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Map of nation claims within Alenarith
Map of nation claims within Alenarith
Alenarith is a geographical region on CivMC referred to as a "continent", located in the +,+ quadrant of the map. It is one of the six large continents on CivMC, and is the third largest continent, composing 16% of the server's total land area.

Alenarith is densely populated, and was heavily settled by various groups on the first day of CivMC. As of June 17 2022, the continent is completely claimed, with no land remaining unoccupied.
The name "Alenarith" was chosen by the Southeastern Continent Naming Convention, which was attended by representatives from 10 continental nations, via a democratic vote among nation leaders.

List of Nations

Active Nations
Name of nation/territory Other names Capital Form of Government Head of Government Alliance
Mount Augusta (CivClassic 2.0) Mount Augusta MtA Mount Augusta Semi-Direct Democracy ComradeNick None
 Zatoka Zakota Zatoka Oligrachy Stonebroke COMRADES
DoomCityFlag1.png Doom City Laconia, Mt. Doom Doom City Semi-Democratic Council ShadySauce, FRESH_candy, BuckyHD None
Cortesia Del Mar Cortesia Del Mar CDM ? Unitary Representative Republic IceCarim March Pact
 Calw BurkinTown ? ? Agentburkin None
Eddie Murphy (CivMC) Eddie Murphy EM3 Eddie Murphy Monarchy SoggyBreadstick Arsenio Pact
 Crystalis Ceviers-Marieme Constitutional Monarchy oko Arsenio Pact
 Deriykosa Sentan ? Direct AP Control Alecsien Arsenio Pact
Aldenfult Aldenfult Direct AP Control Iln'jal Arsenio Pact
 Dalgon ? Transitionary Oligrachy fredhun14 DNA
 Nara Shiroyama Feudalist Shogunate SwordMaster7777 DNA
FDRFlag2.png Free Danzilonan Republic Danzilona New Danzilona Semi-direct democracy N/A None
Melia Coventhia ? ? MrLlamma None
SymStead ? ? SymSquid None
 Gensokyo Tenseimiya Monarchy Topaz4293 None
 Holy Truidencian Empire Truidencia Nidaros Semi-Constitutional Monarchy Zeldronix None
Venne (CivMC) Venne Nova Venne ? ? Shadowvdark Meridiem Compact
 Wolken Castle Wolken Direct AP Control ? Arsenio Pact

Former and Inactive Nations

Name of nation Other names Capital Form of Government
Cordoba ? ?


A map of the major bodies of water within and surrounding Alenarith.
A map of the major bodies of water within and surrounding Alenarith.
Alenarith borders the Medi Sea along its eastern coast, the Stony Sea at its north, the Merediem Sea to its southwest, and the Leona Sea and Southern Sea to its west. The nearest continents are Deluvia to its west, the Middle Archipelago to its north, and the Eastern Continent to its east.


Alenarith's climate is that of temperate biomes in the north and cold biomes in the south. The northern area is known for vast grasslands, steppes, and plains, as well as dense forests, and steep mountain ranges. The south is known for dense spruce tundras, steep snowy peaks, and some small patches of taiga forests.

Bodies of Water

Gulf of Gensokyo

A large gulf and major waterway in southeastern Alenarith. It is surrounded by Gensokyo, Truidencia, Wolken, and Cortesia Del Mar's Querocia exclave. The Teo River and George Strait flow into it.

Danzilona Bay

The Danzilona Bay sits within the eastern Medi Sea, between Danzilona and the Eastern Shining Isles.

Leona Bay

A large bay along Dalgon's western coast that flows into the Leona Sea.

Murphia Falun

Sitting between Estalia's exclave, Crystalis, and Aldenfult is Murphia Falun, an almost fully-surrounded bay that feeds into the Southern Sea and Middle Ocean.

Lake Biwa

Lake Biwa[1] is an inland lake that borders Doom City, Nara, the Arsenio Pact, and Danzilona. It feeds into four rivers, the Ebi, Teo, and Beartooth.
A view across Lake Biwa from Noto Point, Nara.

Lake Suwa

An inland lake that borders Nara and Gensokyo that feeds multiple rivers.

Lake Isanagi

An inland lake in Gensokyo to the east of Lake Suwa that feeds into many major Gensokyo rivers, and is where the Ebi River flows into. It is east of Gensokyo's capital, Tenseimiya, which is situated between both Lake Suwa and Isanagi.

Silver Mountains

The Silver Mountains are a major mountain range, and the largest range in Alenarith. Named after the silver color that comes from its diorite deposits, the range stretches from southeastern Doom City, ventures south over West Danzilona and the Teo Caverns, then west over Nara and Dalgon, finally ending in southeast Crystalis.

View of the Mt Av-a-rest peak (centered) founded by Maester Logic, August 2022.

The highest summit of the mountain range is Mount 'Av-a-rest, at y195. The mountain lies within Nara's eastern Ebi territory.

The Silver Mountains within Dalgon are known as Farthen Dür.

Regional Names

While the majority of citizens and nations of the continent call their home Alenarith, there are those who use alternative names outside the naming convention in addition or exclusively. Noteable users of alternative names is the nation of Truidencia who uses the name "kova" as their official name for the continent. The name is derived from the word "Chuowa" which originates and is used in Gensokyo, but which has also been used by citizens of Danzilona on occasion. A line of railway bears the name.

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