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Mercutio Coat of Arms
Location-7725 -1000
Activity levelHigh (as of June 1, 2023)
Capital cityMalina
Area85km²[1] (as of January 6, 2024)
National Colors
  Mercutie Yellow
  Mercutie Blue
GovernmentTheocratic Council
• Speaker of the Council
Foundation dateNovember 28th, 2022
Motto"Guided by her Light"

The Council State of Mercutio is a newfriend nation on CivMC, founded on November 28th, 2022 and primarily located in the jungles of Karydia. Its primary territory is neighbored by the Icenian territory of Icarus to the north and west, and Kaowta to the south. The nation is known for its hospitality and its sick water slide.


Mercutio is governed by a Council, comprised of a varying number of individuals and led by the speaker of the council, who is elected by their peers. On December 23, 2023, Mercutio announced the ascension of the Reggians Imperial Rex and Zyra to the council, marking the first expansion of the nation's council and further solidifying the status of Reggio as a Dominion of Mercutio.

Council History

Council Session Speaker of the Council Portrait
1 Phobitica
2 SonicFrost
3 Flip Flop
4 Phobitica
5 Favbot
Title First Session Second Session Third Session Fourth Session Fifth Session
Councilor of Defense Favbot Favbot Favbot Favbot Favbot
Councilor of the Interior Phobitica Phobitica Phobitica Phobitica Phobitica
Councilor of Commerce SonicFrost SonicFrost SonicFrost SonicFrost SonicFrost
Councilor of Diplomacy _Flip_Flop _Flip_Flop _Flip_Flop _Flip_Flop _Flip_Flop
Councilor of Culture X Tirimsu Tirimsu JamesN64 JamesN64
Councilor of Agriculture Matekrey Matekrey Matekrey Matekrey Zyra
Councilor of Peace X X X X Imperial Rex
Councilor of Aquaculture LithiumNitro X X X X

X denotes that the position did not exist

Mercutio Claims Map following the annexation of a portion of Thrall territory in May 2023.


Map of Mercutio including the Dominion of Reggio following the Red Rocks Pact in December 2023.


The capital of Mercutio, Malina stands strong as a link between the natural and modern world. With its majestic roots sprouting life in this sprawling city, it has become a mass destination for trade, transit, and tourism. Malina is home to Mercutio's Council, as well as a majority of Mercuties due to Mercutio's free housing law.


Tomo is a settlement in the savannas of Mercutio with an architecture unique to it, founded by the former Councilor Matekrey. Tomo is immediately recognizable by its twin bay and Tomo Tower, erected on June 9th, 2023.

Monkey Island

Monkey Island was annexed by Mercutio in January 2023, and is administered in honor of the late Monkey King, who vanished without a trace. It serves as a farming zone for Mercutio, and is home to the nation's cocoa greenhouse. Monkey Island is accessible via pedestrian bridge or via the domestic overland rail.

Macaw Islands

As of April 21, 2023, Mercutio has gained control (thanks to a treaty with Icenia) of the Easternmost islands found on the Mercutio Claims map. These islands have been named the 'Macaw Islands' and stand to assist in further controlling Mercutio's access to the Karydian Sea.

Friar Island

The smallest island of Mercutio, serving as a short pit stop on travels.


Founded on June 3rd 2023, Nightshade began settlement following the annexation of a portion of Thrall territory. This town is currently under development. Following the Red Rock Pact in December 2023, the Council elected to move the settlement north to the newly acquired Red Rock Territory.


Verona is a burgeoning settlement located on the island north of the river Tybalt, with high peaks and deep dark oak forestation. It is accessible via boat.

Former Settlements

Blue Cove

Blue Cove is the former capital of the Second Republic of Icarus. It remains home to the Icarians, where they retain the freedom to practice Boarism and continue the development of the city.


Khione is a farming colony located far from the mainland of Mercutio, in the icy southern continent of Deluvia. Khione came under the administration of Mercutio following the annexation of Icarus.


Mercutio's call for aid following the Flood of Al Qaşba in the Dominion of Reggio

Skaerven Civil War

On February 14, 2023, Mercutio briefly played a role in the Skaerven Civil War fought between warring factions of the Great Thrall Clan, with Councilors Phobitica and Matekrey coming to the aid of the Skaerven clan of Armuk and fending off the Rats of Verminblight.

