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Northlandia is a geographical region on CivMC referred to as a "continent", mostly located in the -,- quadrant of the map with some outlying islands, and composing chiefly of cold snowy biomes. The Northlandic Ocean stretches to the Western coast of Impendia while the Northlandic Sea stretches to the Western Continent.


Northlandia is predominately made up of cold icy biomes, made up of vast mountainous and inhospitable snow plains, it does however in the southern coastal areas have more fertile and temperate biomes.

The Northlandic Ocean is to the East of Northlandia and the Northlandic Sea ("Sneed Sea" to Western Continent friends) to the South West.

Within Northlandia is the polar North Pole, which is a popular destination for explorers who leave messages next to an explorers shack for those who are brave enough to make the polar expedition. Nearby the north pole is a polar village which is home to S4NTA and St Nicks workshop.


Northlandia is a region primarily composed of sovereign nations, along with several dependent territories that are controlled by other nations, situated in the southern part of the continent. It has been the theatre of numerous military conflicts, most notably the Finite War and a special military operation know as the Battle of Waterbourne.

Warden of Northlandia

Princess Bow of the Royal House of Winterbourne at the start of the world by proclamation* of The Tree was made Warden of the entire continent of Northlandia. This has been uncontested likely owing to her neutral status, non-interference and honour of others rights to be sovereign nations on the continent.

*"By proclamation of The God's of the Olde Forest, she [Princess Bow] is the rightful sovereign warden of the continent of Northlandia, to which the sovereign upholds through virtue of consent to allow nations governing their claims independently so long as the Monarch see's fit eternal."


The Battle of Waterbourne

The Battle of Waterbourne was conducted in the Northlandic Ocean as a military operation initiated by Icenia and coordinated by the SEC, along with other non-SEC nations, most notably Yoahtl. The objective was to counter a group known as Kibblestan, which had established an island base in the Northlandic Ocean, off the coast of Winterbourne.

Northlandia Discord

The Northlandia discord is a neutral non-political forum representing all nations on Northlandia.

Nation roles are awarded to all nations on request from the admins, established leaders of a sovereign nation on Northlandia are encouraged to request administration rights to the forum.

Join the Northlandia Discord Link


Active Nations (As of Jan 10th, 2024)
Name of nation/territory Other names Capital Form of Government Head of Government Alliance
Nassau Pyrate Republic of Nassau Nassau Pirate Republic Deserve_ MDSC
Winterbourne The Royal House of Winterbourne Winterbourne Castle Kingdom (Absolute Monarchy) Princess_Bow None (Internationally Recognised Neutral State)
Nations located partially in Northlandia
Country Name Name of Region (if applicable) Area Occupied
Butternut County Enclave Island West of New Temporal Isles
Icarus New Temporal Isles Former Temporal Isles.
Icenia N/A Southwesternmost island group; westernmost penninsula (under Petrichor).

Former and Inactive Nations

Name of nation Leader Form of Government Reason for Dissolution
Aratel UteisGod Unknown Inactivity; annexed by Temporal Isles.
Bagalor Unknown Unknown Inactivity
Benton FlippotheHippo Unknown Inactivity; land currently claimed by Nassau.
Boreal Federation Elethant Unknown Joined Temporal Isles.
Gazebo Inactivity
Hurtsey jeeper3 Lottocratic Republic Land ceded to Temporal Isles.
Knights of Lawton RedxMedic Unknown Dissolved by leader due to him quitting.
Lethe WorldSculptor Unknown Inactivity; later overclaimed by DonFuer.
Neubergburg Zelmisburg Burgraviate (Absolute Monarchy) Zelmisburg ascended to the other place at the North Pole.
Ocala Ibisman Unknown Destroyed by Arnen; later overclaimed by DonFuer.
Osna WellbyTheUnlucky Unknown Inactivity
Postmorphia "NotLektor" Unknown Unknown; now part of Nassau.
Reconstruction Era Flameoguy (de jure)

Antea (de facto)

1234fireball (de honore)

Constutional Monarchy Inactivity; later overclaimed by Warmia.
Temporal Isles PhysicsGamer (original)

Dr Bacon Hair (post-coup)

Consulate (Republic) Joined Icarus.
Zander bilzander Aristocracy Inactivity; land given to Nassau.

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