Lusitania from the harsher hotter climates of the east. Its name comes from a combination of the real Lima River and the latin word for "threshold", Limen. The mouth of the Limena River ends in Provence.

Interesting geographical features

Coroa de Picos

Atlas Mountain

Politics and Government

Originally founded as a constitutional monarchy by Metriximor and savalaia, the kingdom has adapted to respond to situations presented to it by Civ, over the years. With the main theme of said changes being more direct democracy to the people and more control of foreign affairs by the monarch.

Citizens are able to propose laws in the House of Commons, where they get voted by all the citizenry. Traditionally these votes are proposed by the incumbent government, but anyone can propose them. If the vote reaches a simple majority, it will either be approved into law by the monarch or vetoed.

Prime Ministers are elected by the citizenry after a brief candidacy period and then appointed by the monarch. They then go on to name people as Ministers of a specific topic to aid them in governing the nation.

Governments of Lusitania

Prime Minister Party Appointed in Ministers
PCRato06 Independent 21st May 2022[4]
PCRato06 Independent 13 July 2022[5]
Interim Government and the first elections

On the 21st of May of 2022[4], the former prime minister of Lusitania[7], DarkDevil2135, left the Lusitania discord, prompting King Metriximor to appoint PCRato06, the then Minister of Economy of Lusitania[7] as the interim Prime Minister, tasked with coordinating the initial settlement efforts in CivMC. Rato kept some of the old government and added new ministers to the cabinet, such as ArtificialDriver. Spurred on by PCRato06, on the 1st of July 2022[8], the King Metriximor announced that elections would be held to form a more legitimate government. PCRato06, Melonist, specificlanguage and AKJanklin presented their candidatures[9] and the elections formerly started at 11:58PM of the 7th of July 2022[10].

Results of the first elections

The elections started with an early lead to specificlanguage however over time they slowly turned around and PCRato06 got the lead and kept it until the end of the elections, where he won with 11 votes, compared to the runner up candidate, specificlanguage, with 7 votes.[5]

PCRato06 has stated that he intends to restructure the constitution of Lusitania and has focused on Economy, Defense, Foreign Policy, The State, Culture and Infrastructure as his main electoral points[9], which were reinforced by his inaugural speech, where he reinforced those wishes and also introduced his re-shuffled cabinet.[6]

International Connections

The first long distance rail line on the server[11], built mostly by banyough and dubbed L Line 2, a reference to the first L Line built in CivClassic 2.0, connects Lusitania and Lambat, with the trip taking 14 minutes and 48 seconds.[12]

There are undergoing plans to connect Lusitania to Danzilona, to connect the L Line 2 to Pavia and Djani'hweh and to connect the L Line 2 to the Copper Line.

Foreign Diplomacy

Lusitania has ties and friendships with many countries, both it's immediate neighbors of Rozia, Khaganate and Greater Duskwood, but also all Medi Sea nations, due to its participation on the Forum of the Medi Sea, and a few other scattered nations throughout the world that have come in some way or form in contact with Lusitania, such as the old friends in Southshire and the more recent friends in Reconstruction Era.

Participation in International Organizations

Signed Treaties


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