Free Danzilonan Republic

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Free Danzilonan Republic
Flag of the FDR
Flag of the FDR
New Danzilona, capital city of the FDR, as seen on August 29, 2022
Location5355, 4325
Activity level~18 total citizens, ~9 active weekly
Alliance Forum of the Medi Sea
Capital city New Danzilona
GovernmentFederal constitutional semi-direct democratic republic
Governing documentConstitution of the FDR
• Foreign Minister
lone22wolf (last)
• Interior Minister
Perdikkas13 (last)
• Defence Minister
Des23 (last)
Foundation dateJune 2, 2022
Preceded by Nova Danzilona
Succeeded by Free Workers' Cooperative of Danzilona

Minority languages:

Motto"Post Fata Resurgo"
National anthem"Rise Like a Phoenix" by Conchita Wurst (de facto)
National sportHockey

The Free Danzilonan Republic (abbreviated as FDR, also colloquially known as simply Danzilona) was a federal constitutional semi-direct democratic republic founded on June 2, 2022 on CivMC. After almost 6 years of dormancy, the FDR was the first iteration of Danzilona since Nova Danzilona on Civcraft 3.0. After initially settling in the highlands of the +,+, the Danzilonans moved to the east coast of their continent and begun construction on their capital city, New Danzilona. Danzilonans then begun construction on major infrastructure projects which the nation was known for, including the DanzShaft and many different rail lines like the Colonial Express. In August, the New Danzilona Hockey League was revived and had returned as a cultural touchstone of the FDR. Danzilona remains mostly neutral in its foreign policy but had formed close relations with its neighbours, including Nara and Cortesia Del Mar, the former of whom had a treaty of friendship with Danzilona. The FDR had gone through periods of peace and stability, constitutional crises, and lulls in activity, but nevertheless remains a nation of significant soft power particularly among the nations that inhabit Alenarith and the Lyrean Sea.

Following a series of major constitutional reforms, the government of the FDR was replaced by a coalition of voluntary workers' cooperatives on January 9, 2023.[1] It was then renamed on February 4, 2023, officially becoming the Free Workers' Cooperative of Danzilona.[2]



Following the end of 3.0, Danzilonans helped found the cities of Threepton and Carson on CivClassic 2.0 as well as the small town of Atari Springs on CivEx: First Light, but each of those were distinct in their own culture or not dominated by Danzilonans. Irregardless, the Danzilonan community remained in contact online continuously since the end of 3.0 but few played on Civ servers. This changed, however, with renewed interest brought about by potential opportunities in new servers following the end of CivClassic in December 2021. Interest in a new iteration of Danzilona begun to be gauged (primarily by Des23), and one was attempted on CivRev as a dependent territory within the Mery Horde on January 1, 2022, but the server died the same day before it was made official. Two months of dormancy followed until a subreddit post was made on March 4, 2022 to discuss the establishment of the Free Danzilonan Republic and approve its constitution.[3] After some weeks of discussion and minor changes, the constitution and flag were approved on March 22nd.[4]

More features for their planned nation were ironed out throughout March, including the city's layout and a Concordat with the Church of Ranubis, a religion that was especially prominent in New Danzilona on CivCraft 2.0.[5][6] On April 18th, Danzilonan citizen TheTrackball officially laid out his design for what he had dubbed the Danzshaft, the secure quasi-undercity that was planned to act as the centrepiece for the main Danzilonan settlement.[7]

Approximate initial claims of the FDR as seen on Thejmqn's unofficial claims map, June 5, 2022

Early History

With CivMC's launch getting delayed by a week, many Danzilonans were not able to get on immediately at launch. However, a number of them were still able to and most did within 24 hours of it. Joined by a handful of newfriends picked up on their Discord in the weeks before launch, the Danzilonans set off in the general direction of the shallow +,+, looking for a diversity of biomes and suitable spot for the Danzshaft. First settling more inland on the main +,+ continent, the Danzilonans moved to the east coast to found their city, establishing a border with the Medi Sea. With the discovery of the huge abundance of iron that generates on the server, much of the first week was spent on resource gathering for defensive infrastructure, though proposed layouts for the city begun to be made a few days after launch.[8] During this time, the Danzilonans started calling their settlement simply "Danzilona," leading the name to being commonly used to describe the entire FDR.

