The Far North

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The Federal Republic of the Far North
Location3565 -8709
Activity levelMedium (as of 2022-06-09)
Capital cityPigelin
  • Taigesia
CurrencyFur capita
GovernmentFederation, Republic, Jarldom
• Jarl
Foundation date2022-06-09
Preceded byIcarus (Second Republic)
  • English
  • Äggish
National anthem

The Republic of the Far North is a country on CivMC. It is neutral and focuses on maintaining nature and culture in the snowy parts of a continent in the +,-.



The Far North is a Jarldom with the Jarl being Jarl for as long as he lives. When the old Jarl dies a new one is choosen through election. The Nation is officially neutral but has strong diplomatic ties too Icarus.


The country borders Bruma to the south and share a sea border with Baile and they also border Cordoba and the Fempire in their far eastern territories. The Far North consists of Snowy areas only. The coast in the west consists of flat beaches and after that comes the snowy mountains. These areas are mostly populated by a ethnic group called Taigese. Beyond the Snowy mountains there is a long snowy plain where the ethnic Äggish lives their nomadic lifes. The Far North is divided up into two states, Taigesia (In the west populated by the Taigese) and Äggland (In the east populated by the Äggish). The territorys on the other side of the continent consits of cold plains. These territorys no population however Äggish nomads happen too visit once in a while.


The diffrent ethnic groups in The Far North are all pretty simillar to eachother and therefore the culture isnt very diverse but consitst of a culture diffrent from all other civnations


The food mostly consits of whatever you can get from the nature in the area. The most normal dishes are goatmilk, berries and mushroom stew. Mushrooms do not grow in the country naturally but much is taken from the unclaimed lands east of the country. Melons are also very popular and is seen as a dessert of luxury.


The Taigese are gennerally farmer who herd goats and farm berries and more while the Äggish are nomads who live of whatever they find when they are travelling.

Holidays and Religion

The entire country are religious to the Aganist faith and this has a huge impact on normal day lifes. The Holidays are all Aganist but the Formation day the 9th of June every year.