Bergburg–Fempire War

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Bergburg-Fempire Union War
DateJune 10th, 2022

Coalition Military Victory; Strategic Fempire Victory

  • All allies turn against Bergburg
  • Bergburg dissolved and absorbed into Cordoba
  • Reparations paid to Fempire
  • Zelmisburg exiled
Bergburg annexed by Cordoba; Fempire Union territorial integrity confirmed.

Kingdom of ErrorL KOEL (Switched sides)
 境界の西部共和国(Switched sides)
Supported by:

 Fempire Union Supported by:

Commanders and leaders

Bergburg Zelmisburg
Kingdom of ErrorL ErrorL
Kingdom of ErrorL Lurxo

境界の西部共和国 MrJoCrafter

Fempire Union Jindosh
Fempire Union SocialistSpectre

Fempire Union NoOneTruePunk

Bergburg 5
Kingdom of ErrorL 10-11

境界の西部共和国 1
Fempire Union 3
Casualties and losses
Zelmisburg declared Persona Non Grata by former allies and others Significant damage to primary bunker

The Bergburg-Fempire Union War was the second declared war fought on CivMC. It was fought between a coalition led by Bergburg including the Kingdom of ErrorL and Western Boundary against the Fempire Union.

After a land dispute involving a small island, Fempire members killing Zelmisburg by pushing him into the ocean while he was AFK, and Zelmisburg calling in his allies in support, the Fempire defenses were easily overrun by the numerically superior Coalition force, but due to double-dealing by Zelmisburg, involving telling his allies different things and attempting to continue the war despite a treaty being signed, the KOEL and Western Boundary turned on him, agreeing to help Fempire capture him. It wasn't the first time Zelmisburg had turned on his allies in such a way.