Fox Island

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Republic of Fox Island
djoltal smaltakrhateht (mehrileh)
Flag of Fox Island, created by Val Tawiga
Location4100, 2500
DemonymFox Islander, Foxgirl
Activity level~4
• Founder
Foundation dateJune 2, 2022
Liberation from ZatokaOctober 26, 2022
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • mehrileh
IdeologyReligious anarchism
Fox Island, officially the Republic of Fox Island, is a Mery settlement and religious site in the +,+ quadrant on CivMC. Fox Island was originally founded as a joke by Smal before she began to seriously develop it later in the evening on its foundation day.[1] The neighbouring nation of Zatoka then waged a bloodless conquest of the island a couple of days after its foundation, resulting in Smal to abandon the island and move to Djani'hweh with the rest of the Mery people.[2] Some months later, following the dissolution of Zatoka by the new nation of Juliana which overclaimed it, the independence of Fox Island was re-declared by Red_Steel on October 26, 2022.[3][4] Since its newfound independence, at least 4 Mery people have repopulated the island and built a religious shrine there.