Ascendancy of Sovereign Nations

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Ascendancy of Sovereign Nations
Ensign of the ASN
Foundation date3 March 2024
Foundation documentASN Press Release

The Ascendancy of Sovereign Nations (ASN) is a military alliance on CivMC, founded by Icenia, Volterra, SPQR, and Nara. The alliance is founded on the pillars of "Stability, Proactive Defense, shared and considered Culture, and Cooperation and Economic Betterment"[1]. The Alliance was formally announced on March 3rd, 2024 by Enforcer15. The alliance has yet to play a role in any conflict, however economic and cultural cooperation has begun between it's members.


The ASN initially started as discussions between Icenia, Volterra, and SPQR, partially due to growing resistance from members of the Elysian Pact (EP) to associate with Icenia. After major disagreements within the EP, early February, talks of the alliance that would eventually become the ASN began to take shape. Nara eventually was invited to the alliance and it was formalized on March 3rd, 2024.