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High Kingdom of Griffin
Flag of Griffin
Coat Of Arms of Griffin
Capital cityAdria
National Colors
Governing documentRoyal Constitution of Griffin
• High King
Foundation date29/3/22
Preceded byWyvern & Kingdom of Fish
DiscordGriffin Discord

The High Kingdom of Griffin, simply known as Griffin, Is a building focused nation on CivMC. Griffin values neutrality and follows Melonism as it's religion. On the 29th of March the Kingdom of Wyvern and the Imperial Kingdom of Fish reformed into the High Kingdom of Griffin, adopting it's new constitution with Seekinq as it's High King. Griffin's culture Includes the love for melons, and as such Melonism is considered the state religion of the kingdom. Griffin has reaffirmed it's dedication to staying neutral in the affairs of the server, so it is unlikely they will enter into any military alliances.


Griffin's government is made up of the High King and the Royal Council, made up of the dukes and duchesses of the kingdom and the High King. The kingdom is made up of the crownlands, ruled by the High King, and smaller duchies. Each Duchy usually has it's own build theme and is ruled over by a duke or duchess.

Griffin prioritizes the following policies:

  • Neutrality, Griffin will always look to seek neutrality in most foreign affairs.
  • Being a welcoming and friendly nation for newfriends.
  • Protecting ourselves against aggression, raiding and griefing.

You can find the constitution of Griffin here.

Royal Council

Seekinq - Duke of Iliac and High King

trinitymelons - Duchess of Cucurbits and Queen of the Melons

ItzJoshs - Duke of Wynford

JayTeeR - Thane of the Kingdom



Adria is the capital of the kingdom and is the seat of the High King in the land. It sits on the eastern shores of Griffin on the Lyrean Sea and is a vast venetian style city.

Image of Griffin's capital, Adria

Curcurbits sits on an island just off the coast of Griffin's capital, Adria. It used to be home to the City-State of Phoenix before they disbanded and moved south. Nowadays it is ruled by trinitymelons, the Duchess of Cucurbits and is home to rustic architecture and greenhouses.


Iliac sits on the far south of Griffin bordering Pavia. It is ruled by Seekinq, the Duke of Iliac and is home to rolling hills of forests and castles.


Wynford sits on the western borders of Griffin. It is ruled by ItzJoshs, the Duke of Wynford and is home to Griffins agriculture industry with vast farms of many different types.

Map of the Kingdom.