Arguably the most distinguishing feature of early Danzilona had been the Danzshaft, which Danzilonans begun to dig on day 1 with a radius of 80 meters and for the current purpose of housing plots for citizens. On a Civball map posted on June 18, 2022 by Yodabird19, the FDR was represented as a cube (a reference to the Danzcube) enjoying its time digging the moat for the Danzshaft.[9]

On June 3, 2022, the first monthly census was posted.[10] Over the course of June, the population of the FDR more than doubled, from around 12 active residents at the start of the server to around 30 by the third week of June. Along with a slate of newfriends, a number of Civcraft oldfriends also became citizens, including players formerly from Aytos, the FSR, and the U3P.

Original flag of the FDR until June 24, 2022[11]

On June 11, 2022, a mini diplomatic crisis occurred between the FDR and Cortesia Del Mar when the latter pearled Danzilonan citizen Vall for the crime of theft, griefing their house in the process. Lowtuff acted as Vall's attorney, who plead guilty and was sentenced to 12 hours in the end. While Danzilonans mostly personally accepted the verdict, many criticised the conduct of the pearling and the trial and drafted a petition of grievances to the CDM government, which was signed by about half of the FDR's population and posted on June 17th.[12] The CDM government, in response, defended their justice system but also personally apologised to Vall for the conduct and committed to drafting an extradition treaty with the FDR. The FDR stated they would do so with them once an ambassador was elected for July 1st.

The first ever Minecraft hockey game since 2016 was organised and took place in the FDR on June 26, 2022.[13] Played by two teams of three in a temporary street rink built by Danzilonan citizen Gant, the game was planned to be the first of many in a string of games similar to those organised during Civcraft 2.0 by the New Danzilona Hockey League.

An official capital city jurisdiction of the FDR was voted on and created on June 28, 2022.[14] Though it had no devolved government as of yet, the official jurisdiction was largely used for zoning purposes and bears the flag of New Danzilona from Civcraft 2.0, of which it also shares the namesake.

Over the course of June 28-30, 2022, the first Danzilonan election took place, where voters decided who should hold the FDR's political offices for the month of July 2022.[15] A total of 26 votes were cast, making the turnout 78% of the eligible population. A slate of old guard Danzilonans took control of each of the offices, including two members of the newfound Socialist Party of Danzilona, with at least one of them pledging to name the runner-up as their undersecretary.

On July 14, 2022, the FDR's first ever public criminal trial was held. [16] This was the first of its kind in all of Danzilonan history, as criminal convictions on previous iterations were entirely handled by the privatised Danzilonan Security Force.

Several new constitutional amendments were adopted on July 29, 2022, including the renaming of government offices, formalising the appointment of undersecretaries, and the official refounding of the NDZHL.[17] Some proposed amendments also failed adoption, including the creation of an executive council and a renaming of the Free Danzilonan Republic.

Danzilonan Expansion and First Constitutional Crisis

See also: September 2022 Danzilonan general election

In late July and early August 2022, civil conflict begun to occur between the more anarchist-leaning Danzilonan citizens and the more democratic-minded ones. It started when, citing some oldfriend complaints of not seeing legislative proposals until they're already being voted on, citizen lone22wolf proposed the Legislative Session Act, or LSA, on July 28th.[18] While the main principle of the LSA involved restricting the days that legislation could be proposed and voted on, it also included new mechanisms for conflicting legislation as well as a new finalisation phase where citizens would be able to see the final version of a piece of legislation in a new post. The proposal was controversial, as many saw the new additions as too extra and too radical of a change and, ironically, many citizens did not notice the discussions until it was too late. On August 6th, after 2 days of voting, the LSA was voted down with numerous abstentions.[19] Still believing in the core principles of the LSA, citizen Des23 re-proposed it on August 9th with some of the more controversial features removed.[20] After a couple days of intense debate on both the subreddit and Discord, a consensus was finally reached, and the bill was finalised on August 11th. In response to the sudden surge in legislation, TheTrackball complained of legislative bloat, and an effort to abolish the constitution was subsequently made by Wingnut4096 but failed.[21][22]

On August 12, 2022, following negotiations with its citizens, the FDR annexed the mainland claims of Melia, its southern neighbour who had gone mostly inactive, increasing Danzilona's land area by about 25%.[23]

Incumbent Defence Minister TheTrackball declared the FDR's first time of crisis in response to the spillover from the ongoing Estalia-Rhode Island War on August 19, 2022.[24] Declaring a time of crisis allows Track to seize assets he determines to be in use by enemies, pearl people without the need for a trial, and vote to strip Danzilonans of their citizenship. As of the time of this writing, however, such actions have not been taken and the Defence Ministry continues to solely focus on security infrastructure.

