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LocationApprox. +1700, -7000
Activity levelHigh (as of 06/16/22)
National Colors
  Jorvikson Cyan
  Jorvikson Navy
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy (Jarldom)
Governing documentProvisional Voting Act
• Jarl
• Council of Elders


Foundation documentClaims Post
Succeeded byVolterra

Jorvik, officially the Jarldom of Jorvik, is a nation located in the +,- continent of Impendia. Jorvik is bordered by Bruma to the east and an S.P.Q.R exclave to the south. The remainder of the nation's territory is surrounded by the Middle Ocean.

Jorvik is best known for its Viking-themed builds, promotion of democratic ideals, and the export of raw goods found within its snowy tundra biomes.


Initial Settlement

Early Planning

The concept design that inspired Jorvik's architecture.

Jorvik's modern territory was settled in early June 2022. However, the earliest conceptualization of the nation began on May 15, 2022, when former Varkonian senator Cicero pondered the idea of settling in a snowy area and constructing a viking-themed stave church. These ideas were prompted by former Varkonian leader, the Red Duke Mickale, beginning a discussion over whether or not he would return to the civilization genre following the shut down of CivClassic 2.0. On May 22, it was decided formally that Jorvik's location would be centered upon coastal snowy-hills.

Shortly before the launch of CivMC, it was proposed by Roman citizen NovaCaesar that Jorvik merge into a confederation with SPQR. Discussions regarding the proposal were brief and on May 26 it was decided that Jorvik would instead remain aligned with its creators original visions of being a City-State. With an administrative path selected, Cicero began preparing for the physical creation of Jorvik. A prototype of his Stave Church was promptly constructed on Jorvik's build server.

Discovery of Jorvik

A map displaying Shark Island.
A map depicting Nordka, Jorvik.

The Jorvik settlement was established on June 2, 2022. The location was chosen after hours of exploratory scouting by Mickale, Cicero, and Seldomshock. The location was chosen, in part, because it greatly resembled the geological conception that the nation's founders had envisioned prior to launch. Following the construction of bare minimum shelter and the collection of essential resources, the Jorvikson settlers turned their attention to collecting map data. Ulfrich Stormcloak hosted an expedition to document and chart Jorvik's territories on June 3. After he had gathered sufficient data, Cicero submitted Jorvik's territorial claims to the CivMC subreddit; marking Jorvik's ceremonial date of foundation. Several other expeditions occurred in the following days. Stormcloak continued his exploration by discovering and christening Shark Island, which has a distinct appearance that resembles a shark's anatomy. Mickale ventured even further to the east, constructing a small island settlement known as Nordska.

Period of Informality

Jorvik's Period of Informality is an era of the nation's history during which the early settlers had few formal government institutions to guide their actions upon. It is theorized to have begun June 2, 2022 and lasted until June 7, 2022. This period is most notable for the establishment of a formal national government, the development of basic institutions, and the organization of labor efforts in Jorvik.

Establishment of National Government

Seeking to harness the stability and structure that can only be assumed through formal governance, the Jorvikson settlers began to circulate their ideas on the creation of a formal national government. This conversation would begin on June 4, 2022, within a private chamber containing primitive-Jorvik's de-facto oligarchs (a group of the settlements most influential residents). It was then, that the ideas of directly democratic voting, an independently elected judiciary, and a limited executive office were promulgated. These ideas were contributed by Mickale, who had vast political acumen given his years steering Varkonia. Mickale's proposal included a unicameral legislature that had the ability to veto legislation with a supermajority vote. Other notable Jorvikson politicians, namely Ulfrich Stormcloak, argued in favor of a bicameral legislature that incorporated a permanent group of elders who would also retain authority to veto referendums. These ideas were critical to the formation of government policies and institutions.

Obtaining Legitimacy

An important matter for the fledgling government was to assert authority over its territorial claims and establish credibility amongst foreign nations. One of Jorvik's earliest diplomatic allies was SPQR; with whom it had already established relations prior to the server's launch. Thus, deepening the bond between the nations and establishing shared infrastructure was critical. On June 4, 2023, Ulfrich Stormcloak championed a proposal to construct a railway to SPQR. This proposal would ultimately pass and the rail would be completed under his supervision.

Jorvik sustained its first raid on June 5 when Donniedarko_ entered Jorvik's territory and began destroying the nation's rail line to SPQR. As a result, Ulfrich Stormcloak was deployed to suppress the attack. Donniedarko__ was swiftly killed by Stormcloak. This marked the first Jorvik military action and was the first slaying by the nation's militia.

