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The Hyperborean Confederation is the successor state to the Republic of Lunalia, and by association the Kingdom of Snowland(Now both provinces). Founded in March 2021, on the continent of Hyperborea it has started participating in world events including the first and second coalition wars.

Hyperborean Confederation
Activity levelDefunct
Capital cityGemini
  • Gemini
  • Lansgard
  • Fort Byvale
  • Snowland
  • Volvostopl
  • Amalfi
GovernmentCentralized Democratic Confederation
• President of the Confederation
• Governor of Ulgard
• Snow Queen of Snowland
• President of Lunalia
Foundation dateMarch 10th, 2021
Foundation documentConstitution of the Hyperborean Confederation
Dissolved onApril 24 2021
Preceded by
Succeeded by Server Shutdown



The Capital Province, Lunalia is the direct successor to the Republic of Lunalia. Its entire population to date resides in Gemini, and it is the industrial center of the country. It also contains the tallest building in Hyperborea, the Iceton Tower.


A province known for farming, Snowland is the successor to the Kingdom of Snowland and ruled by the Snow Queen.


The newest province, not a successor to any state, Byvale is a military city-state, with defensive walls, but also with some unique buildings including a museum.


Ulgard, the farthest north province, is also the most remote, being 1000 blocks from Snowland, and was created when the Republic of Ulgard decided to join the Confederation.



The Hyperborean Confederation was founded on March 10th, 2021 with the citizens of Lunalia voting to ratify a new constitution. Major changes over the preceding Republic of Lunalia included new provinces, and the ability for new provinces to join or leave the Confederation.

First Coalition War

Entering near the very end of the war, the Confederation never saw a battle, and did only participated in collecting supplies.

Second Coalition War

Entering the war by declaring war on Amythria and winning the Battle of Hacendor.

The Bloodless Battle of Hacendor

A bloodless battle, done by a small army of confederation forces, lasted an one and a half hours with no blood shed. The goal was to take the city and integrate as a territory of the confederation, as well as eliminate connections to the mainland. The infrastructure was successfully demolished, and the buildings remained intact. Flags were built to signify the taking of the city, and the battle was declared a victory

Aftermath of the Battle of Hacendor

In the hours after the battle, the President, Cabinet, and Snow Queen were made aware that in taking Hacendor, they had threatened a newfriends hard work, something they had started the war to combat. In return for peace with Amythria, but not New Vegas, Rome, or Savaguard, they would remove the flags they had built, replace the rail line, and replace all doors and items taken during the battle. However, when Pandastical went back to fix the issues, a New Vegas detachment attacked and pearled him before the flags had been removed, and was taken back to the New Vegas vault.

Defense of Cincinnati Vault

The Confederation sent members of its armed forces to assist the rest of the coalition in defending the Cincinnati Vault.

Vault Attack of March 14, 2021

During New Vegas' attack on the vault, President Spaceman_Spleef joined the fighting yelling something about death to tyranny in chat, and reportedly screamed "Leroy Jenkins" into his mic-which was muted, before being pearled within ten seconds of fighting. During the time he was pearled, he began constructing a safe haven for any Confederation Citizens who get pearled. He was freed a few hours later that same day and returned to defend the vault.

Vault Attack of March 15, 2021

During New Vegas's attempt to skybridge, President Spaceman_Spleef, missing good armor, assisted Bloof_ in potion brewing, and dubbed himself "The Waterboy"

End of the War

Pandastical, the only citizen who was still pearled, was freed from New Vegas with the rest of their pearls on March 15/16 2021