New Swisston

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New Swisston
NS, NewSwiss
Flag of New Swisston
Flag of New Swisston
Map of New Swisston
Location1832, 8768
Activity level~6 total citizens, ~2 active weekly
• Provincia Consul
Foundation dateFounded in May 2022,
Charter ratified Sept 14, 2022
Foundation documentNew Swisston Charter
National SportHockey
DiscordDM Lowtuff#7501 for access

New Swisston, named after 2.0's Swisston, is a Danzilonan territory located in the southwestern Alenarith antarctic. It borders Venne and Mount Augusta's arctic territory to the west, Dalgon to its east, and Cortesia Del Mar's Ice Shelf to its south. New Swisston’s charter was ratified on Sept 14, 2022[1], with lone22wolf being chosen as its Provincia Consul[2].

Ranubic Holy City of New Swisston

New Swisston’s only settlement lies nestled within the western valley. The town is home to medium density housing and an ice hockey rink within the lower valley, and low density housing and the Swisston Tower along the highlands[3]. There are plans to build a large ice hockey arena for the New Danzilona Hockey League, as well as a Ranubist Temple. Throughout northeastern NS lie vast sweet berry, potato, beetroot, and pumpkin farms— the main exports for the territory.

view of Swisston Station
view of Swisston Station

Swisston Station, the second to last stop on the Colonial Express (ColEx), is also located within New Swisston. The ColEx is an essential rail line that connects mainland Danzilona to its territory. The line also provides essential connections from Venne to the Copper Line.


New Swisston is entirely covered in snow and tundra. The land is steep and mountainous, with various ranges cutting throughout the land. Rivers and lakes are completely frozen, making all travel to and from New Swisston rail-based. Danzilona's Park Commission, through the power of the Church of Ranubis, is tasked with conserving the vast spruce forests of New Swisston, and thanks to the Lorax Act[4], great Spruce trees are protected from illegal logging.

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