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The Hyperborean Confederation was a multiserver state that was originally founded on CivUniverse as a successor to the Republic of Lunalia, and by association the Kingdom of Snowland, which became provinces in the new confederation. First founded in March 2021, on the continent of Hyperborea it has started participating in world events including the first and second coalition wars. The Hyperborean Confederation has appeared on both CivUniverse and CivRev, as well as returning on CivMC. Nothing much of note occured during the short tenure on CivRev for the nation.

Hyperborean Confederation
Thaelune'thalas (Green Moon Land)
Flag of the Hyperborean Confederation
CivBall of the HC
Location-868,7512 on the continent of Deluvia
Activity levelMedium (as of March 9 2023)
Capital city
  • New Lunalia
  • Other (Formerly, Historical)
SettlementsHistoric: Lothric, Snowshire
  • Current: Eastern Territories
  • Historic: Inland Territories, Death Island
Area1 km² (as of July 4, 2022)
National Colors
  Lunalian Green
  Snowland Blue
GovernmentCentralized Democratic Confederation
Governing documentBook of Hyperborean Laws
• President of the Confederation
• Vice President
Foundation date
  • 10 March 2021 (Originally)
  • 31 May 2022 (CivMC)
  • 22 October 2023 (Refounding)
Foundation documentConstitution of the Hyperborean Confederation
Dissolved7 January 2023
Preceded by
Succeeded by
  • English
  • Tahar (Simplified)
  • "Equality, Freedom, Unity" (English)
  • "Din, He'anathe, He'sent" (Tahar)
MascotArctic Fox


Current Provinces

New Lunalia

The new capital of the Confederation, formed out of land that was formerly the Imperial Federation. It was constructed almost in its entirety by Spaceman_Spleef. It contains the National capitol, a lighthouse, a plaza, and a rail connection to Esberg.

Eastern Territories

Mostly desolate, the Eastern Territories were gained during the negotiations over Bayfront. They were formerly part of Akawija.

Former Provinces



Formerly an independent nation, Christopia was split by the Hyperborean Confederation and the Imperial Federation. It contains the city of the same name, including the house of the governor and Christopian Capital building. It was the westernmost province of the Mainland HC, before leaving the confederation as part of Ostersund, and joinging the Imperial Federation.


A constitutional monarchy[1] that was headed by Yammy014/HeyN8 as the monarch, with a prime minister to be elected. The province is connected to the national Highway that was built by Frostwarrior112. Most of its builds are centered around Lake Apollo, a small lake named after the first capital of Lunalia, and New Apollo, HeyN8's nation on CivUniverse. It gained independence from the Hyperborean Confederation in early October of 2022.

Fox Island

A protected nature area, Fox Island was the home of the national animals Log and Cobble, two Arctic Foxes. Their family members also resided there. Around a year after the original dissolution, former Hyperborean Frostwarrior112 rescued one of the national animals, and brought it to the new capital, New Lunalia.

Glacier Cliffs National Park

Located in central Hyperborea, the Glacier Cliffs National Park was opened on 13th of October, 2022. It is an area to explore the wilderness while remaining on designated trails, as well as an opportunity for non-mining spelunking. It is named after the large snow and ice covered bluffs looking over the Lunalian River.


Originally formed as Chiana, an independent nation formed near SOTW, the Hyperborean Confederation annexed their former ally due to inactivity, and to protect what was built there. Chiana became a province under FlockofCrows, originally called New Lansgard, referring to Flock's province on CivUniverse. It was renamed within the day it was founded. It is serviced by the National Highway System. Crows became inactive and the province never prospered. Spleef built a castle, Castle Xanadu in the southern end of the province, but the province never recovered. It became the majority of the territory of Halland.


The capital province, the name was chosen by vote. The notable parts of the city are the large plaza with Unity Fountain, the Capitol Building, a small store, and a church of the Servants of Christ. Other was served by the SWITS and the National Highway system. In the area immediately surrounding the city of Other, there are many farms, a Joja Store, and the CivUFC arena. Other was the last province remaining in the nation, being officially unclaimed in January of 2023. It was quickly claimed by Mount Hassan by HassDaMahn, eventually becoming Vanaheim, a state of the Imperial Federation, and temporarily part of Asgard.