Following a conflict with Nara that resulted in two of their citizens being indefinitely pearled, the community of Gensokyo announced their departure from CivMC on August 27, 2022 and allowed the FDR to take them on as a protectorate until they decide to return.[25] In return, the FDR pledged to keep the area safe from grief and from being claimed over. Since then, the ban on Narans from Gensokyojin territory was lifted, and a Lusitanian spruce farm was built northwest of the Gensokyojin capital. On September 4th, Gensokyojin citizen Ferro was released from the Naran vault following negotiations with the Danzilonan Foreign Ministry.

Pro-Bonaparist propaganda created during the September 2022 election, depicting citizens burning down the Defence Ministry HQ. Created by Lone22wolf

The civil conflict between the anarchist Danzilonans and the democratic Danzilonans culminated in the announcement of Des23's campaign for every FDR national governmental office for the September 2022 elections.[26] Des sought to reconcile the positions between the two sides by offering the alternative of a strong central figure that did not ignore the law but bucked its traditions. Controversy arose when, simultaneously, the newly-formed Decent Party also announced their campaign for office and changed the wording on one of their proposals without prior notification, something that was not against the law nor unprecedented but was subsequently looked down upon by most of the Danzilonans.[27][28] The Decent Party subsequently formed an alliance with the Socialist Party of Danzilona to form a complete ticket.[29] At the end of the election, Des23 won every office, though the Decent Party refused to concede until 2 days later.[30] Reconciliation was offered but initially refused until Decent Party founder Qaad accepted the position as Consul of the Southern Province on September 17th.[31] Afterwards, both the Decent Party (which had rebranded into the Danzilonan Reclamation Project) and Des submitted constitutional amendments, the former of which had two of their five pass and the latter of whom had none of theirs passed.[32][33] Since the 12th of September, no more political reforms have been proposed.

On September 13, 2022, the FDR province of New Swisston was granted home rule by democratic vote.[34] Their home rule charter established a theocratic local government, and Danzilonan citizen and Disciple of Ranubis lone22wolf was named both Bishop and Consul of the province.[35][36]

At 18:26 UTC on October 1, 2022, the First Consulship came to an end, and Red_Steel and lone22wolf assumed the offices of Defence Minister and Interior Minister, respectively.[37] In her final hours as First Consul, Des unilaterally incorporated the neighbouring nations of Nara, Dalgon, Doom City, and Cortesia Del Mar as provinces of the FDR.[38] After assuming office, Red also announced the annexation of the Arsenio Pact.[39] A vote was held to formally ratify their annexations with the Danzilonan people, but the vote failed and all FDR claims to their neighbours' territories was dropped on October 10th.[40]

Return to Normalcy and Confessionalist Government

FDR's Phoenix statue, located in NDZ. Danzilona's national symbol, this image was used as a promotional poster for Danzilona's 10th anniversary.

On October 20, 2022, Danzilona celebrated its 10th anniversary as a community.[41] During celebrations, citizens and delegates from nations across Alenarith and the Medi Sea came to play hockey and participate in a sacrifice of Lowtuff.

On October 27th, Danzilonan citizen Pythius was appointed Foreign Minister after almost a full term of Danzilona not having one.[42] Following his appointment, Pythius signalled that he would focus on building Danzilona's famed soft power through cultural and artistic initatives.[43] A few days later, the November elections took place, with citizen Perdikkas posting his platform for Interior Minister mere minutes before polls closed.[44] Despite this, Perd failed to secure the win, leading to the victories of incumbents Lone22wolf, Red_Steel. and Pythius for Interior Minister, Defence Minister, and Foreign Minister, respectively.[45] As a result of the election, November marked the first time that the Danzilonan elected offices were simultaneously held by both Ranubist and Mery citizens of Danzilona, two ethnoreligious groups which have been in soft conflict since the passage of the Lighthouse Accord in July 2022.

As lonewolf's tenure as Interior Minister progressed, the transit industry was rapidly developed. The first canals in NDZ, originally planned in June 2022, were dug and laid, and the first overland rail line connecting NDZ and Cortesia Del Mar begun construction. Conflict arose when Des23 proposed environmental legislation which would have interfered with the overland rail, as an area the rail ran through was a proposed turtle sanctuary. After lonewolf indicated that the construction of the rail would continue regardless of the legislative outcome, Des begun an occupation of the rail line in an attempt to prevent its construction through the proposed nature reserves. A statement was issued by lonewolf in an attempt at appeasement, but Des instead escalated her occupation.[46] The occupation ended when Cortesian CommradePotatoe dismantled the protest site on DanzRail's behalf, and the environmental legislation failed.[47]

Danzilona officially dropped Gensokyo as a protectorate on November 24, 2022 after Gensokyojin leadership transferred the country into Truidencian suzerainty.[48]

