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Personal Info
Current CitizenshipsOtonabee
Known Forholding perishables, keeping drinks cold
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivRealms 2.0
Iterations played onCivRealms 2.0
Devoted Hell

IKEA_FRIDGE (IKEA_REFRIDGERATOR or just IKEA) is the current leader of Otonabee, both in the now inactive CivRealms and for the planned iteration of CivMC. IKEA served as the custodian of the Gallagher Territory following the conclusion of the Barbary War, and first started in the nation's government as the Judge and primary author of the nation's constitution. Following CivRealms, IKEA briefly also joined the Devoted Hell nation of Inferno as the Lord of Anger.

CivRealms 2.0

A motivated grinder, IKEA ran a highly successful wool business named "What's in the Fridge" out of the city of Lynn. Following conflict on the mainland, IKEA moved to Gallagher and fought on the front lines of the brutal Barbary War as the territory's leader.


Initially pearled for raiding the region around Icenia, IKEA made amends and later rose to the position of Judge (and Grand Judge) in the nation's democratic Judiciary. IKEA also was a member of Icenia's militia, defending the nation from the Ez2 raids in early 2021. Secretly, he was also a member of the paramilitary organisation attemping to overtake Icenia by brutal force, the Icenian Revolutionary Army, taking a large part in the construction of the secret vault under Varkonia, Hubris.


IKEA "leads" Otonabee in Civmc, but never logs on because he's too busy going to Mcdonalds; He is fat