The most recently added province, headed by and founded by R2D231. Split into two islands, R2 originally just settled on the western island and built a bridge connecting the Hyperborean mainland and western island. Spleef noticed this and offered to integrate the new land into the Hyperborean Confederation. R2 accepted and built a rail line connecting the capital, Other, to his house and eventual town. It was also the location the Imperial Federation attempted to start themself, in an incident located further down the page. The northern half of the province became part of Halland, and the southern half of CyanCo.



Founded as an independent nation by NetherPearled, negotiations by AJAssasinCreed, the Minister of the Interior, led to the annexation of it. Originally built around a Nether Portal, the portal was split off into its own province for several months, however it was remerged into Tortuga/Lampedusa due to the failure of the Order of the Portal. It is led by Massimen/Maxitobuh, since the banning of NetherPearled. It is the westernmost territory in the Hyperborean Confederation


CivMC Foundation

Approximately a week before the SOTW for CivMC, the former citizens of the Hyperborean Confederation who were still in the discord decided to make a return on CivMC. Planning for SOTW started immediately, and once the server was launched a hunt for land began. Suitable land was found and started being mapped out, with the capital being founded quickly.

NetherPearled Controversy

On 24 June, 2022, a Reddit post on r/CivMC showed NetherPearled, later revealed to have been Poortea on an alternate account, using Anti-Semitic language. The Hyperborean government responded by saying that they would not defend or protect him.[2]

Election Controversy

On June 30, 2022, Flock of Crows, the Incumbent Attorney General, posted a message to #citizen-general saying that he would vote for whoever sent him a funny video first.[3] In the following several minutes, AJAssasinCreed DM'd a video, Mat posted one to #citizen-general, and SpacemanSpleef had one he was going to send before Flock announced AJ already sent him one. After this, FE Flags, acting on behalf of the Order of the Portal, tried to charge AJ, Spleef and HeyN8 with Bribery, Attempted bribery, and attempted bribery, respectively. Flags served as the prosecutor on both AJ and Heyn8's cases until dropping N8's case due to a misunderstanding on Flags part. He then charged Mat, who merged his defense with AJ's. Both candidates were founded innocent by Chief Justice Zoomathon, who also dropped the charges against SpacemanSpleef.

War with Pridelands

In the early hours of 5 July, 2022, the Hyperborean Government was alerted to the fact that Other had been raided, with the major damage being the destruction of a diamond based factory. When review logs, it was discovered that the raiders had been Blartlol, with potential held for Bstallio to have also raided. The Confederation sent a group of citizens, including the President and members of the cabinet, to find these raiders. When it was discovered they were a nation, the Hyperboreans attempted to negotiate. This failed, and after leaving, one member of the cabinet was spawn trapped in lava and killed. After this, the Hyperboreans officially declared war on the Pridelands. [4] Within the next 24 hours, the Hyperboreans pearled a member of the Pridelands, and forced the others to log off to avoid being pearled. A few days later, after proper negotiations, Blartlol, on behalf of the Pridelands, and SpacemanSpleef, on behalf of the Hyperborean Confederation signed a peace treaty.

Cabinet Turnover

During the month of July, many of the members of SpacemanSpleef's cabinet were away from their home for extended periods of time. Due to this, one stepped down calmly and quietly. The other, AJAssasinCreed, gave a statement best described as giving up.[5] This came after a long argument about a disagreement between AJ, FE Flags, and a few other citizens. The Minister of Interior role was replaced by $Ubbz/SenorSubbz shortly afterward.

Raid by Mayflower

After recovering from the turnover in the cabinet, the nation as a whole started getting stronger. However, one thing it was not strong in was against raiders. On 1st August, 2022, Other was raided by all three citizens of Mayflower. [6] They managed to rob almost every citizen who lived in Other, and had come from raiding FELINE. Once the citizen who had found them online had taken proper shelter, the three had disappeared. However, FE Flags, who had been raided by them a few days earlier, knew where their base of operations was. Flags and Grumpywalnut96 tracked them down and pearled two of the three raiders. The third raider logged off, and SpacemanSpleef met up with the two. They collected reparations for the raid, and when the third raider logged on, SpacemanSpleef pearled him. [7] Afterwards, the three took screenshots, with each player holding the pearl they made.[8]

Nation On the Rise

After the raid, Hyperborea got stronger and smarter. They fixed obvious weaknesses in their defenses. They started reaching out in diplomacy. On 10 August 2022, the Cabinet decided to annex and better the inactive former ally Chiana. Their claim was updated on the 12 August 2022 world map. In addition, on 11 August 2022, SpacemanSpleef and the Hyperborean Confederation took an official stance on the Revolutionary Government in Rhode Island, in support of GeneralThomas4, hoping for a "quick end to the war".[9] During late August, SpacemanSpleef started working with The Pridelands, more specifcially Bstallio, to connect the two nations via rail. This rail would connect Hyperborea also to Nara, and provide means to get to Venne via rail.

