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Neat Alliance That Won't Obbybomb


Foundation dateOctober 3rd, 2022

NATWO, or the Neat Alliance That Won't Obbybomb, is a military and economic alliance on CivMC between a number of western states that have similar interests and goals to produce more military infrastructure. It was founded on October 3rd, 2022[1] and revealed to the public in a reddit post.



After the revival of Sovia under the new name Neo Sovia, Icarus and it's allies began talks of an alliance. It originally began as a three nation alliance between Icarus, Neo Sovia, and Vyta, but soon reached out to the Hyperborean Confederation and Reggio Argeddina and proposed they get in on the action, to which SpacemanSpleef and Mrscafuto agreed. After creating an alliance discord and drafting a charter over the course of the next week and a half, they finally agreed on proper wording regarding wars and obligations of the nation within the alliance. With all the nation leaders agreeing to the terms and Icarian Parliament voting in favor of ratifying the charter, the alliance was officially declared on October 3rd and met with mixed reception.

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