After a week of intense debate, citizens of the FDR overwhelmingly voted to conduct most voting and all elections in-game rather than on their subreddit as had been done since at least 2014.[49] Some inactive citizens were staunchly opposed to the measure, but were persuaded to vote in favour of it when a sunset provision was added to the bill, requiring it to be renewed 3 months after it originally passed.[50]

Holiday Season, Second Constitutional Crisis, and Reformation into FWC Danzilona

On December 15, 2022, the Consuls of the Provinces and the New Danzilonan Council- appointed offices which Des23 created in the previous September- were officially abolished, greatly reducing the FDR's bureaucracy and government as a whole.[51]

During the holiday season, Peakman2 helped get Danzilona in the spirit of things by turning the city hall's water fountain into a Christmas Tree and putting a wreath on its belltower.[52] Like many other nations, the FDR received gifts from Griffin and the CivMC admin team.

With incumbent Interior Minister Perdikkas13 still inactive and the rest of the Danzilonans unable to come to a consensus about how their election should account for the holiday season, the January 2023 general election simply did not occur. This left a de jure power vacuum within the Danzilonan government as the constitution does not account for such a possibility and so no resolution exists. In response, a flurry of proposals that would bring drastic changes to the FDR's government were made during the week of January 2nd. These included proposals to completely change how foreign affairs were handled, to replace the government with ad hoc working groups, and to abolish executive governance altogether.[53][54][55]

Amidst the ongoing constitutional crisis, Danzilona begun the Battle of Imbolc after invading a part of its northern border town of Imbolc that had unknowingly been de jure occupied by Danzilona's northern neighbour, Cortesia Del Mar, since June 2022.[56]

On January 9, 2023, the citizens of the FDR voted to abolish their current government and replace it with a system of cooperatives that citizens could join to carry out the functions of executive government. This reformed the FDR into FWC Danzilona, which was given its name on February 4, 2023.


The city hall of the FDR, unofficially dubbed "Danzhall"


The government of the FDR was small in order to give more power to the citizens in crafting and implementing policy. Laws and constitutional changes were proposed by ordinary citizens and passed by their direct democratic majority vote. However, the few government positions that do exist have important responsibilities in managing the FDR, and one of them was quasi-dictatorial. The governmental positions of the FDR were:

  • The Foreign Minister, who was responsible for directing foreign policy and carrying out the will of the Danzilonans in such matters. They serve as the main point of contact for foreign entities and were also responsible for constructing embassies and other Danzilonan infrastructure outside of the FDR;
  • The Interior Minister, who was responsible for taking a monthly census and inducting new citizens, as well as offboarding inactive ones. They were also tasked with mapping out and patrolling the FDR's land claims to ensure no foreign settlements have been built on it; and
  • The Defence Minister, the quasi-dictatorial position who was responsible for maintaining a standing security force and enforcing the laws of the FDR. In times of military crises, the Defence Minister had the right to expand their authority and allow themselves to, among other things, ban non-citizens from the FDR and pearl individuals without trial. In doing so, however, they risk facing a citizen tribunal for any abuses committed during a time of crisis.
  • Each minister also had the power to appoint an undersecretary capable of carrying out specific duties within the bounds of their office.

On May 13, 2022, the framework for a potential future federation was adopted, officially transforming the FDR from a de facto unitary state to a federal one.[57] Until July 29, 2022, the Foreign Minister, Interior Minister, and Defence Minister were called the Ambassador, Surveyor, and Sheriff, respectively.


Along with its elected national government offices, the FDR also had a number of appointed bodies and positions that help carry out the tasks of those national offices. The ability to appoint undersecretary positions was granted via constitutional amendments proposed by Gant and further refined by a transparency law proposed by Azelair.[58][59] The number of appointments rose drastically after Des23 was elected to all national government offices in the September 2022 Danzilonan general election. As of December 15, 2022, the appointed bureaucracy of the FDR includes the following:

  • Commissioner of the NDZHL. As part of Gant's constitutional amendments, the NDZHL was reformed as a nationalised entity under the Interior Ministry and so its head had become a governmental position. The office was currently vacant and so authority over the NDZHL falls to the current Interior Minister, Perdikkas13.
  • Archivist of the Republic. A unique position whose tasks mostly revolved around out-of-game duties, including keeping an up-to-date list of laws and maintaining the subreddit wiki. So far only held by Qaad during August 2022.[60]
  • Danzilonan Artistic Director. A position currently held and created by Pythius in November 2022, the art director heads the Danzilonan Arts Directorate, which acts as a patron for local Danzilonan artists and was funded by donations.[61]

Foreign Relations

The FDR initially had close ties with the March Pact, the successor to AF-CES from CivClassic 2.0, before then deciding to stay more neutral and not join the pact. Danzilona had particularly grown close to many fellow Alenarith nations, including Cortesia Del Mar, Venne, the Arsenio Pact, and especially the neighbouring nation of Nara (with whom the FDR signed a friendship treaty with on December 2, 2022[62]).

