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Kingdom of Norlund
Imagine a Scandinavian flag, black cross, blue corners
Flag of Norlund
Imagine a Scandinavian flag, black cross, blue corners
Norlish Coat of Arms
Location -650, -10200
Activity level60 (at July 31st, 2020)
Capital cityKannin
CurrencyNorlundic Kran (1/16 Stamina)
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Monarch
• Prime Minister
• Federal Council
Elected by the citizenry

Norlund (/Nɔːrlʊnd/ or /Nəʊrlund/), officially the Kingdom of Norlund, is a sovereign country in the far northwest of the mainland of CivRealms. It is a constitutional monarchy, comprised of 10 cantons and 3 territories. The population of Norlund is not centered around any particular administrative division, with its citizens and residents spread across its several cities. Norlund is popularly known for its friendliness toward new players, its large population, its direct democracy, its good builds, and its many culturally diverse Cantons.


The King Terry dynastic era Norlund

While the exact date of Norlund's founding on Civrealms is unknown, it is one of the oldest nations on the server. Prior to CivRealms, Norlund has a storied past on servers such as CivEx, TheRealmsMC, and CivClassics. Its demographics and political system has changed throughout the years, but the constitutional monarchy and leadership of Terry III has been apart of the nation since the beginning.

Near the start of the server, Norlund was concentrated around its capital, Kannin, which was little more than a hamlet at the time. The foundations of the iconic Kannin Castle had been laid and there were only a few houses. However, Norlund quickly industrialized. Factories were built within the castle followed by public factories for use in Kannin. A general store was created and bronze and iron tools became a major export. Thanks to the dedication and cooperation of early Norls, mithril was first introduced into the economy around late November to early December 2019. The first international rail was also built around this time.

Shortly after the introduction of mithril, Kannin began to develop from a tiny hamlet into a quaint village. The area around the Kannin Peninsula developed into a dense urban center. Agriculture also became a mainstay of the economy as carrots became a significant part of the country's exports. New farms and agricultural outposts were developed all across the country. Iconic builds such as the Poppy, the pre-renovation Kannin castle and the first Christian churches were founded around this time.

The end of King Terry's reign came following a population explosion and the establishment of multiple new cities and municipalities. The COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent quarantine resulted in the server and Norlund gaining a massive boost to player activity. The population of Norlund exploded to over 50 active members spread across 7 cantons, 2 territories, and 9 towns and cities. Norlund quickly grew into one of the cultural, economic, and population centers of the world. However, as the country's rapid growth strained the government, real life obligations drew Terry and members of his government away from the game. The rapidly growing needs of Norlund's new population followed by the untimely loss of its leadership would later result in significant repercussions for the nation.

Kannin, the capital city of Norlund, October 2020.

The Talamh Uprising

In January 2020, the settlement of Talamh was founded as a small hamlet around Lake Vatican by former Wheatistanis to manage the farms in the area under a tribal government. Soon after, the citizens of Talamh began an insurrection, claiming they had migrated to the region to reclaim their ancient homeland. The uprising was quickly put down and the tribal inhabitants left for the IWW. In late January, Pope Leobonet founded the Vatican City on the island within the lake. In Early February, Talamh was refounded as Tallum and quickly modernized and converted to Norlish architecture by Knoxmoor, who would later become Prime Minister.

The Death of King Terry and Constitutional Crisis

On April 29th, 2020 King Terry III died peacefully in his sleep (note: had to leave the server due to IRL reasons), leaving a power vacuum that briefly left the nation confused and without leadership. Shortly after his parting was announced, the Constitutional Assembly was created in order to fix the issues caused by the power vacuum left by a king without an heir. Other former leaders had already left the server before Terry, such as Robm and Assjackets. Following the loss of Terry, Prime Minister Knoxmoor also announced that he would also be leaving the server. The near complete loss of governance threw Norlund into a state of crisis.

Over the next month, citizens from all over Norlund worked tirelessly through the Constitutional Assembly to draft a new Constitution for the nation. On May 18th, 2020 a new Constitution was finally ratified and the Kingdom of Norlund was reborn again. The new Constitution allowed for the election of the Prime Minister and Federal Council as well as a new monarch. King Shamus I became the first elected Monarch of Norlund.