Butternut-SEC War

While not directly involved in the hostilities of the Butternut-SEC War, Mercutio found themselves involved in the greater geopolitical ramifications of the war. At the onset of the war, Mercutio had been negotiating with the Security Enhancement Coalition for the release of Gang Shi citizen Fastestgrass into the custody of Mercutio so that he could retire and become a Mercutie. Before this deal could successfully go through, Fastestgrass was broken out of his pearl illegally by Cortesia Del Mar's Red Steel and chose to join the war effort on behalf of Gang Shi. Upon discovery of this, Mercutio rescinded his offer of citizenship.

Following the end of the war, the Second Republic of Icarus was dissolved and its lands were annexed by Mercutio in a bid of safety by the Icarian citizens. On June 29th, 2023, SlothInASuit, fighting on behalf of Butternut, led a raiding party in an attempted break-in into Mercutio's newly acquired vault before being chased off by Phobitica.

The Flood of Al Qaşba

On January 19. 2024, the Dominion of Reggio discovered that it had become the victim of a vicious waterbombing, spanning the entire length of its territory and constituting an estimated 40km² of flooding. The Government of Mercutio immediately launched an investigation into locating the perpetrator of the attack, and was able to determine the method of attack, but ultimately could not determine with an absence of doubt the perpetrator, choosing not to publicize their prime suspect.

With cleaning efforts underway but encountering hurdles, the Council of Mercutio elected to seek foreign aid, enlisting the help of the nations of Icenia, Nara, Estalia, Pacem, and others on January 25.[2] Speaking on the incident, Councilor and Reggian board member Imperial Rex stated, "The stain and damage to our land will leave it scarred but, our resolve is never stronger." [3]

By January 26, thanks to generous aid from Estalia, the flood was cleared in its entirety, restoring Reggio and its surrounding waters to their original natural beauty.

Foreign Affairs

Alliances & Treaties

Treaty of Marettimo

Amid concerns of a potential Thrall attack and the discovery of secret tunnels beneath Mercutio territory stemming from Verminblight, Mercutio sought to solidify its defense via diplomacy and found common ground with the recently sovereign South Bruma, later reformed as the Realm of Aeros. On April 11, 2023, formally signed the Treaty of Marettimo, solidifying a formal defensive alliance between Mercutio and Aeros. With the annexation of Aeros by Volterra on October 17, 2023[4], the Treaty of Marettimo was rendered null and void.

Land Changes

The Great Thrall Annexation

On May 2nd, 2023, Mercutio announced the annexation of the eastern regions of the Great Thrall Clan following the abandonment of their lands.[5]

Annexation of Icarus

On June 28th, 2023, much of the territory of Icarus was absorbed by Mercutio following Icarus's collapse as a result of the 2023 Butternut–SEC Conflict in a bid for safety by the remaining Icarian citizens.[6] Mercutio offered the Corporate Dominion of Reggio, a Dominion under Icarus located in the deserts of Southern Karydia, independence, but the nation's Board of Directors chose to become a Dominion under Mercutio and retained her previous autonomous privileges. Not involved in the annexation were the northern territories, which quietly declared independence as the nation of Minsk in the early days of the war, as well as the re-established Temporal Isles in Northlandia, which were lost in the war.

Icarian Independence

On August 5th, 2023, Icarus amicably seceded from Mercutio, retaining the majority of its previous land in the split.[7] On August 30th, 2023, Icarus became a state of Icenia.[8]

Red Rock Pact

On December 23rd, 2023, Mercutio and Icenia signed the Red Rock Pact, which ceded a portion of Icenian land to Mercutio, which Mercutio named the Red Rock Territory[9]. The settlement of Nightshade is set to be located in the mesa.

International Sports


Mercutio was an avid participant in the Nara-Danzilona Olympics, taking part in many of the events both as individual athletes and as a team. The nation famously made its hockey debut against the host country of Nara, with an incredibly intense and hard fought game ending in a score of 15-0. By the end of the event, Mercutio successfully achieved its goal of making it to the medal table, with SonicFrost taking home a gold in the Chess event, which drew the tournament's highest viewership.[10]

International Hockey League

Mercutio fielded a team for the IHL named the Malina Mandarins which, as of February 2024, is 1-2. Players for the Malina Mandarins included SonicFrost, Favbot, Phobitica, Drekamor, and Sdorr.

IHL 2023 Malina Mandarins
Game Matchup Result
1 Malina Mandarins vs. Vinland Vikings W
2 Malina Mandarins vs. Shiro Tigers L
3 Malina Mandarins vs. Vinland Vikings L