Godhaven (CivMC)

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Grand Duchy of Godhaven
Monarchy in the Imperial Federation
Location-2300, 8500
• Grand Duke
A picture of Godhaven taken on October 2, 2022

The Duchy of Godhaven is a nation and state of the Imperial Federation on CivMC led by Thejmqn. It is a successor to previous editions of Godhaven and other Crown of Godhaven nations such as Goldcrest and Grainview. Godhaven is a simple state designed for new players to learn the basic mechanics of civ in a safe environment. Similar to previous editions of Godhaven, there is no build code. The state is the most populous in the Imperial Federation and is represented in the Imperial Senate by Thejmqn and Tr1ckyD1ckNixon. Godhaven borders the states of FELINE, Regensburg, Thoria, and Gotland and has a nether portal in the northwest of its claim.