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Democratic Peoples' Republic of Grenada
Workers Party of Grenada Flag
Location-5220, 4700
Activity levelactive
Capital cityAccompong Town
AreaSouthern Ocean and Deluvia
GovernmentUnitary Marxist-Leninist State within a Constitutional Monarchy
Governing documentConstitution of the Peoples' Republic of Grenada
• Supreme Leader and President
• Premier and Vice President
• Chair of Workers Party Presidium
• Legislature
State Affairs Committee
Foundation dateSeptember 10, 2022 (2022-09-10)
Preceded byStros M'Kai
LanguageEnglish and Spanish
IdeologyComradeSankara Thought
MottoCome enlist in our new joint endeavor! Forward ever, backward never!
National anthemEducation and Production

The Democratic People’s Republic of Grenada is a single party socialist state within the constitutional monarchy of the Imperial Federation. DPRG territory consists of the former Federal District 3 of the Imperial Federation as well as the jointly administered Rose Quartz Plaza. Grenada is ruled by the Workers' Party of Grenada. The official state ideology is ComradeSankara thought. Those convicted of disloyalty to the state will be beaten with the peoples' stick because if the people are to be beaten with a stick, they are much happier if it is called "the peoples' stick"


Grenada was initially founded as "Stros M'Kai" a state originally developed as a fusion of Caribbean and Elder Scroll's build styles. At first only claiming what would later become the Island of Grenada. The state claimed a number of other islands and some mainland territory upon acceding to the Imperial Federation on September 10th 2022. Grenada rebranded from "Stros M'Kai" in late December 2022 when the Chairman desired a more consistent theme in order to aid recruitment.


the D.P.R.G. constitution mandates citizen membership in the State Affairs Committee. The State Affairs Committee is the highest legislative body in the D.P.R.G. Between State Affairs Committee Meetings, the W.P.G. Presidium rules by decree. The Workers' Party is the sole legal political party on the island and serves as the coordinating body of political and economic life on the island.

C.C.T.T. and Rose Quartz Plaza

Plupsnup general secretary of C.C.T.T. and Chairman Sankara signed an agreement making Rose Quartz Plaza a condominium jointly administered by C.C.T.T. and the D.P.R.G. Rose Quartz Plaza is a special administrative region that enjoys loosened economic controls. It is not subject to the same economic controls of the rest of the D.P.R.G.

The Secession of C.C.T.T. and the Status of Rose Quartz Plaza

In April of 2023, Plupsnup attempted to unilaterally secede from the Imperial Federation. ComradeSankara and Plupsnup entered into negotiations to ensure the continued joint development of the Rose Quartz Plaza Archipelago. The Imperial Federation Constitution places certain restrictions on agreements between constituent states and independent states. Negotiations quickly broke down with Plupsnup accusing ComradeSankara of attempting to renege on the Rose Quartz Plaza Condominium Agreement. ComradeSankara ended negotiations deferring the status of R.Q.P. to secession negotiations between C.C.T.T. and the IF. Then Chancellor of the IF HassDaMahn conducted an investigation of the incident and in negotiations secured R.Q.P. as a sole possession of Grenada. The main island was later renamed to Saint Thomas after Thomas Sankara.

Independence from the Imperial Federation

On August 5th 2023 Grenada declared independence from the Imperial Federation.