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SwordMaster's current skin
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Current Citizenships Nara
Known ForCiv Political Compass
Past Citizenships Caledonia
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Iterations played onCivClassic
Devoted Hell

SwordMaster is a player that first joined CivClassic and has been playing for a few years since. He has dabbled in many of the arts of Civ servers, among them being: building, memecraft, map making and political commentary. He is currently the leader of Nara on CivMC.




SwordMaster joined CivClassic in December 2018 after seeing an ad about on r/worldbuilding. Despite having many possible options at this time, he decided to go out on his own, only stopping in Mount Augusta to use their free birch tree farms and get a little bit of food. After looking at the server map, he found some free Mushroom Islands in the deep ++, and settled a tiny island at 9700,7800. While sailing to his island, he stopped at 7777,7777 and built a small monument there with some of the rarer materials he had gathered.

For several months, he built up this small island, making farms for oak and birch trees, and making an aesthetically pleasing ocean wheat farm for trading. The trees grew every half a day, and the wheat took about 30 hours, which was enough for the needs of one person. He also dug out a giant pit at bedrock the size of the island in which he farmed mushrooms in. The mooshrooms of the island provided an eternal source of food eschewing the need for any other sustenance, and the mushroom biome prevented hostile mobs from spawning, leading to a tranquil and overall bountiful existence.

A small stone brick fortress was built with a variety of factories built from supplies from farming and mining. 2 silk touch books were found in mineshafts, and with an emerald obtained from cracking fossils, SwordMaster was able to silk touch diamond ore and properly smelt it. This lead to a small stockpile of wealth that was stored in haybales in an underground ravine. The ore smelter that was built here was among SwordMaster's proudest achievements at the time.

He would chat in global, but didn't interact much with anybody besides that, except for that one time he happened upon an underground Caledonian farm on a nextdoor nether island, messaging Wingzero54 to communicate he meant no harm. SwordMaster also visited the Brotherhood of Steel and even set foot in Mir and lived to tell the tale. It was on one of these trips that he set out to give a blaze rod to a newer player for brewing, in which he ran out of food after running around Verda trying to meet the player. Realizing he had almost no food, he wandered to Caledonia asking for food, remembering Hockey328 messaged him before to tell him that Caledonia was welcoming if he ever wanted to join. He decided to build a house here, ending his time as a hermit.



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