Danzilona had been a member of the Forum of the Medi Sea since June 13, 2022.[63] During September 2022, Des23- in her capacity as First Consul- attempted to establish closer relations with the Medi Sea nations of Lambat, Lusitania, and Pavia (of which she was a dual citizen), eventually getting the three nations to agree to build embassies in the FDR. At the end of her term, Des warned against being allied to some Alenarith nations and suggested partnering with more Medi nations as an alternative.[64] This suggestion, however, was mostly not taken up by her successors.

Danzilona was known for annexing some of their neighbours who had gone inactive, including Melia on August 12, 2022 and Gensokyo on August 27th of the same year.[65][66] Under the First Consulship of Des23, Danzilona had also attempted to annex the neighbouring nations of Nara, Dalgon, Doom City, and Cortesia Del Mar.[67] All aforementioned nations have since rejected annexation by the FDR.

Ministry history

Surveyor Ambassador Sheriff


Lowtuff TheTrackball
Interior Minister Foreign Minister Defense Minister




  • Des23 (Deputy Foreign Minister)
Des23 Des23




Deputies of all ministries:
  • Consuls of the Provinces[69]
  • New Danzilonan Council[70]
  • peakman2
  • Previously listed consuls except xDer
lone22wolf Pythius

Appointed October 27 for a term of 5 days

Previous Consuls and Council maintained
lone22wolf Pythius Red_Steel
Previous Consuls and Council maintained
Perdikkas13 lone22wolf


  • Pythius (Danzilonan Artistic Director)
Previous Consuls and Council maintained until December 15[71]



Founders of the FDR voted to grant citizenship to a number of past Danzilonans, regardless of their current level of activity, bringing the permanent voter roll to at least 19 citizens.[72] Along with the 10 founders, several more permanent citizens returned and became active in discussions surrounding the FDR's foundation, bringing the total active citizenry to 15 as well as 2 former Provincians who have signaled their interest in joining after its foundation. After the server started, the population grew to 33 by June 18th.

As of the bi-monthly census in September 2022, 23 players counted themselves as current citizens of the FDR[73]. Permanent citizens were not required to fill out the census form, so the actual number of active citizens may be higher. By the time December 2022 rolled around, 18 Danzilonans had responded to the most recent census with about half of them being active during the month.[74]


Ever since the founding of the first iteration of Danzilona, American English had remained the dominant vernacular.


The FDR constitution specifically prohibits discrimination on the basis of religious creed (though this was mostly intended to refer to IRL religions but de facto also applies to in-game religions until otherwise stated). However, the FDR had made a special Concordat with the Church of Ranubis, which was a prominent religion in 1.0 and 2.0 Danzilona and to which 4 of the FDR's founders belong. Disciples of Ranubis have special privileges within the FDR that members of other religions don't, such as the right to own property without becoming an FDR citizen, and the Church can claim vacant public land without prior approval by the FDR, in essence making Ranubism the established religion of the FDR.

Despite having an established religion, citizens have been able to enjoy extensive religious freedom and even autonomy as the Grand Priest of Ranubism had been largely busy with IRL affairs and other Disciples have been focusing on more public matters. As such, religious diversity increased among the population, bringing Disciples down from roughly a quarter of the population to just 12%. For another example, Mery Danzilonan citizens have settled on the FDR's island claims, gave the islands a name in mehrileh, and plan on building religious structures there.[75]

On July 13, 2022, the Church of Ranubis responded to the number of growing religions by launching an inquisition meant to purge non-believers from the Church and church lands.[76] The inquisition was declared over on September 22, 2022 after the establishment of the Ranubic Holy City of New Swisston and the conversion of Des23 to rha'yatshola.[77]


The economy of the Free Danzilonan Republic can mostly be described as an autarky, with the territory of Danzilona covering a wide range of biomes that citizens obtain resources from. Citizens have also generated large supplies of iron, diamonds, and other minerals from extensive mining projects such as the DanzShaft. However, there was still some market activity, especially in the nether where Danzilona hosts the Transport Union, as well as trade between individual Danzilonans and foreigners. The FDR government had also attempted trade deals before, with one having been negotiated with the Royal Lusitan Corporation but fell apart soon after implementation due to the RLC's collapse.[78] Danzilona's main exports include Map Art, woods, oak saplings, berries, and beets.


