New Melonwood

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New Melonwood
The Territory of New Melonwood
Flag of New Melonwood
Map of Melontown, New Melonwood
Location-3602, 2059
Capital cityMelontown
GovernmentWorkers' Cooperative under Danzilonan Sovereignty
• Chief Officer of Territorial Cooperative
Foundation date25 January 2023
DiscordDM ViktorHR#4804 for inquiries

New Melonwood is a territory of Danzilona located on the Western Continent. It is bordered by Iopa to the south and Irkhah to the north. New Melonwood received its name from Melonwood on Civcraft 2.0. The territory is home to Danzilona's melon and acacia wood farms.



New Melonwood was acquired by Danzilona through a deal between Danzilona and the Molokan colony of Iopa on 21 December 2022[1], splitting a former exclave of Mount Juliana. Immediately, plans were made for the construction of a melon farm and a series of canals in the newly acquired territory. On 22 December, New Melonwood was connected with Danzilona by rail through the Colonial Express.

Originally, the territory was acquired with the goal of farming melons and acacia trees, giving its name a double meaning. The first melon farm was built on 18 December 2023, it was subsequently expanded twice after the official acquisition of the land.

The construction of Melontown began on 24 January 2023, with the first house and a farm being finished on 25 January.

Foundation period

The Provincial Government building (today: The Territorial Cooperative) was opened on 26 January 2023, officially starting the era of Danzilonan presence on the Western continent. The Melontown Rail Station was officially opened on 1 February, replacing the previous underground stop which consisted of a walled-off part of a cave and an elevator.

The Library and Archives of New Melonwood (LANM) were founded on 6 February 2023 as an institution with the goal of running and managing libraries across New Melonwood. The Melontown Library was opened on the same day and is currently the only member of LANM. On 12 February 2023, the Library and Archives of New Melonwood were incorporated into the Communal Library and Archives of Danzilona (CLAD) as a local subsidiary. After the introduction of Workers Cooperative model in Danzilona, both LANM and CLAD were put under the jurisdiction of the Division for Infrastructural Assembly & Maintenance Over National Domain (DIAMOND).

Throughout February 2023 much of the core infrastructure was added, such as the Melontown Artisans Guild, which houses the community's factories, the stables, and the Melontown Brewery.

The Melontown Library

On 21 February the first border crossing and trading outpost was open on the border with Iopa, roughly at -3448 2090. In the trading outpost, citizens of both Iopa and New Melonwood are encouraged to set up trading chests and trade with one another. To the present day, the trading outpost is the only legal border crossing New Melonwood has with its neighbors.

New Melonwood - Iopa Trade Outpost


New Melonwood is placed almost completely in the savanna biome, with small parts on the coast being in the beach biome. The land is full of hills, high grass, caves and ravines.


To the north New Melonwood borders Irkhah, a member of the Imperial Federation, with whom the border is defined completely administratively. The border is the result of an agreement between Irkhah and Zatoka which predates the foundation of New Melonwood. To the west is the Southern Ocean, while to the east is Lake Citrullus which New Melonwood shares with Irkhah, The Commonwealth, Estalia and Iopa. To the south New Melonwood borders Iopa. The border with Iopa follows the edges of an unnamed mountain to the west up until -3491 2090 at which point the border is defined administratively on the z=2090 axis until x=-2878 from which point the border is defined on the x axis and ends at Lake Citrullus. There is a trading post at -3448 2090 administrated jointly by New Melonwood and Iopa and also acts as the only official border crossing between the two settlements.


Melontown is located around -3606 2055 and serves as the de facto capital city of New Melonwood. It contains the government building of the territory, as well as the territorial library and archives which are a part of the Danzilonan National Library.

Melontown is home to the Melontown Brewery which produces and sells wheatbeer and other drinks made locally in Melonwood.


Following the February 2023 census of FWC Danzilona[2], there are 2 permanent citizens in New Melonwood and both have a permanent residence in Melontown. The census also reports that the population is 100% Ranubist.

Census data: Population
Census FWC Danz


New Melonwood
Feb 2023 13 2
Mar 2023 9 1
Census data: Religion
Census Ranubism Total
Feb 2023 2 (100%) 2
Mar 2023 1 (100%) 1

Government and Politics

Communal period

Since its founding on 25 January 2023, New Melonwood has been more or less a commune without any formal government. Any decisions pertaining to local development were made by consensus of locals with a primary address in the settlement.

Territorial Cooperative of New Melonwood

The Territorial Cooperative of New Melonwood is the de facto executive and legislative body of the territory. It is comprised of all Danzilonan citizens with a primary residence in New Melonwood and its composition changes monthly depending on the results of the monthly Census of Danzilona.

The Territorial Cooperative is headed by the Chief Officer of the Territorial Cooperative. The Chief Officer is a mostly ceremonial office, responsible for enforcing decisions of the Territorial Cooperative and representing New Melonwood internationally.