Conflict with Imperial Federation

After the integration of Snowshire, on August 29th 2022, R2D231 logged into CivMC only to find his house raided and his dog dead. Immediately he swore vengeance on the one who raided his house [10], but he didn't know who due to the lack of snitches on his premises. After telling Spleef and getting advice, he set a snitch and bait chest in his house again. On the 30th, he logged in again to see the snitch had not worked and all his stuff stolen again. After exiting his house, he saw posts around the entirety of the two islands saying that the land was sovereign territory claimed by the "Imperial Federation", not to mention a Reddit post by someone named King_Cupar declaring the foundation of the Imperial Federation on R2's land. R2 told Spleef again and Spleef told him about the reddit posts. They both went around removing the signs and replacing them with Snowshirian ones. After finishing that, TheJMQN, leader of the S.E.C. proposed something to R2 and Cupar (who was not online at the time), where Cupar and the I.F. could move to the S.E.C., a much more desirable land than Snowshire. After pinging Cupar on Discord with the proposal, on the 31st he agreed to it. Tensions between the I.F. and Hyperborea began to fall at that moment as the one who raided R2's house, Jadex1, had his position in the I.F. removed and was exiled from the kingdom. As of the 5th of September, an alliance between Hyperborea, the Pridelands, and the I.F. has been created, and the nations are connected via rail.

End of the Generic War

While Hyperborea was never actually involved in the Generic War, they were still affected by the conflict. It lead to high amounts of inactivity, with a small amount of activity remaining throughout the nation. During this time, the Kingdom of Esberg gained independence in early October, 2022. Shortly afterwords, the Pact of Hyperborean Brotherhood was signed by both nations.

Balkanization of the Hyperborean Confederation

Shortly after Esberg was given independence, a secessionist movement was started in western Hyperborea by Aqua_Gamer. Despite failing a vote, eventually arguments from various influential members of the HC led to Ostersund being granted independence, Tortuga was annexed by Novo Sanjurjo, and Matt's Land was granted independence as well. Snowshire and Lothric remained with Other, forming the remainder of the HC.

End of the Hyperborean Confederation

With decreased activity, and after the balkanization of the HC, Spleef stopped playing for a while. After he returned, he could not remain President. Due to no other players able to take the title, SpacemanSpleef dissolved the Hyperborean Confederation on January 7th, 2023.

Return of the Confederation

In October of 2023, SpacemanSpleef decided to bring back the HC, owing to a desire to start playing civ again, and more time to play. Claiming a small swatch of land in the once great nation, he set about constructing a small capital. He then attempted to reclaim Other, doing so on video which he shared to the public. Shortly after this, Spleef was pearled by ___TheBoss___ in Asgardian territory, on the request of HassDaMahn. Eventually freed, the two parties came to an agreement where Spleef would be freed, but give up claims on the territory that was once Other, and Hass would allow Spleef to remain in his land untouched.

Creation of Bayfront

In January of 2024, the Confederation came into conflict with CyanCo over claims in the Southeast, the former Akawija lands. SpacemanSpleef said that the confederation had claimed the land several weeks prior, while CyanForest813 said that "[didn't] care if HC claimed it, it's better used under cyania"[11]. Spleef responded with the full available force of the Hyperborean Armed Forces (himself) to Port Turing, the main disputed city. Once there, he negotiated with CyanForest and MacMillian, where the area around Port Turing became Bayfront, originally a condominium. The reaming disputed land was split between the two nations, with the northern part, including the Hyperborean Archives being Hyperborean, and the western part being Cyanian.


Presidential Elections
Election Date Presidential Canidates Vice-presidential Candidates Turnout Notes
SOTW SpacemanSpleef None N/A
30 June-3 July, 2022 SpacemanSpleefMat



Flock_Of_Crows 48% First election held, went into an instant run-off election due to tie between Mat and Spleef
2-5 August, 2022 SpacemanSpleefYammy014 (HeyN8) Flock_of_Crows


78% Highest turnout to date


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