Until December 25, 2022, the FDR had no taxes and no way to generate public funds. Projects have typically been spearheaded by individuals or local organisations and paid for out-of-pocket. The lack of public funds had been a persistent issue for Danzilona, with various political candidates pledging to establish a national treasury for the September[79], October[80], and November[81] general elections to no avail. However, on December 13, 2022, a proposal to finally establish a treasury was submitted, which would be able to generate public funds through donations and taxes on exchanges.[82] The proposal passed on December 25th and thus established sales taxes on select item exchanges, such as the XP exchange and the iron-diamond exchange found in the FDR's capital city.[83]


The FDR's primary industry was transporation, with the country noted to have one of the highest numbers of train stations per capita.[84] The country was host to a number of different rail lines, including the Colonial Express, the Copper Line, the Northern Line to CDM, and the local DanzBorough rail that connects most of the FDR's populated areas. Although walking and rail were the dominant form of transportation, the FDR was also home to an ongoing canal-building project and was connected via ice road to CDM, the Arsenio Pact, and Pavia.


With the Danzilonan lineage of civilisations dating back to 2012, the culture of the FDR had been influenced by a wide range of people. Contrasting with the many kingdoms and oligarchies found across Civ servers, Danzilona had remained a highly democratic society, meaning that the culture was influenced by everyone who comes to call themselves Danzilonan, including citizens who've come and gone as well as those who've stayed since Civcraft 1.0 and 2.0. Danzilonans were typically described as friendly, noninvasive, and persistent, which was owed to the typically progressive ideologies present within Danzilonan society as well as their ability to rebound from massive disasters, including the griefer attacks of Rancuneus on 2.0 and the invasion of Nova Danzilona on Civcraft 3.0. This cultural attitude, combined with the FDR's neutrality in global and even regional affairs, had allowed the Danzilonans to grow their soft power and be friendly with a variety of nations across the server.


The Lambat City hockey rink built to the NDZHL's specifications. Image credit: peakman2

Ever since the founding of the New Danzilona Hockey League on 2.0, hockey had been the main cultural export of Danzilona. On CivMC, the league was reformed in late July 2022 and hosted a number of games before being suspended indefinitely due to the Estalia-Rhode Island War.[85] A number of different nations have since built and hosted games in their own hockey rinks, including Nara, Lambat, Lusitania, and Estalia.[86][87]


The flag of the FDR was a cyan, white, and grey tricolour, which have been the colours of the Danzilonan flag since 2013. Although no meaning was originally given to the colours, citizens have since assigned their own, with white typically representing the neutrality of the nation and the cyan and grey representing geographic features.[88]

The Phoenix had been the national symbol of Danzilona since at least 2014.[89] The origin of the symbol was unknown, but it likely refers to the nation's recovery after the Rancuneus griefer attacks in late 2013. A Phoenix statue was present in the capital of the FDR.

Visual art

Danzilonan citizen Mummybundles had been a prolific Map Art artist since Civclassic 2.0. Mummy hosts a map art canvas within the FDR's claims and sells his art at a shop in the capital city. Since the start of CivMC, mummy had created map art of Lowtuff, galaxies, animals, and optical illusions.


Danzilona was a coastal state in the southeastern hemisphere, along the Medi coast of Eastern Alenarith. It had a diverse geography with mountain ranges, dense forests, vast grasslands, and sunny beaches. Danilona shares a land border with Cortesia Del Mar to the north, and Doom City northwest. It shares water borders with Nara to the west, Gensokyo to the south, and Wolken to the southeast. There were eight islands along Danzilona's eastern coastal border: Snake Island, two islands within DanzShaft, Compass Island, Sandbank Island, Lush Island, and Wicker Island. There were also two archipelagos off of the Danzilonan coast, the Eastern Shining Isles and Bilgewater.

Map of the landscape of Danzilona
Map of the landscape of Danzilona

Every listed geographical feature and natural landmark within Danzilona and its territories were under the supervision and protection of Danzilona's Park Commission (DanzParks). DanzPark volunteers were tasked to protect many of Danzilona's famous landmarks, such as Great Oak and Spruce trees, as well as preserve natural reserves like the Great Melian Forest or the snowy tundra of New Swisston. On June 15th, 2022 Danzilona government ratified the Lorax Act[90], which enforced the protection of the FDR's Great trees, making logging of these trees illegal.

Mountains & Hills

Danzilona's western frontier was defined largely by the Silver Mountains, which stretches from southern Doom City, southwest through West Danzilona, Nara, and Dalgon. The highest summit of the mountain range was Mount 'Av-a-rest, within Nara's eastern Ebi territory. A stunning feature of the Silver Mountains were the Teo Caverns, which formed where the northern range meets the Teo River.