The King's Crime

In early June 2020, a dispute arose between a controversial player named RainOfPain125 and the Norlish government. Rain had recently been forced out of the IWW after political disputes there resulted in his loss of power. He moved to the far north of Norlund and established a settlement called Paris, following a brief stay in YosLan. An argument broke out between Rain and King Shamus during a visit, which resulted in the king pearling Rain. The pearling divided the nation as arguments began about whether it was a legal and acceptable action. King Shamus and his supporters claimed that the pearling was due to Raine threatening to bounty the king. His detractors argued that Shamus pearled Rain to collect a bounty issued by another nation or to just simply remove an undesirable player from Norlund. While Rain was widely considered to be a controversial figure, his pearling raised concerns about the legal precedent established by the extrajudicial pearling of Norlish citizens. Charges were eventually pressed against King Shamus for his actions which directly led to the Ansgar Secession.

The Secession of Ansgar and the Double Claim of Kannin

On June 4th, in response to the charges brought against King Shamus during the Rain Incident; his home canton of Ansgar seceded. Along with Ansgar, the rebels also claimed other Norlish territory including the capital in Kannin. Worse still, as former monarch of Norlund, Shamus had been entrusted with many of the kingdom's namelayers. In order to avoid outright civil war, the Norlish government accepted the Ansgar rebellion but resisted attempts to also take Kannin. The Ansgar rebels claimed they had developed a significant amount of Kannin through the efforts of Sirboss and so it was deservedly theirs. The Norlish government held firm that Kannin was both the founding heart and political capital of the nation. After terse negotiations, the rebels agreed to give up their claims on Kannin and return the national namelayers. Following the recent loss of Terry and the struggles of the Ansgar Rebellion, discontent with the monarchy resulted in its temporary abolishment and the establishment of the short lived Republic of Norlund. Ansgar would go on to join the Kingdom of Yggdrasil and remain a point of contention between the two nations for some time.

The Secessions of Tawa and Yoslan

On July 7, 2020 the Canton of Tawa announced its intentions to secede from Norlund and join the Kingdom of Yggdrasil. The canton had erected an immense wall that surrounded it borders. However the walls soon fell under heavy criticism and demands for its removal from the rest of the nation leading to Tawa's decision to secede. Negotations began between the leaders of Tawa and the Norlish government which resulted in the 5 Demands of Tawa;


1st demand - a public statement of apology again from all those who have put forth slander against both me and the wall, I should not have to list names, instead like how easily it is to fall into mob mentality to agree to such slander, the mob of norlund should publicly call out such individuals and shame them.

2nd demand- More in-game contact, I understand we all have our own individuals lives to attend to, but I believe civ should be play on Minecraft and not discord. Interpret how you will.

3rd demand - More public programs put in place by both the government and private individuals, joining norlund should provide public benefits like any other nations, new citizens need something to gain from norlund for joining, not being put into a giant work in progress nation

4th demand- Civil discussion must be enforced much more so, slander and libel should not be tolerated whatsoever, and offending parties must be reminded of so, of course both are considered subjective and can be argued in court.

5th demand - The creation of the Norlund Social And Political Research Service, a group of neutral individuals loyal both to state and monarch that will ensure norlund stays on the righteous path, helping to conduct surveillance over all politicians, government officials, military officers, other professionals, businessmen, and general citizens.  As well as ensuring civil discussion/actions are always occurring in Norlund."

Norlund agreed to the Tawa's 5 demands and their secession was averted. However, their rebellion had consequences outside their canton. When Tawa announced their intentions to secede, the canton of Yoslan declared they would also be seeking independence. Negotiations took place between both Norlund, Tawa, and Yoslan. While Tawa ultimately areed to remain in Norlund, Yoslan went forward with secession and became the Tribal Republic of Yoslan.

The Restoration of Norlund

Following King Terry's death, Norlund fell into a period of decline scarred by political crises and stagnation. The early elected government established by the new constitution had failed accomplish much of note due to the Ansgar Rebellion. This was shortly followed by the secessions of Tawa and Yoslan. While these crises weakened the nation, they also paved the way for its resurgence. Rebellion and secession removed dissidents and shared hardship unified the Norls that remained. The election of the second Federal Council marked a return to positive change. As the second Federal Council consolidated the power of the federal government, they resumed long abandoned projects and started new ones to the betterment of Norlund. The nation's flag and national symbols were changed to better reflect the spirit of the nation. The nation's currency, the Kran, was re-issued with stamina backing and accounting to ensure its value.

