Grand Imperium (CivMC)

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The Grand Imperium
Grand Imperium
Flag of the Grand Imperium
Coat of Arms of the Grand Imperium
LocationApprox. 6000, -2550
Activity levelHigh
AllianceLyrean Community
Capital cityCapitum
  • Capitum
  • Bing Chilling
  • Achiuwa
National Colors
  Imperial Cyan
  People's White
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
Governing documentConstitution of the Grand Imperium
• Emperor
• Chamberlain
Foundation date23 December 2019
Foundation documentReddit Post
Motto“Lex iubet, Imperator regnat, Imperium crescit.”
Slogan“Vivat Imperium!”

The Grand Imperium is a nation located in the the +,- quadrant; between Blockchainistan in the north-east, Yoahtl in the south, Titan Industries in the east, and Letos in the west. The Grand Imperium is a land of fertile plains and scattered forests, with steep cliffs to the east and valley systems in the north-west. To the north lies the Fareastern Ocean. The current and only leader of the nation is Emperor Attoprak and its capital is Capitum. The Grand Imperium can often be shortened to GI in non-formal conversations.


This title includes Grand Imperium history on the CivMC server. For Grand Imperium history before CivMC, see Grand Imperium (CivClassic 2.0).

Early Days

The Grand Imperium on CivMC was formally established on June 20th, 2022. Emperor Attoprak was the first representative of the Grand Imperium to arrive in the Capitum area, planting a small flag and constructing a house which later became the Emperor's residence. An initial settlement of a few scattered huts and houses was founded as a temporary base of operations, to be subsumed by the construction of the greater city of Capitum and preserved as a museum to the Imperium's very earliest days.

Settlements of the Early Days consisted of simple one-room houses with plain diorite walls and oak roofs. Small carrot and wheat farms were quickly constructed, and several mine-shafts dropped down as far as bedrock level to supply the nation's first ores. During this period, all of the Grand Imperium's many citizens worked hard to fill the Imperial coffers and raise new municipal buildings, including a Town Hall and Imperial Apartment.

Silver Era

The 'Silver Era' refers to a period of rapid development, security and diplomatic success which followed the establishment of Capitum, beginning around late July 2022.

On July 23th 2022, the Grand Imperium joined its neighbours in the Lyrean Community.

On August 26th 2022, the Grand Imperium accepted Bing Chilling as its first State after reacing an agreement with its leader m3ee, and incorporated the territory of Achiuwa after its leader Lanny announced the nation was leaving the server. The existing buildings are preserved as a museum of Achiuwan life, with additional buildings planned in order to breathe new life into the settlement.

During this period, the Grand Imperium completed construction on an immense carrot farm, likely the largest and most productive of its kind on the server. Construction began on other large-scale industrial projects, including a huge tree farm and darkroom. The materials gathered during these projects was earmarked for future construction projects, including the planned temporary capital of Iter.

The Grand Imperium's Silver Era also coincided with the events of the 'Generic War' in the wider server - the conflict between blocs led by Estalia and USA/Rhode Island. During the war, the Grand Imperium pursued a course of careful neutrality, with treaties of mutual defence, economic assistance and policing cooperation with friendly nations. The Grand Imperium has so far not been directly affected by the world-spanning conflict.


The Grand Imperium is an constitutional monarchy, led by Emperor Attoprak since the nation’s inception in November 2019. The Emperor is the supreme authority of the Grand Imperium: the ultimate policy-maker, ultimate judge, ultimate military leader, and general figurehead of the nation.

The government of the Grand Imperium serves as advisors and agents of the Emperor with little policy-making authority of their own. The Grand Imperium government is led by the Central Government (comprised of the Emperor and the Chamberlain, the Emperor’s personal assistant). The current Chamberlain of the Grand Imperium is WorldSculptor.

The power of the Emperor is enshrined within the Constitution of the Grand Imperium, an all-encompassing document providing rules on citizenship, civil duties, laws, trials, construction and levies. The Constitution prizes concision, simplicity and order, and leaves the Emperor with the power of final interpretation.

Regional Management

The Grand Imperium is divided into states. Each state is governed by a Lord, who oversees the development of that region in the Emperor's name. There is a council which includes the Lords, known as the States Council of the Grand Imperium. The Grand Imperium currently has three states: Capitum, Bing Chilling and Achiuwa.


Capitum is the main state of the Grand Imperium. Unlike other states of the Grand Imperium, Capitum has no Lords or Consuls assigned and it is directly governed by the Central Government. Capitum is the home of the capital of the Empire and therefore home of the Grand Imperium government.

Bing Chilling

Bing Chilling is the first Lordly State of the Grand Imperium. Bing Chilling is renowned for its spectacular map art, unique Canadian culture, and the sophisticated architecture of its seat, Ottawa. Originally an independent state, Bing Chilling joined the Imperium as its first Lordly State under the Lordship of m3ee following concurrent decrees by m3ee and Attoprak on August 26th 2022.


