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High Kingdom of Griffin
Flag of Griffin
Coat Of Arms of Griffin
Capital cityAdria
National Colors
• High King
Foundation date29/3/22
Preceded byWyvern & Kingdom of Fish
DiscordGriffin Discord

The High Kingdom of Griffin, simply known as Griffin, is a small kingdom on the western shores of the Lyrean Sea. They are known as a casual building focused nation. Griffin values neutrality and follows Melonism as its religion.

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Griffin sits on the western shores of the Lyrean Sea upon the subcontinent of Lyrea. Griffin borders Pavia to the south across the River Trelli which runs along the entirety of the Griffin-Pavia border, Siata to the west across the Nivano Mountains and Moloka to the north. Adria, Griffins capital sits on the eastern shores of the kingdom on the western shores of the Lyrean Sea within the Bay of Adria. Within the Bay of Adria also sits Crown Isle, an island within the City of Adria. At the mouth of the River Trelli sits the Bay of Wyvern along Griffin's southeastern coast. To the north of Griffin's mainland sits the Isles of Verona within the Bay of Verona, an archipelago of many small islands within Griffin's Crownlands.


Early Griffin History

On the 29th of March, 2022 the Kingdom of Wyvern and the Imperial Kingdom of Fish reformed into the High Kingdom of Griffin, adopting it's new constitution with Seekinq as its High King and Melonism as its state religion. When the server launched early Griffinian settlers found themselves on the shores of the Medi Sea, however after finding most of the land already settled by other groups they travelled north after hearing about some unclaimed land from Pavia. On the 7th of June, 2022 Griffin announced the borders of their Kingdom in the northeast. This was followed by rapid development across the nation including vast farms, roads and houses. On the eastern coastline Adria, Griffin's capital was founded. Progress continued until around late July, when many Griffin citizens began to lose interest in the server and began to move onto different things.

Inactivity Period

From late July until early November Griffin remained largely dormant and progress slowed across the nation with many things falling into a state of decay. On the 5th of August, 2022 the Banana Republic, a group of players within eastern Griffin splits from the kingdom to form their own republic, Griffin's land east of the Nivano Mountains were granted to them. While the rest of the server was engaged in war, Griffin remained largely inactive until a group of Griffinians returned to the server in early November.

Return to CivMC

On the 13th of November, 2022 a group of Griffinians returned to the server to reestablish the Kingdom and continue working on their projects they had left a couple months prior. Following this progress quickly started across the nation on many different projects including the reestablishment of Adria, Griffin's capital. Adria quickly began to grow with many new buildings being added including the Plaza being completed on November 18th, the railstation on November 30th and Christmas decorations on December 4th. Progress continued through December with the city docks growing and the construction of Griffins flagship, the RGS Fish. Entering January Griffin sought to overhaul their Royal Road Network that ran throughout the nation, this included an iceroad running throughout the nation with wayshrines at towns to allow entrance and an overhaul of the overground road network. In Febuary focus was returned to Adria and saw the construction of the Royal Palace of Adria and the Tower of St. Barbas overlooking the city. In March vast fields of flowers and crops were planted around ancient ruins throughout Griffin's Crownlands. Griffin also celebrated its 1 year founding anniversary on the 29th of March, 2023. April saw Adria practically double in size including many new houses and the Grand Temple of Adria, the official home of Melonism on CivMC.

Railstation in Adria, circa November 30th, 2022

Continued Development

May saw many small scale projects through out the kingdom with a new bridge across the River Trelli to connect the Griffin and Pavian road networks up together. In late may, the duchies of Cucurbits and Wynford were officially disbanded due to inactivity and reassorbed back into the Crownlands. Sealeo, a new duchy under the newly appointed Duke Cosbin was created along the northern coast, this duchy rapidly expanded over the next month into Griffins second biggest town. June saw the completion of the eastern waterfront in Adria and the completion of Sealeo Town and Castle. July and August saw one the biggest terraforming projects in the servers history with an entirely custom mountain constructed overlooking Adria. Mt. Rhena is the highest peak in Griffin and provides views over both the city of Adria and the sprawling fields of the Crownlands. After the completion of Mt. Rhena, City Walls were constructed running along the entirety of the city limits of Adria alongside 3 main gatehouses as entrances to the city. In late September, the market square in Adria was finished opening up Griffin to foreign businesses alongside local ones. Griffin General Goods was officially opened alongside the completion of the market square providing produce that Griffin produces from its farms in Wynford, alongside XP produced from the same farms. Woolsworth, a shop ran by the Duke of Sealeo, Cosbin was also opened alongside a Bakery ran by Seekinq.

The town of Sealeo with Mt. Rhena and the city walls of Adria in the background, circa August 11th, 2023


Royal Council

Griffin's Royal Council is made up of its High King and the dukes and duchesses of the kingdom. The kingdom is made up of the Crownlands, ruled by the High King. And smaller duchies, ruled over by each respective duke or duchess.

Griffin prioritizes the following policies:

  • Neutrality, Griffin will always look to seek neutrality in most foreign affairs.
  • Being a welcoming and friendly nation for newfriends.
  • Protecting ourselves against aggression, raiding and griefing.


City of Adria

Adria is the capital of the kingdom and is the seat of the High King in the realm. It sits on the eastern coast of Griffin on the shores of the Lyrean Sea and is a vast and sprawling sunny coastal city.

The market square in Adria, circa September 22nd, 2023

The Royal Crownlands

The Crownlands make up the majority of Griffin and are ruled directly by the High King, they are home to sprawling fields of flowers and crops, combined with many ancient ruins and estates scattered throughout.

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Province of Wynford

Wynford, previously the Duchy of Wynford sits on the western borders of Griffin. It is home to most of Griffins agriculture industry with vast sprawling farms of many different types.

Duchy of Sealeo

The duchy of Sealeo sits on the northern coastline of Griffin in the Bay of Verona and is home to the town and castle of Sealeo ruled by Cosbin, the Duke of Sealeo.

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Duchy of Iliac

The duchy of Iliac sits on the far south-western corner of Griffin bordering Pavia to the south across the River Trelli and Siata to the west across the Nivano Mountains . It is home to rolling hills of forests and temples.