Four Continent Concordat

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The Four Continent Concordat, abbreviated as the FCC or just The Concordat was a military and economic alliance on CivMC between the Imperial Federation, Pavia, the Pridelands (IF). The FCC is dissolved on January 20, 2023 after Pavia's departure to reform alliance from multi-national alliance into an direct alliance between the Imperial Federation and Pavia.

Four Continent Concordat
Governing documentThe Four Continent Concordant
• Permanent Secratary
Foundation date15 October 2022

Parts of Treaty

  1. An attack against one member of the alliance is an attack against all members of the alliance
    1. Attacking includes:
      1. Griefing or destruction of property in a member-state
      2. Unlawful slaying of a member-state citizen
      3. Stealing from a member-state or a member-state citizen
      4. War against a member-state
  2. The nations of the Concordat will support shared military infrastructure and a shared military response network to swiftly respond to any external threats.
  3. The nations of the Concordat will work to establish a common trade area, support alliance-wide infrastructure projects and resource-sharing.
  4. The nations of the Concordat may be called to war in the event of an attack on a member-state or one of its citizens, or may call an offensive war as part of the alliance if all Concordat nations support this measure through their respective governments.
  5. The citizens of the Concordat shall elect a Permanent Secretary to represent the alliance internationally and co-ordinate alliance-wide planning