Achiuwa is a formerly independent state. The Achiuwan leader, Lanny, announced that the nation would abandon its CivMC possessionss after their bunker was ransacked by unidentified attackers. Following this announcement, Emperor Attoprak incorporated Achiuwan territories into the Grand Imperium by imperial edict on August 26th 2022. Achiuwa's existing buildings have been preserved as a museum.

On September 7th 2022, planning began on a new city in the mountainous valleys and meadows of central Achiuwa. This city, Iter, will serve as a temporary capital during construction of Capitum, as a transport hub in the western reaches of the Imperium, and as a centre for sport and games. It is hoped that the city will at one point be capable of hosting server-wide Olympic Games.


The flag of the Grand Imperium is a white and cyan bicolor representing the two classes of our Empire: its citizens and Emperor.

Grand Imperium architecture is austere, elegant and distinctive. Its tall grey buildings make use of many columns, spires, domes and pointed pediments. Since moving to a more temperate biome in CivMC, the architecture of the Imperium has incorporated the oak and flowers of the new homeland.

The preservation of lore and history is extremely important to the Grand Imperium, with events carefully recorded ingame and on its national Subreddit and Discord server. The Grand Imperium also collects books and relics from other nations. The Grand Imperium encourages its citizens to spread the Imperium's culture and politics through prolific writing and other artistic pursuits.

Grand Imperium citizens are patriotic, with Imperial Cult buildings adorned with the national flag and the statue of the Emperor commonplace in Imperium territories. State capitals also have an embassy, which serves as official residence for the Emperor on His visits. Stelae bearing the Emperor's quotations can also be found in every corner of the nation.

Citizens also use the patriotic phrase ‘Vivat Imperium!’ when meeting or leaving another citizen.


Imperian artwork celebrating the carrot-farming community.

The Grand Imperium has a highly-active and highly-organised population. Citizens of the Imperium are currently engaged in the construction of various farms for domestic production and regional trade, with areas of territory already earmarked for industry.

Foreign Relations

Relations between the Grand Imperium and other nations is generally cordial. Emperor Attoprak is solely responsible for the Imperium's international relations and has engaged in diplomacy with neighbouring states since the very earliest days of the server.

In July of 2022, the Grand Imperium joined the Lyrean Community, becoming the first non-founding member to sign the Charter.

In August of 2022, the Grand Imperium moved to amicably settle a mild border disagreement with Titan Industries.


The Grand Imperium adheres to the Emperor's Law, a legal code which has been followed in the Grand Imperium for approximately four years. The Emperor's Law, which is an appendix to the Constitution, details what constitutes a crime, ameliorating or aggravating circumstances, and the process of trials, which are conducted through Discord with a judge, prosecutor and defender.

The Grand Imperium's first legal incident took place on August 11th 2022, when the Grand Imperium came under attack from a traitorous citizen who attacked the Emperor and pearled three loyal citizens of the Imperium before raiding and griefing the homes of his former comrades. The attacker was quickly hunted down and pearled by allies of the Grand Imperium as he tried to log off or flee, and by August 13th, after work by a team of allied nations and Imperians, the griefing damage was fully repaired. On August 17th, after a short trial in absentia under the Emperor's Law, he was convicted of a list of crimes including several counts of Treason, Murder, Griefing, and Theft and received a proportional punishment. This incident was the Grand Imperium's first trial on CivMC, and only the second in the nation's history.


The Grand Imperium's most recent territorial claims.


Unlike the harsh cold climate of its CivClassic domains, the CivMC iteration of the Grand Imperium resides in a mild temperate region of meadows, plains and scattered forests.

Flora and Terrain

The Imperium occupies two neighbouring blocs of territory, of roughly equal size. The core territory of Capitum borders Lake Lotus in the west and the high diorite mountains of Titan Industries to the east. This territory is largely temperate plains and forests rich in flowers, with scattered boulder fields. The farthest east regions are upland meadows. The highest point here is Mount Scott in the extreme south-east.

The territory of Bing Chilling and Achiuwa is more varied, with lush forests and vibrant meadows in the northern and southern lowlands, separated by a rough terrain of broad, flower-covered valleys between rugged hills. The northern islands of Bing Chilling feature small beaches where the land meets the Fareastern Ocean.


Agriculture, infrastructure, and accommodation construction has already taken a toll on the native wildlife of the Capitum region, with many unique old-growth oak and birch trees hewn down in land-clearance and resource-gathering operations and many flower fields torn up to make way for construction projects. To remedy this, on the 3rd September Emperor Attoprak designated the northernmost tip of Capitum as Grand Imperium's first National Park on CivMC. The Emperor's Law provides general protections for fauna, flora and specific protections for National Parks.