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Figasaur is a former player and channer who is best known for being the leader of the "Jewish Quarter". He is notable for being kicked out of Mount Augusta, and Icenia.

The Jewish Quarter

Fig's skin
Personal Info
Known For
  • Running the JQ
  • Entrepreneur
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The Jewish Quarter was a district within Mount Augusta run by Figasaur based around stereotypes of Jewish culture. This is notable because Figasaur himself is not a Jew (though he would tell you otherwise). After several court cases resulting from Figasaur and his fellow JQ members, the JQ in Mount Augusta was obby bombed and Fig was briefly pearled before moving to the then new nation of Icenia.

Fig, along with Rurik, would be important in developing the new nation of Icenia, laying down what would become the downtown of Icenia with the JQ. He would also be elected judge and had much say in the development of the early Icenian constitution and early Icenian culture, the effects of which are still seen today in some regard (Jah Day, Jah Park, 3 elected judge positions, septic tanks).

Fig would eventually lose power in Icenia and lose influence in Icenia once the UDF was formed under Vendetta, Truckman, and ChrisChrispie. Eventually he was kicked out of Icenia and pearled by Icenian deep state agents while attempting to build "Redditopia" near 0,0. He was released due to MtA's government collapsing and remains unpearled today, though he rarely logs on.

The truth

Figasaur, is in fact jewish, he's also a reformed jew. Known for also managing the only Synagoge (Lil telaviv synagoge) and Starbucks in Mount Augusta, also his business partner Cr0codile who co-managed the only apple store in MtA.


  • "I can't breathe.. in my logbox".