Shortly after the aforementioned attack, on June 7, Sythodeus entered SPQR and began constructing a small settlement. He claimed that the settlement had been established on behalf of Jorvik's government, which government officials disputed. Sythodeus later pinged snitches at Jorvik city's spruce farm. Fearing that he may be stealing raw materials, the government sent Ulfrich Stormcloak to investigate. Upon his arrival, Stormcloak was attacked by Sythodeus who was wielding a wooden axe. In response, Ulfrich pearled Sythodeus. This is notably the first pearl secured by Jorvik.

Construction Era

The summer of 2022 began as a relatively peaceful and prosperous period for the Jarldom. A number of major construction projects were started including the railway station and a stave church.

Railway Station

The Jorvikson railway station was the first major infrastructural achievement of the Jarldom. The surface station was built mainly of spruce wood and includes a tower and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Generic War Era

Retreat to Pavia

Mickale dismantles military infrastructure in preparation of Jorivkian force's retreat to Pavia
After the treason of EZ2Clutch and subsequent sacking of Icenia, Jorvik’s leadership was concerned about a drastic flip in relative power between the Elysian Pact and Rhode Island. Resultingly, discussions began in the highest levels of the Jorvikian government. Security Council member and Elder, Mickale suggested that the citizens and military assets of Jorvik be relocated to the Pavian vault. Jorvik and its military infrastructure were geographically isolated from the rest of the Elysian Pact and the Coalition, a problem exemplified during the Rhode Island attack on Jorvik. It was also understood relocating to Pavia would allow for the consolidation of Elysian Pact forces, preventing allied forces from being divided and conquered one-by-one. There were also concerns that Jorvik's assets could fall into enemy hands a tragedy that would have bolstered the coffers and abilities of Rhode Island’s military.

On August 18th, 2022 Jorvik’s leadership agreed that a coordinated withdrawal from Jorvik proper should occur. In the late hours of the day, an operation to transfer vital equipment from Jorvik to the Pavian Vault was undertaken. Jorvikian military assests were either disabled or dismantled in order to prevent their usage by enemy forces. By August 19th, the population of Jorvik along with significant portions of its material wealth had been safely relocated to the Pavian vault. The success of the operation was celebrated, as if enemy forces had been able to intercept the convoy, the entirety of Jorivk's assets would have been captured and critical members of its leadership team would have been pearled. However, celebrations were muted given the fact that Jorvik's homeland and capital city had been left as an open city. The Jorivkian exile in Pavia was one of the nations darkest era’s but would only last a month as it ended with the fall the Rhode Island vault.

Volterran Involvement in the Four Hour War

Upon the violation of Pavian sovereignty by Arnen, Volterra immediately voiced support for Pavia. During the resulting meetings within the Elysian Pact (EP), Volterran leadership stated that Arnen had become dangerously brazen and that an adequate response was necessary to demonstrate the importance of respecting the sovereignty of EP members. It was generally agreed that allowing this violation of Pavian sovereignty to go unanswered would signal weakness on the alliances behalf. The general mood within the alliance was initially relatively lenient, with the general consensus being that an apology and reps being paid would be a sufficient consequence. However, the attitude of Arnen's leadership demonstrating a lack of a desire to negoita. The attitude of Arnen's leadership resulted in a server wide attitude of weariness towards to continued antics of Arnen and its leaders.
Allied forces traveling to Arnen during the Four Hour War
Volterran forces at the Pavian vault during the Four Hour War

Once global condemnation of Arnen's action was clear, it was generally agreed within the EP that the present political and military context allowed for a more drastic response. Even Arnen's closest allies had signaled to the EP that they would not interfere in any action taken against Arnen, some even lent support to the idea of eliminating Arnen's military capabilities. In the late hours of December 20th EU time, the decision was made that the EP and numerous other states would take military action against Arnen. Volterran forces comprised of ItzHoover and _Highboy_ massed in Pavia before joining allied forces in the trip towards Arnen. Volterran forces demonstrated bravery and skill during the attack on Arnen's vault. ItzHoover and _Highboy_ were some of the first allied fighters to breach the ground vault and played a role in the pearling of dredd_kiji. Less than 14 hours after Docker claimed that "Pavia won't do shit", the Arnen vault was entirely disabled and Arnen leadership was in Pavian custody. Overall, Voltera played a vital role in the operation and Volterran forces' involvement signified Volterra's continued support to their allies within the Elysian Pact and the nations dedication to peace and good order across the server.


Flowchart depicting the government's structure.

Jorvik is a Unitary Elective Monarchy with basic institutions and organization.

Structural Framework

The nation's framework is based on the fundamental principles listed within the Provisional Voting Act of 2022, a patchwork de-facto constitution outlining the referendum voting processes. This document assigns value to the concepts of; popular sovereignty, voter access & participation, and timely resolution to government matters.

