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Concordat Organization for Military Reinforcement and Aligned Development for Elite States
World map showing Pact member-states
Formation15th April 2022
TypeMilitary/Economic Alliance
HeadquartersSovia City
Governing documentThe COMRADES Charter (WIP)
• Currency
FunkoCoin (alongside national currencies)

The Concordat Organization for Military Reinforcement and Aligned Development for Exceptional States, or COMRADES, was an alliance on CivMC between the nations of Sovia, Krohil, Ila'Kyavul, Mercury, Rusviet, and Icarus. It was established on April 15th, 2022, in preparation for the launch of CivMC. Its purpose was to increase economic and military cooperation and development between its members and to help nations develop. The lineup of nations before the server started also included Chungus and The Collective, however both were either dissolved or moved to other alliances before the server started. On 22nd May 2022, Rhode Island joined the alliance. On 5th June, 2022, Zatoka joined the alliance. On June 9th, Icarus left COMRADES after the events of the Western Jungle War, in which Icarus fought the nation of Blockchainistan, who was diplomatically supported by Rhode Island.

Soon after the start of the server, Rhode Island left COMRADES due to internal disagreements, while Sovia joined ILA. With activity dwindling in the member nations across the summer, the organization was declared defunct in August 2022.