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Impendia is a geographical region on CivMC referred to as a "continent", located in the +,- quadrant of the map and composing 8% of the server's total land area. It is one of the six large continents on CivMC, and hosts temperate biomes in the south and cold biomes in the north.
Impendia has been the subject of numerous claim conflicts, including between Bergburg and the Fempire Union, New Jersey and SPQR, and City of England and Resimere.
The name "Impendia" was chosen by the Impendian Assembly[1], which was attended by representatives from 14 continental nations.

List of Nations

Active Nations
Name of nation/territory Other names Capital Form of Government Head of Government Alliance
Amboise ? Republic EVDan, TheLostPickle None
Baile ? ? ? None
Bruma Cobra City Unitary Absolute Monarchy SRU Cobra Impendian Assembly
Cascadia Unitary Constitutional Monarchy Grumpywalnut96 Impendian Assembly
Church of Coppron ? Democratic Diaconate Beestang
 City of England ? Diarchy Blob, baghold Impendian Assembly
FlagOfCordoba.png Cordoba ? Republic ? Impendian Assembly
Dhakhala ? Agrarian Collectivism ? Impendian Assembly
Dirt ? ? HaKr_ Impendian Assembly
 Fempire Union Fempire ? Democratic Centralism Jindosh Impendian Assembly
Griffton ? Monarchy Redcell3524
Izordaern Rhadav-Kal Unitary Democratic Meritocracy The Council Impendian Assembly
 Jorvik ? Unitary Constitutional Monarchy Bjorn LaBlaze Elysian Pact, Impendian Assembly
Morado Akritia
New Jersey ? ? ComradeNick Impendian Assembly
 Resimere ? ? ? Impendian Assembly
SPQR ? ? Mark_Antony Elysian Pact,Impendian Assembly
Tvtopia ? ? tvman999 Impendian Assembly
Far North United Äggish Kingdom Far North ? ? IceBoy_Pingu Impendian Assembly
YnglandYngland Kinko Hive Mind Collectivist Theocratic Anarcho Diarchy Cat alunya,Tatdat Impendian Assembly

Former and Inactive Nations

Name of nation Other names Capital Form of Government
Avalon ? ?
Bagby ? Republic
Bergburg ? ?
 Icarus Blue Cove Semi-Presidential Republic

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