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Titan Industries
Key PeopleNaglafer


Number of Employees~30
ProductsXP/XP Materials

Enchanted Tools
Enchanted Weapons & Armor

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Titan Industries is a notable industrial conglomerate selling prot, tools, and other high-end goods run primarily by Naglafer. It was located in Hyperion, Icenia on CivClassic. On CivMC, Titan Industries operation is run by the executive team and core shareholders and currently has an invite-only citizenship process. Titan Industries is not related to the nation Titan from CivCraft 2.0.

History of Titan Industries


Early Beginnings

The founder of Titan Industries was Naglafer, who got started playing CivClassics in 2020 as an industrious-minded player in Pacem. Significant fatigue had set in on the server post Infinity War, and many major protection IV armor vendors such as Sventhar and Shapha had stopped playing. Naglafer decided to take advantage of this and enter the industry. He decided to move to Icenia with a close friend from Pacem called Bi0nic Renegade due to their booming activity. During this time, Naglafer, Charlieseeese, and PacGaming were able to also secrete significant wealth from the ruins of the recently quit Mount Augusta, which gave Titan Industries a strong base to work out of.

Founding of the Hyperion Region

Naglafer immediately became a prominent player in Icenia, becoming their Minister of the Interior. Naglafer and Bi0nicRenegade chose to build in a remote region within Icenia which would later become known as Hyperion. The first build in Hyperion was a small hut as well as a bunker which Naglafer was able to begin operations out of.

Growth and Expansion

Titan Industries began to grow significantly beyond the initial team of Bi0nicRenegade and Naglafer. Initially, Naglafer worked closely with more established Icenian industry giants such as Enforcer15 and Adeadhead in order to produce the XP that was used in order to produce Titan Industries products. During this time, a number of obsidian spawners were found in a small area which allowed Naglafer to produce XP at competitive levels to the rest of the industry. It was at this time that the famed phrase "The Obsidian Cannot Be Stopped" became a commonplace phrase in Hyperion chat groups. At this time, more players joined Titan Industries such as Bloom Shadowleader Gamer Time69, ex-leader of Carbon Bonkill, and other members such as TTastic, FemboyKaiUwU, and Patar15. This quickly turned Titan Industries into a globally renowned production complex. At this point, an intensive digging process involved trenching the entire complex as well as excavating the sites of the multiple bunkers and vault in the Hyperion Complex. A massive portal farm was also constructed which generated massive amounts of rotten flesh and wither skulls, which were used to produce mass quantities of beacons which were also sold by Titan. By this point, Hyperion had become a massive forward operating base for any Icenian military-related matters in the deep -,- and was mostly autonomous from Icenia with its day-to-day operations. A photo of the modern Hyperion complex can be seen below.


Elysium and CivRevolution Era

After the closing of CivClassics, a new server called CivRevolution became the primary destination for players searching for a temporary destination. Players NEBULANDD and Mokotowskie decided to form a new nation called Elysium on this server. Shortly after, Truck_Man1234 joined this nation who recruited JuniorTide and Naglafer. They brought in other friends who became the core of Elysium. Elysium was a hive mind nation who focused on internal production of Prot IV armor and XP. Early on, they were brutally raided by Savaguard after supplying another nation called FEC with prot to pearl KyleRittenhouse, a notorious raider on the server. At this point, Elysium no longer felt safe in their current location and decided to move across the map and go into hiding. At first, they lived fully underground but as time passed they began rebuilding their xp infrastructure far away from their main base. At this point, members of FEC who had also been attacked by Savaguard moved to Elysium to assist with rebuilding. It was here that IMC citizens first became friendly with the former citizenry of Titan Industries. Elysium quickly built up a 1 ring skybunker, then moved to world border to construct a mid sized 4 ring vault dubbed "Tartarus". Finally, the former Savaguardians who had been raiding all across the map came upon Elysium XP infrastructure and launched a full assault on Titan's skybunker. Despite being heavily outnumbered in a 4v10, Elysium held strong in their pot bunker while more reinforcements steadily arrived. They were able to drain their enemies pots and slowly rack up pearls despite the odds being stacked against them. The main vault still had yet to be discovered so Elysium quietly worked to get it fully operational. It was then discovered that the former Savaguardians had discovered the world seed and were using it to X-Ray for ores due to their being vanilla ore generation on CivRevolution. This was how they'd mined the emeralds to fund their prot despite not having any infrastructure. Elysium still chose to hold firm in the zoomers' assault, and after many days the zoomers gave up due to running out of pot materials and having lost too many fighters. This server was a great way for Titan Citizens to gain more experience and helped build the relations which led to the formation of Titan Industries on CivClassics.


Formation of Titan Industries on CivMC

Titan Industries took shape in the form of a combined IMC, Elysium and other miscellaneous Titan Industries members, leading to two distinct cultures; IMC and Elyisian culture. Merging the two groups was a very arduous task due to the polar differences between the two, but both sides were good friends with each other and made a good faith effort to make it work eventually for the sake of friendship, power and wealth creation. Infrastructure was quick to set up and Titan Industries was the third nation to get a Bastion Factory and Advanced Cauldron behind Estalia and Rhode Island in early June.

Involvement in the Estalia-Rhode Island War

Titan Industries would become involved in the Generic War due to various incidents involving the Rhode Islanders. The events leading up to it including JuniorTide and TkonicRabid being killed chasing Vah in Rhode Island territory, Wilson being pearled outside of Rhode Island territory due to his proximity to NEBULANDD who was buzzing Rhode Island Infrastructure. Following this, with both Titan Industries diplomats Juniortide and Gamer_Time69 on vacation and unable to calm down the situation, Gwua would escalate the situation to full involvement in the Estalia-Rhode Island War. Upon return from their respective hiatus, the diplomats of Titan Industries would attempt to deescalate with GeneralThomas4 of Rhode Island. However following the advent of Vahs participation in the Rhode Island Skybridge Defense and the unwillingness of Rhode Island to pay reparations and a smug attitude in diplomatic talks, the negotiations would break down.




On CivClassics the main Titan Industries base of operations was the Hyperion district. This was an autonomous region within Icenia located just northeast of the main city center. One major landmark is the Hyperion Vault, a midsized 8 ring vault with beefy sky defenses and a giant beacon pyramid. Another important build within this region was Hyperion's giant portal farm, which was one of the top producing farms on the server.

Another important Titan Industries controlled region was Arsenio, formerly Eddie Murphy land. After the Collapse of Eddie Murphy, vault groups were transferred to Naglafer by Oko. Naglafer spent the next few months redesigning and renovating the incomplete vault with the finished product being known as Prometheus. Prometheus was a small 4 ring vault in the +,- and was considered a potential military base for Icenians hunting alt raiders who had a history of disappearing into the less developed parts of the map.


Titan Industries settled deep in the +- on CivMC in an attempt to escape the petty drama and disputes occurring on the other side of the map. Due to Titan's relatively large claims, there is a large diversity of geography in Titan. The main town of Titan Industries is called Titan City, and primarily serves as the residence of citizens. This city is in the northern part of claims. The southern part of claims is currently restricted to the public due to the high density of farms and defensive infrastructure in the region.