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One of the Twin Towers from afar

Yggdrasil is a young nation which peacefully transitioned from the independent state of Ansgar and the nation of Solaria on 21 June 2020.

It is comprised of former citizens of both Savaguard and Norlund.

Kingdom of Yggdrasil
LocationSouth-East of Norlund
Activity levelHigh
Capital cityNew York City
SettlementsElsewyr, Tombstone, New York City, Norvansgard, Vlaardingen, Xiangmu, Volstad
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King
• Queen
Foundation date21 June 2020
Preceded byAnsgar Solaria


Yggdrasil contains a number of towns concentrated in the north east of the map.

The former land of Ansgar to the north is cold and barren. The Viking Longhouse and a few other buildings make up Norvansgard. East is the area of Amerssingen, a huge whale skeleton and the Tweetabarrel at the coast. Following said coast towards Norlund's Palaisance you will find the reclaimed land of Vlaardingen and the polders, complete with its lethal canal. A few transport links take Norvansgard residents out of the old towns to modern Yggdrasil, formed on the virile plains of old eastern Solaria, itself formerly a Savaguard state. This land is valuable farmland and also, being flat, very easy to build on. The main power source of the Kingdom resides here, and was dug by many of its citizens over several weeks.

Illyria to the west makes up the rest of the Yggdrasil claims, alongside the land of Nilfheim, owned by Solitaire7, near Yamato.

Notable Players

Yggdrasil's King:

Yggdrasil's King's Council:



Joseph joined Norlund in April 2020 under the reign of King Terry, Joseph was employed as a colonist to the recently released Thomas Archipilego.

Shamus, Mirakles and Sir Grettir joined as the Vikings of Ansgar shortly afterward, forming the Norlundic canton of Norvansgard.

Shamus rose to become King of all of Norlund following an election. However, events transpired regarding a slow growth of animosity between Norvansgard and the rest of Norlund, and eventually the hugely controversial pearling of RainofPain125 this led Shamus' new group to declare independence from Norlund. Tweet and Joseph ended up joining Ansgar, despite not being as ingrained in the group as the original Vikings.

For more information on this period see The Secession of Ansgar.

The Secession of Ansgar resulted in Ansgar annexing Amerssingen, Tereyska in the Thomas Archipelago and the Canton of Norvansgard.


GraveKeepersGod then offered the new state land as the friendship between his former Savaguardian group, Solaria and the Ansgar Vikings developed. A long lasting friendship between Jarl Shamus and GraveKeepersGod pushed forward ideas of merging Ansgar and Solaria into a new nation.

Due to a series of name contestments, the Vikings elected to reform as the new state of Yggdrasil, the life tree of myths and legends.

It was then also decided that the new state would join the Carbon alliance.

They hoped that the new state would represent a more mature state, willing to let go of all the pain and anger of the past and seek a new peace.

The fertile and virgin land of Solaria was relatively undeveloped compared to Ansgar, and so many of Shamus' Vikings relocated south to embark on building projects of their own. Sir__Grettir began work on the Elven City of Elsweyr, Joseph began work on the World Trade Centre (which would eventually morph into New York City), while Tweetabix began work on the Viking Modular town.


In July, King Gray decided to leave the Carbon alliance although remains amicable with Carbon leadership; and Yggdrasil merged with the Savaguard breakaway state of Illyria - headed by Motown.

The original Valkyrie Council of Ansgar gave way to a new King's Council elected by Gray, although Valkyries retained much of their former privileges. The King's Council represents more of the nations that joined as well as the Vikings.

Yoslan of Norlund finally broke away the same week and became a protectorate of Yggdrasil. Although Yoslan remains independent many of their citizens have also opted for dual citizenship, Flameoguy and Antea have even become members of the King's Council.

Elven city Elsewyr began construction.

Reign of GraveKeepersGod

The Reign of GraveKeepersGod was the longest reign of a single King in Yggdrasil's history so far, his reign was marked with numerous great steps for Yggdrasil, such as the appointing of the first King's Council and the first ever independent Exp run of Yggdrasil. While Yggdrasil initially began as a Carbon state, Yggdrasil shifted to be less aligned with Carbon and more friendly with Blackwater.

During Grave's leadership, the merge between Yggdrasil and Illyria was finalised.

The Reign of Grave ended due to the Norlund Bush War, the invasion of Norlund caused Yggdrasil much guilt and sadness over their deeds, which led to Grave abdicating his position, moving on his leadership to Sir__Grettir, on the 20th July 2020, having reigned for an entire month.

Reign of Sir__Grettir

Becoming King of Yggdrasil on the 20th July, Sir__Grettir's reign may be best remembered for de-escalating the Norlund Bush War, and helping to reach a ceasefire with Norlund, and helping to finalise the Second Kannin Treaty. Sir__Grettir's reign saw many governmental shifts in Yggdrasil, such as recruiting more people into the council, the finalisation of New York City as the capital of Yggdrasil. Sir__Grettir also decided to take Yggdrasil in the direction of being isolationist and neutral in world conflicts. The new exp system was approved of by Sir__Grettir, and this exp system has developed to be a huge point of pride for Yggdrasil. Sir__Grettir was coronated alongside Pope Leobonet of Norlund on the 26th July, a huge gesture of peace for two nations which were at war just 6 days prior. On the 1st of August Sir__Grettir abdicated citing a loss of personal enjoyment

Reign of Joseph145614

Becoming King on the 1st of August, Joseph is the third and current King of Yggdrasil, under his reign, the Second Kannin Treaty was ratified and publicised, alongside the NDP.