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The Aristocratic Bureaucracy of Myra
Flag Of Myra
Wartime Flag of Myra
Activity levelInactive (as of September 10th, 2022)
Capital cityCyrus
National Colors
GovernmentAristocratic Bureaucracy
Governing documentTBD
• Head of State
• Ministers
Foundation dateMay 6th, 2022

The Aristocratic Bureaucracy of Myra, or simply Myra was a nation created in anticipation of the launch of CivMC, created and organized by AvaniSpades. Myra was an aristocratic bureaucracy with a focus on building and economic advancement. It planned to cater towards a newfriend-friendly play style, serving as a place for newfriends to learn more about Civ and its mechanisms. At the start of the world, Myra planned to work on establishing their capital city Cyrus in a mesa biome, along with the recruitment of new players, serving as their first home on civ. However the sole citizen of Myra, AvaniSpades, quit in mid-August, sinking the nation into complete inactivity.

The nation was annexed by the Imperial Federation on 2 October 2022 after repeated attempts to reach out to AvaniSpades to negotiate Myra's ascension into the federation.


The name Myra was chosen after being suggested to the nation's founder, and used as a placeholder until it caught on and was adopted as the official name of the nation. The name of the nation's capital city Cyrus was chosen due to the name meaning sun in Persia, and after Cyrus the Great, the founder of the real world Achaemenid Empire.

Government and Politics

The government consists of a Head of State, along with 5 Council Members[1]. Each Council Member will fulfill a specific role, which is the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Military, Minister of Internal Affairs, Minister of Infrastructure, and the Minister of Justice. The Head of State assumes the right to fulfill any and all Minister positions, should there be a demonstrated need to do so.


Similar to the practice of Sabaism popularized by South Arbians (Sabaeans), Myrians center their worship around spiritual entities. Through the practice of astrotheology[2], their culture revolves around the worship of the cosmos, viewing the sun and moon as deities, who watch over all who inhabit the Earth, keeping it in balance. As the sun is viewed as a symbol of good luck, fortune and spirituality, many rituals and sacrifices are made in attempts to appease the sun deity, and quell the moon deity, which is a symbol of death, illness, and misfortune. As the sun rises, good fortune is brought along with warmth and light. The sun is viewed as a physical embodiment of the deity it represents, and when it sets, the deity’s protection over us recedes as well. As the moon rises, the Earth grows cold, dark, and uninhabitable. The moon is seen as the physical embodiment of death, sickness, and mortal ailments. It serves as a yin and yang, the interconnected duality of night and day, as one can not be observed without the existence of the other.

Notable Citizens


Foreign Relations

Myra is apart of the International League of Assistance , and has a direct alliance with the Kingdom of ErrorL.

Foreign Relations
Nations Status Date
The Church of Coppron Allied May 24, 2022
The Collective Allied May 20, 2022
Cooperative Commonwealth of the Tenants' Toil Allied May 21, 2022
Knights of Lawton Allied May 20, 2022
The Kingdom of ErrorL Allied May 18, 2022
境界の西部共和国 (People's Republic of the Western Boundary) Allied May 21, 2022
The Potistani Host Allied June 1, 2022
Sovia Allied May 31, 2022