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Gregy165 is a civ player. He is generally considered justice focused and has a history of pearling raiders. He has been a member of Volterra (Civcraft 2.0), Irithyll (Devoted 3.0), Mir (CivClassic) and Estalia (CivMC).


Gregy165 found a new Minecraft server at the age of 11, this was called Civcraft and the version was 2.0. There he raided a chest in Iria for 2 gold ingots before being pearled and released.

Gregy165 and friends went on to create some of the nicest cities in Civcraft 2.0 one of which was called Volterra. Gregy165 eventually left the newfriend age and built a ringed vault known as Nigeria. Nigeria was a 20 layer DRO 6-9 Ringed vault. The vault and city were used at the EOTW to defend against WP successfully until they retreated. Gregy165 pearled numerous WP[citation needed] and at one point ended up pearling another by knocking them into the vault hole from surface. Famously Gregy165 began to shit talk in global chat whilst holding the pearl resulting in he himself being pearled whilst typing. Jakemesiter69 felt he could 1v1 the Volterran Overlords and suffered a mighty defeat as he was caught in the river. This is the first time Mir recognized the power of Volterra.

Gregy165 then went on to other early civ servers, Devoted, CIVEX, at one point decimating an iteration of Devoted 2.0. Gregy165 led Irithyll and had a vault named dragonstone. Eventually ending up with over 50 player pearls and the strongest vault on the server. Some wars were known as the great Chanadian Invasion, The Coni-Land War, Big Dogs Hunt, Ruin War. All of which were won by gregy165 and co.[citation needed] The Mirians sought refuge with the proud Irithyllians and decided to merge into the eventually Mir 2.0 we see today with some people like Coni that would eventually be sought to recruit for her accent.

CivClassic 2.0 came out and eventually the Somber War happened, Gregy165 and friends fought against Lexington and Anguish and ultimately winning with only 1 casualty, The_old_Knight(To which nobody knows who he is), Gregy165 has then been involved in defensive operations against raiders and helping nations with his bully hunter service. After the Somber war it was decided that Mir would need two mega vaults incase the first one was ever broken and thus Wakanda was formed. Wakanda is a 12 ringed vault, built as a backup by Gregy165.


Gregy165 now remains a prominent Mirian holding a council position as Minister of Magic.[1]

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