Jorvik's executive branch is responsible for the management of foreign affairs including the negotiation of treaties and alliances, enforcing national borders, and appointing legislative officials. The nation's highest executive office is the Jarl. As the Head-of-State, the Jarl is directly responsible for appointing one of the two chambers of legislative office, presiding over referendums presented by the citizenry, negotiating foreign policy, and holding court to receive legislative council.

Legislative power is dispersed using a bicameral system. The first chamber is oligarchic and consists of the nation's founders. This group is the Council of Elders. Membership within this chamber of legislature is static and terms of office are indefinite. This, seemingly more stable, chamber of the legislature is granted the authority to veto any laws or legislative actions proposed by the citizenry. The Council is, however, required to obtain unanimity in order to veto any legislation. The second chamber of legislation is appointed by the Jarl, must include at least 3 members at all times, and consists of key advisors specializing in various trades. This more dynamic chamber of the legislative branch is the Huskarl council. It is a less restrictive institution that is responsible for organizing efforts in commerce and trade. Huskarls are responsible for conducting trade missions, developing the organizations that regulate commercial activities, and overseeing labor efforts. Furthermore, Huskarls are tasked with securing the Jarldom's safety and organizing efforts of national defense.

The judiciary branch is limited in both size and scope; its sole purpose is the adjudication of legal processes. The judicial court consists of a single office, that of the Thane. A Thane is publicly elected and responsible for the determination of guilt or innocence in criminal and civil trials.

Governments of the Jarldom

Jarl Term Huskarls (advisors) Administration
Ulfrich Stormcloak June 8, 2022 - July 9, 2022 First Jarl's Administration
Bjorn LaBlaze July 9, 2022 - August 12, 2022 Second Jarl's Administration
Bjorn LaBlaze August 12, 2022 - November 14, 2022 Third Jarl's Administration

Jorvik has undergone democratic elections for its executive branch three times since the nations inception, resulting in three distinct government administrations.

An unofficial election was hosted in private chambers sometime on or before June 8, 2022. The result of this first election was a unanimous selection of real-estate mogul, programmer, and politician Ulfrich Stormcloak. Stormcloak's victory was announced on June 8th, following the election. Citizens callum, S4NTA, and mark_Antony were swiftly appointed Huskarls within the fledgling government. This administration would come to be known as the First Jarl's Administration. Under Stormcloak's guidance, this administration accomplished great deals such as the creation of the nation's initial infrastructure, the establishment of commerce, the development of national identity, and the construction of architecture.

In Jorvik's first contested election, three citizens declared their candidacy; incumbent Jarl Ulfrich Stormcloak, acclaimed builder Bjorn LaBlaze, and celebrated warrior Pride. However, out of respect for his opponent, Stormcloak conceded his campaign upon LaBlaze's announcement of his intentions to pursue office. Elections began promptly on July 9, 2022, with LaBlaze securing a definitive lead in early polls. Pride would concede shortly after the elections commenced, resulting in Bjorn LaBlaze securing the electoral victory. LaBlaze retained the entirety of the First Jarl's Administration but appointed Megra and Highboy as additional Huskarls. This expanded government would become the Second Jarl's Administration. Despite the advantage of having developed infrastructure as a result of the first administration's efforts, this government would be wrought with political controversy and the incursion of raids from foreign groups. Despite these struggles, the second administration succeeded in other areas, with the advancement of formal legal procedures, the establishment of greater foreign diplomacy, and the organization of fledgling military efforts.

The following regime would find itself thrust into much greater tribulations than the former two governments had experienced. Ulfrich Stormcloak and Bjorn LaBlaze pursued candidacy, both having significant political experience. Victory was narrowly secured by LaBlaze and he was reaffirmed as Jarl on August 12, 2022. The Third Jarl's Administration would remain much the same with all Huskarls retaining their office. Seemingly symbolic of the growing global friction, renowned warrior and former Jarl-candidate Pride was the only addition to this wartime legislature. Mounting political and military tensions that arose during the earlier administrative eras reached a boiling point early in this cabinet's tenure. The administration is most popularly known for its navigation of Jorvik's entrance into the Estalia-Rhode Island War after the Invasion of Jorvik by Rhode Island.


Voting History

Citizens can propose and vote on measures. Below is a list of proposed measures, their sponsor, and the results.

Measure Date Proposed Description Sponsor Result
Unit of Measurement Act 27-11-2022 Vote on the adoption of the Metric system for use in the nation and its subjects. Mickale Passed 8-0
Criminal Apprehension Act 21-10-2022 Create a discord channel to display criminals wanted by the Nation. ItzHoover Passed 8-0
Special Voting Act 3-9-2022 Regarding the handling of sensitive confidential information. ItzHoover Passed 5-0
Provisional Voting Act of 2022 25-7-2022 Create temporary guidelines for elections until a formal constitution is ratified. ItzHoover Passed 8-0