Through most of Northen Danzilona lies the Oberon Hills, which encompasses most of Peterskogur and northern New Danzilona. The hills were home to many of Danzilona's Great Oak trees. Another hill range lies to the west of the Danzshaft known as the NDZ Highlands, a tall hillside that separates New Danzilona from Sophia.

Some of the highest peaks in territorial Danzilona were within New Swisston, where snowy mountain ranges tear through the tundra. New Swisston's main settlement sits within a mountain valley, with low density housing and structures among the hilltops.

Rivers & Bodies of Water

Three rivers flow through mainland Danzilona:

  • the Ebi River, which flows south from Lake Biwa along Nara, West Danzilona, and Melia, to the Ebi-Teo Canal, where the Ebi goes south to flow into Lake Isanagi.
  • the Teo River, which flows southeast from Lake Biwa, through the Teo Caverns, cutting south through Sophia, to the Ebi-Teo Canal, where the Teo goes east to flow into the Gulf of Gensokyo.
  • the George Strait, which flows west from Wicker Island within the Danzilona Bay, along Southern Danzilona and Melia's border with western Wolken, ending in the Gulf of Gensokyo.

The main bodies of water within Danzilona were:


Danzilona hosts a number of dense forests, with the Great Melian Forest being its largest. The Great Melian Forest encompasses almost all of Melia, with the Teo River cutting right through it, separating the forest into Northern and Southern portions. Many of New Riverford's city parks and forests live within the greater Melian Forest. The second largest forest in mainland FDR was the Imbolc Forest, which lies the northeastern tip of Danzilona, along its border with Cortesia Del Mar. The town of Imbolc resides within this forest. In the southwestern arctic territory New Swisston lies the Swisston Tundra, a vast countryside of spruce forests and tall cliffsides.

Provinces & Territories

On August 7th, 2022, the FDR released an official map designed by newfriend cnamav[91]. The map divides FDR into a few provinces, pinpointing Danzilona's main settlements, transit, and landscape. As of August 12, 2022, Danzilona annexed the Melian mainlands and released an updated claims map[92].

Map of Danzilona's provinces & territories
Map of Danzilona's provinces & territories

New Danzilona

Unofficial subdivisions of the FDR's capital city, created by grenadeninja21

New Danzilona (not to be confused with the NDZ of 2.0) was proposed as FDR's first official jurisdiction by Gant and adopted on June 28, 2022.[93] Although the capital province had no version of home rule, it exists largely for zoning and cultural purposes. Additionally, there were several de facto cities and towns within NDZ that operate differently based on their aesthetic, geography, and who lives there. These subdivisions include:

  • DanzShaft, the centrepiece of the city spearheaded by TheTrackball. The DanzShaft was envisioned to be a bastioned hole that will protect residential and commercial plots that were only available to citizens of the FDR.
  • Old Town, where all of the FDR's civic buildings were located as well as residential plots for newfriends. This includes the Town Hall, built by Des23, and the Republic's first ice rink, built by Gant.
  • Westvale, a valley area homesteaded by peakman2 where many of NDZ's farms were located.
  • Snake Island, a small island that houses a Ukrainian flag and a tree farm built by lone22wolf and grenadeninja21.

New Danzilona also includes the location of the future Port of Danzilona.


Sophia was a farming province west of New Danzilona founded and maintained by mummybundles. It sits along heart of the Teo River, had a number of border markers, and contains the FDR's largest wheat farm, as well as a stop on the Copper Line. There were currently two towns within the province:

  • Sophia, the namesake town where mummybundles had set up a homestead and stables. Along the Teo River, a group of real life friends consisting of Truetania, Necromancer, and iPrizefighter have constructed and maintain an extensive and self-sufficient homestead that they built on the first day of the server. The neighborhood was mostly referred to as Truetania's homestead as she remains the most active of the group. The homestead contains most of the FDR's crop and tree farms as well as a number of factories.
  • Shackistan, Located to the west of the FDR's capital in the more mountainous regions of the nation, Shackistan includes the very initial settlement of the Danzilonans constructed within the first few hours of the server's existence. The name was an homage to Trackistan, a territory of New Danzilona from Civcraft 2.0 that was run by TheTrackball. No one no longer lives in Shackistan, but the site was still maintained for its historical value.


