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Potato_Duke is a Lusitan citizen who just moved in from the Imperial Federation.

Potato Duke
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known For
  • Building jungle tree, sugarcane and mushroom farm
  • Extensive railway construction
  • Philanthropy
  • Excessive roleplaying
  • Ice road construction
  • Advocating for centralization
Main ResidenceCastelmonte di San Pietro, Lusitania
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivMC
Iterations played onCivMC

Positions Held in Imperial Federation

  • Crown Steward
  • High judge
  • Judge of the imperial federation
  • Senator of ALX
  • Member of Council of Imperia
  • Infrastructure Advisor
  • Chief of the Capital Development
  • Vice-president of Deluvian National Party


Upon joining the Imperial Federation, Potato_Duke began their journey as a newfriend, initially inexperienced and unfamiliar with the mechanics of the CivMC. They settled in the now-defunct region of Myra, a frigid wasteland covered in snow and devoid of trees. During their time in Myra, Potato_Duke focused on constructing small farms for potatoes, pumpkins, and berries along the coastline.

Settlement in Myra

Notable events in Myra included a territorial treaty with Khione, granting the northwest peninsula to Khione and leaving resource-rich caves under the control of Icarus. Difficulties arose when animals in the area refused to breed, prompting the intervention of the Imperial government, which determined that the animal pens were too small.

Potato_Duke's stay in Myra also marked the construction of the very first railway in the region, a noteworthy achievement considering the use of stone and iron pickaxes for this large-scale project. As they became more comfortable in their surroundings, Potato_Duke gained a reputation as an active player who frequently engaged in discussions in the Imperial Federation.

Positions of Power and Contributions

Their first position of power came as the inaugural Crown Steward, appointed by King Jalhf. This role bestowed diplomatic immunity, participation in the coronation of the king, and a voice in the King's Privy Council. Subsequently, Potato_Duke was elected as a judge, presiding over the case involving Binchymonkey and his bombing adventure. Renowned for their independence and impartiality, Potato_Duke fearlessly voiced their opinions and acted according to their conscience.

Western Boundary Exploration

Taking a break from the IF, Potato_Duke briefly joined Laurentia but soon returned. This time, they settled in Western Boundary, a geographically distant state within the federation. Embracing the role of an explorer and conquistador, Potato_Duke ventured into untamed lands, exploring jungles, dark oak forests, and charting canyons. In Western Boundary, they constructed a massive jungle tree farm, sugarcane farm, mushroom farm, and had plans to develop a Spanish colonial town in the jungle region.

The period in Western Boundary proved challenging for the federation, as it sometimes felt isolated, with only the king and chancellor as active players. Despite the obstacles, Potato_Duke and the small team diligently worked to prevent the IF from crumbling while simultaneously developing the federation's infrastructure and economy.

Involvement in Imperia

Returning to Myra and later relocating to ALX, Potato_Duke became a senator representing the people of ALX. Their role involved providing materials for the state's development and faithfully representing ALX's interests in the senate. During their time as a senator, Potato_Duke initiated work on Imperia, the capital of the IF. They founded the Deluvian National Party, advocating for a more centralized government. In Imperia, Potato_Duke terraformed the area and constructed a fort named Petersfestung, commonly referred to as Pumpkin Fort due to its distinctive orange hue. A notable achievement was the establishment of a factory room housing various factories and an advanced smelter, accessible to all IF citizens.

During their endeavors in Imperia, Potato_Duke encountered HassDaMahn, a player who provided assistance with tools. In a display of generosity, Potato_Duke donated experience blocks and dimmie blocks to HassDaMahn's business, contributing to their subsequent rise as one of the most influential and wealthy individuals in the IF.

Acknowledging Potato_Duke's reputation for unbiased judgments, the senate unanimously elected them as the high judge, despite the controversy surrounding a senator holding the position. As time passed, Imperia evolved into an independent state, attracting the return of former players. For their contributions to Imperia's development, Potato_Duke was chosen as a member of the Council of Imperia, supplying resources and supporting the growth of the state's factory.

Final Chapter in Vermont

In the final chapter of their IF journey, Potato_Duke settled in the abandoned state of Vermont, a land brimming with potential. They embarked on building their own town called Edelweiss, while simultaneously engaging in role-playing activities with Vermont citizens. Notably, a nine-day civil war unfolded between the Republican South Vermont and the Communist North Vermont, led by Potato_Duke. The conflict culminated in a counterrevolution in North Vermont, toppling the communist government and resulting in the signing of the Treaty of Rutland.

As a parting gift to the IF, Potato_Duke undertook a monumental project: constructing an ice road spanning from Grenada to Western Boundary. Covering a distance of 6,300 blocks, the ice road enabled faster access to the farms in Western Boundary compared to the existing rail network. Upon completing this project in less than 48 hours[citation needed], Potato_Duke fulfilled their promise to themselves and bid farewell to the IF.

Their departure was driven by a sense of timing, recognizing that the IF was in capable hands, stable, and poised for further prosperity. With trust placed in the new generation of IF officials and newfound friends, Potato_Duke embraced the opportunity to embark on a fresh chapter of their life in the nation of Lusitania.

Moving to Lusitania

On the 20th of May 2023, Potato_Duke made the decision to depart from the Imperial Federation. Seeking assistance from a Metriximor, Potato_Duke requested aid in relocating a substantial amount of personal wealth and equipment via railway to the nation of Lusitania.

Upon their arrival in Lusitania, Potato_Duke took possession of the blue tiled house located in Lusitania's capital, Portucale. This residence served as a storage facility for the numerous packed items belonging to Potato_Duke. This temporary arrangement allowed for efficient organization and safekeeping of the aforementioned gear.

Subsequently, both individuals embarked on a shared exploration of the picturesque Portucale plains. During this venture, Potato_Duke started mining. However, it is worth noting that while away from the keyboard, Potato_Duke unfortunately succumbed to an attack from a hostile creature, resulting in their untimely demise.

Founding Castelmonte di San Pietro