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The official flag of the ACRI
Irkhah, the capitol of the ACRI as of June 21st, 2022
Location-3550, 1450
Capital cityIrkhah

The Anarcho-Capitalist Region of Independence, (commonly abbreviated to ACRI, colloquially 'Acri" (pronounced 'a-kree'), on Claims Map #6 as Ancapistan), was a nation created by PanzrV. It followed the ideology of Anarcho-Capitalism, in which every individual is free to own and/or pursue their own dreams and business ventures, free from government restriction or intervention. The ACRI lands were found on the Western Continent, in the southwestern quadrant, between Afreeka, Zatoka, and the KOEL.[1] The capitol, Irkhah, is located at -3535, 1450. The lands of ACRI are currently (as of January 2024) controlled by The Commonwealth. ACRI was a state observer of the Non-Aligned Movement.[2]