Previously known as Oberon, Peterskogur was the northernmost province of the FDR and home to the Oberon Hills. Peterskogur was named after the town the Danzilonans founded in the private Minecraft realm that they played together in before CivMC launched.[94] The province had only one town as of now:


Artist's depiction of a New Riverford resident holding a proposed flag of the settlement, drawn by Vall Tawiga's friend at their request.

Annexed August 12th, 2022, the Melian province runs throughout southern Danzilona. It borders the Teo River and the George Strait, as well as connecting mainland Danzilona to Gensokyo. Most of Melia was covered by the Great Melian Forest, under the protection of DanzParks. Melia had one town:

  • New Riverford, an up-and-coming settlement along the Teo River that was named after Civcraft 2.0’s Riverford. Spearheaded by Danzilonans Azelair, an oldfriend, and xDerArische, a newfriend, under construction were a Town Hall, residences, a lighthouse, and a station along the Copper Line. Many hotels and pubs also line the town's narrow streets, and a number of bridges have been built across the river to ensure easy access to the rest of Danzilona to the north.

Southern Province

The Southern Province (SP), spanning Danzilona's southeastern Sunflower Coast to the Teo River, was mostly unsettled, but unofficially planned to become large agricultural grounds for wheat, carrots, and oak trees. The province contains four islands: Compass Island, Sandbank Island, Lush Island, and Wicker Island. To the east of the province in the Danzilona Bay was the entrance to Danzilona's Nether Portal.

Survey of the Southern Province, September 2022

Current points of interest within the SP include:

Qaad's Breadfort in the Southern Province, September 2022
  • Dandy's, Ihazgingerpowers' tavern next to the SPFM
  • The Breadfort, Qaad's agricultural estate along the George Strait
  • The Southern Province Farmer's Market (SPFM), located at the SP-Melia border. the SPFM was Qaad's business venture providing the SP and Melia with handmade goods imported from across Danzilona. Current vendors were selling goods from New Danzilona, New Swisston, and the SP itself
  • SaDud0's spooky cabin along the eastern shore
  • South Station, the first stop on the Colonial Express, a direct rail to New Swisston via Nara


Previously known as simply "West Danzilona," Macedonia was Danzilona’s westernmost province, located along the Ebi River and west of Sophia. It contains almost all of the Silver Mountain range, which runs through Doom City, Nara, and Dalgon. The mountain range also contains a very majestic cavern that Danzilona’s central river runs through. The province had so far been settled by Des23 and LunaaCatt and was also home to a workers monument and Scot’s homestead on the high peaks of northwest Danzilona’s peninsula, along Lake Biwa and east of the Noto Peninsula. The province was renamed to Macedonia in honour of the Macedonian Empire from Civcraft 2.0, which had been credited with laying the foundation of the United Provinces of the Plus Plus.[95]

The lighthouse that gives the Eastern Shining Isles (djotalar na rhayadeht) its namesake, built by Vall Tawiga

New Swisston

New Swisston, named after 2.0's Swisston, was a Danzilonan territory located in the southwestern Alenarith antarctic. It borders Venne and Mount Augusta's arctic territory to the west, Dalgon to its east, and Cortesia Del Mar's Ice Shelf to its south. New Swisston’s home rule charter was ratified on Sept 14, 2022[96], with lone22wolf being chosen as its provincial Consul[97]. The province was the home of most Disciples of Ranubis and hosts potato, berry, and spruce tree farms as well as an ice rink.

Eastern Shining Isles

Initially settled by the Danzilonan Marine Society (and, more specifically, Lowtuff) on the first day of the server, what would become known as the Eastern Shining Isles (or djotalar na rhayadeht in mehrileh)[98] became the home base of Mery Danzilonan citizen Vall. The archipelago was composed of at least 6 islands and a couple sandbars and was home to a number of Mery cultural and religious sites, including a temple and lighthouse. More Mery begun settling there after the ratification of the Lighthouse Accord on July 10, 2022.


An archipelago east of Danzilona's Southern Province. The territory was formally claimed by Wolken and was typically internationally recognised as such; however, the original newfriend inhabitants of the islands submitted themselves to be annexed by the FDR on June 15, 2022, to which the FDR obliged. The newfriends subsequently went inactive, but Danzilona continues develop the land and claim Bilgewater as their own, disputing Wolken's claim.[99] The islands were currently home to a dock, a mine, a fishing shack, and tunnels which connect them to each other.

Notable Citizens

Founders of the FDR

Those who voted on the FDR's foundational post include:

U3P Citizens

Pythius_ and ninjajackh12, former allies of Danzilona on Civcraft 2.0 and 3.0, have residences in the FDR, as well as coolyellow from Churchill, Perdikkas13 from Pella, and The_Hamburglar_ from the Kingdom of Eclipse.

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