The second Federal Council also undertook significant efforts to improve Norlund's military. The Norlish Guard, which had previously relied on the gear of its volunteers, was rearmed with proper protection IV armor sets and pvp swords. The rearmament was funded by donations raised from the cantons. The process of creating pvp quality gear for the Norlish guard also led to the establishment of the "Protect our Newfriends Program," an initiative in which armor unfit for the guard was given to new members. The Federal Rail and Horse Tunnel project was also resurrected with increased funding and public interest.

Having overcome its struggles, Norlund bounced back to achieve an era of productivity and renewed stability.

Kingsluund Colonisation Efforts

With the upcoming addition of a new shard to the server, Norlund set out to establish a colonial presence there. The Federal Council assembled the Norlundic Expeditionary Corps, which was tasked with locating, exploring, and colonizing the new world. As the new world's launch loomed, a player deduced what map it used based on screenshots shared by server staff. The early reveal of the map set off a frenzy of "crayon claims" resulting in the Berlin Conference, a meeting in which nations of the server pre-emptively divided up the new world among themselves before it even existed yet. Norlund was blocked from participating in the conference but managed to negotiate for a section of territory there anyways.

As the new world's launch loomed, the Norlundic Expeditionary Corps had 10+ volunteers and a plan created by Okx to find it. It involved a spiraling grid expanding out from the ocean of the main shard to ensure someone would run into the new shard. After hours of searching, Norl member Joadgr was the first to discover and set foot on the new world, which he named Kingsluund in the finest Norlish tradition. The remaining members of the expeditionary corps all arrived at the islands and began establishing a base at the colony they'd negotiated beforehand.

Hours after arriving and establishing their base, the Norlish colonists were attacked by members of Blackwater in a fight that ultimately ended in the Norlish bunker. Most Norlish colonists were captured, killed, or left stranded in the new world as the events following the attack proceeded. In the future, Norlund would learn the attack was made by Blackwater at the command of ComradeNick, who hired the mercenaries to remove the colonists from the land to take it for himself. He would later rename the lost colony "Fortuna."

The Invasion of Norlund

At 4:30 GMT on the 19th of July 2020, Norlund was invaded by the forces of Blackwater, with backing from Yggdrasil, starting the Northern War. At the direction of ComradeNick, Blackwater forces began an attack on mainland Norlund following their destruction of its colony. The aggressors ran across the country sacking towns, raiding, and attacking anyone who presented themsleves. A contingent of Yggdrasil fighters, most of whom were former Ansgar rebels, arrived to further support the invasion. Norlund, already reeling from the attack in the new world, was only able to offer limited resistance. At 10:00 GMT, the Norlundic Government issued a statement regarding the invasion:

The Events of the Invasion, and the Ceasefire

As the attack wore on, Norls still able to return and offer resistance began to coordinate their efforts. The resistance efforts led by the Federal Council struck at enemy combatants when the opportunity availed itself, tried to secure to valuables and property from theft while making it harder to raid, and worked to gain the assistance of the international community. The Norlish resistance efforts combined with growing international pressure eventually forced the invasion forces into a calling a ceasefire near the end of the day. Notably among these efforts were;

First, was the aggressive actions of Okx, who managed to take on one of the invasion forces top PVPers on a one vs one, and not only managed to temporarily trap them, but was able to continue forward as a one-man army.

Second, was the actions of the Federal Council. Namely Prime Minister Jacob Grox and King Leobonet who both led negotiations with the invaders, and the behind the scenes actions to garnish international support.

With these combined actions, Blackwater and Yggdrasil agreed to a temporary 48 hour ceasefire. Under the terms of the ceasefire, the invasion force withdrew and began unpearling prisoners they had taken in the attack.

