Western Jungle War

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Western Jungle War

Coalition troops in a Blockchainistani bunker during Operation Jungle Scourge.
DateJune 6th - 7th, 2022

Anti-Blockchainistan Coalition Victory

  • Western Boundary annexes Fire Island
  • Blockchainistan remnants relocate to the Eastern Continent
  • Icarus withdraws from COMRADES

境界の西部共和国 Western Boundary
Icarus (First Republic) Icarus
Kingdom of ErrorL KOEL
Supported by:
Sovia (CivMC) Sovia



Supported by:

 Rhode Island
Commanders and leaders

境界の西部共和国 ChewLeKitten
境界の西部共和国 MrJoCrafter
Icarus (First Republic) CredixYt
Icarus (First Republic) LIQUIDSTEREO
Kingdom of ErrorL ErrorL

Kingdom of ErrorL Lurxo

Blockchainistan Figasaur

Blockchainistan RabbiCroc

17 Fighters

30+ Citizens

~6-7 (Coalition estimate)

~15 (Blockchainistan claim)
Casualties and losses
Several buildings griefed and valuables looted. Primary base gutted and looted, most members POSed across the map.

The Western Jungle War was the first declared war on CivMC. It was fought on the Western Continent between the nation of Blockchainistan and a coalition of Icarus, the Kingdom of ErrorL and the People's Republic of the Western Boundary, with support from other nations.


During the first week of the CivMC server, players AbbyShapiro and TrustThePlan raided multiple nations across the map, including Icarus[1][2], Western Boundary, and several homesteaders[3]. Additionally, the player Figasaur, who had announced the new nation of Blockchainistan along with RabbiCroc, seemed to be loosely associated with said raiders.[3] This caused some in the raided parties to suspect the two were involved in and/or ordering the raids.

The War

Chance Encounter in the Jungle

Blockchainistan (orange), the Coalition (green), and Coalition supporters (light green) shown on a world map. The Coalition country in the far northeast is Icarus. Fire island is the westernmost Blockchainistani territory.

FuschiaJoCrafter, the Great Sage of the People's Republic of the Western Boundary, was walking through a newly claimed jungle island west of the so-called Forest of Magic. There, he encountered a strange base that was occupied by TrustThePlan, one of the Icarus raiders. He was accosted by Trust, but very barely managed to escape the jungle on one half-heart. Immediately afterwards, he recieved a direct message from Figasaur, asking him to adjust his claims.

MrJoCrafter agreed to the retraction in claims (temporarily) but still found the entire thing incredibly suspicious, and so decided to reach out to others.

Operation Planning

MrJoCrafter added players from Sovia, Icarus, KOEL, and others to a group chat, and explained the situation: TrustThePlan and AbbyShapiro had raided a large number of nations in the -,+ quadrant and beyond, it was likely Figasaur and Croc were involved in said raiding, and that he had found the base of the Blockchainistan group in the jungle. He set a plan to attack at a specific time, with members from Icarus, KOEL, and Western Boundary agreeing to assist in the attack. Of other nations, Sovia, CCTT[4], Hatium[5], and others in the -,+ quadrant backed the Coalition.

VinBing Insides KOEL

A player named VinBing stole some items from storage in the Kingdom of ErrorL and also attempted to kill its king and god, ErrorL.[6][7] While this event might have been unrelated, Figasaur himself reported said in local chat "uh oh" immediately after VinBing was killed by ErrorL. Figasaur after the fact maintained he was not associated with VinBing, which some people accepted. VinBing was later banned, presumably for attempting to evade his pearl with alternative accounts.

Operation Jungle Scourge

The operation commenced on Tuesday, June 7th, 2022 at 5:30 PM CDT. KOEL, Icarus, and Western Boundary members made their way to the jungle island and attempted to begin the assault. After the server had a stroke and restarted several times, the attack force got back to work, quickly breaking into the bunker through a weak spot[8], and destroying and looting the chests inside the bunker.[9] The other chests were quickly rent asunder[10], while no defense of the land came from the Blockchainistan members. Around this time, LIQUIDSTEREO posted the official declaration of war post[11] as the operation team had basically destroyed anything valuable inside the base. Seeing no resistance arrive, the attack team dispersed, losing only one casualty due to a KOEL member losing connection and logging out inside the bunker.

End of the War and Treaty

While most welcomed the attack on Blockchainistan, some nations, such as Rhode Island, of which Figasaur was a citizen, saw the conflict with suspicion. Rhode Island members put pressure on the Coalition nations to end it, and threats were exchanged. Eventually, a peace settlement was reached where both sides demilitarized the river, 6 diamonds were given back to Blockchainistan, and the two raiders, TrustThePlan and AbbyShapiro, were made unwelcome in Blockchainistan.[12]


Blockchainistan soon moved to the +,- quadrant, unclaiming its -,+ claims, and Western Boundary reclaimed the island over which the war was fought, declaring it Fire Island National Park.[13]

Minutes after the treaty was posted, Rhode Island leader Capri pinged LIQUIDSTEREO in the COMRADES discord server demanding an explanation as to why Icarus got involved in the war. LIQUIDSTEREO refused to give an explanation and instead simply apologized and promised it wouldn't happen again. Icarian Parliament would vote a day later on whether they should stay in the alliance or leave it. The government voted unanimously to leave and as such left the following day.