Events of the Ceasefire

Following the ceasefire, Norlund struggled to reorganize itself amidst the chaos of the situation. The morale of many Norls was exceedingly grim. The nation had invested and lost a large amount of its wealth and military resources in the new world effort. Players and fighters were scattered across the new world and mainland. In order to cope with these issues, the government focused the time of the ceasefire on reorganizing and rearming. The Federal Council ordered everyone overseas to return home and put out a call for all Norls to gather resources for the military. All farms were declared temporarily public and mass harvests took place to generate experience. Notable figures among these efforts include TheGreatUniter, ArnasZakas, and CuntJesus. Propoganda and memes were also produced to sway public opinion and add social pressure to the upcoming negotiations.

Tense negotiations opened between Norlund, Blackwater, and Yggdrasil. Blackwater argued that as mercenaries, the responsibility for their actions fell on their contractor rather than themselves; a position Norlund reluctantly accepted. Talks with Yggdrasil yielded more significant results as they regretted their actions. GraveKeepersGod and ShamelessShamus stepped down from positions of leadership and expressed hope that the two countries could mend relations going forward.

A treaty was drafted between Yggdrasil, Blackwater and Norlund. The terms attested that all Yggdrasil held property still in Norlund would be turned over to the country in order to avoid future conflicts of interest over property. A vault that was close to the two nations' borders was rendered useless, foreign snitches and bastions were removed from Norlish territory, and Norlish colonization efforts would be honored by Blackwater as long as it didn't combat Blackwater's own colonization efforts. The treaty was signed in Tallum at a dual coronation for King's Leobonet and Grettir of Yggdrasil.

Some controversy came from the treaty in their House of Commons, where citizen GetSkinny argued against the treaty and accused the Federal Council of violating the House. It culminated in a motion to remove Jacob Grox as Prime Minister, which failed unanimously. Humorously, this incident was the origin of the phrase "Fat Norlund."

Shortly after the white peace granted by the Second Treaty of Kannin, King Grettir of Yggdrasil came forward with a proposition for a new alliance between Norlund and Yggdrasil. Despite initial hesitation after the Northern War, the Federal Council agreed to the treaty, and Norlund and Yggdrasil became the first signatories to the Northern Defensive Pact.

Second Attempt at Colonization

On August 3, 2020 the SPQR contacted Norlund about exchanging their colonial holdings in return for tin-mining rights in the mainland. Norlund, gratefully signed the treaty that formalized the handover.

However, it soon became apparent that the treaty was not without controversy. The SPQR had decided to leave the new world after a conflict with Synlandia, a region of the Imperial Federation. In order for the Imperial Federation to unpearl SPQR citizens, the SPQR had to leave Kingsluund and hand over their territories to a neutral third party. Since SPQR never specified that the territory should go to an existing new world nation, and following their decision to hand it over to Norlund, the IF expressed their preference it go to a new world nation. Following this dispute, the IF decided to claim over the territory, bastion it, and snitch it. After intervention by prawny331 as requested by the SPQR's NovaCeasar, the IF backed off and allowed Norlund to continue it's colonization efforts[1].

On August 6th, 2020, Norlund officially began construction on its first settlement within the territory of New Kannin.

The War of the Isle

Main Article: The War of the Isles

Another nation known as the Isles had established control of abandoned SPQR land. When the IF gave the land back to Norlund, the Isles decided to enforce their claim. Instead of backing down, Norlund opted to demarcate the border between the Isles and the new territory. Unfortunately, Cortwade, who was demarcating the border, ran out of fences and opted instead to dig a 1-meter deep trench in order to solidify the border in-game. This angered the leader of the Isles, InfinityXerox, who surprise attacked Cortwade, CuntJesus, and Zamoradin. The "Battle of the Border" had heavy casualties for Norlund, and resulted in Cortwade being logboxed, along with Zamoradin and Hitmehn being pearled.

After the battle, Norlund retreated and Okx, a military councilman, was appointed Minister of Defense pro tempore. Norlund called on its Yggdrasilian allies and volunteers from Paradise for support. SPQR and Sesoria publicly denounced the actions of the Isles. As reinforcements arrived, a counterattack was mounted and the Isles surrendered unconditionally in the Battle of New Kannin. A white peace was signed in which the Isles recognized Norlish sovereignty and Norlund promised not to interfere with the internal affairs of the Isles.

The Imperial Federation, the FSA, and Norlund

Norlund's actions drew the attention of other nations in the new world and was approached about joining a new alliance called the Far Seas Alliance. The FSA seemed oriented towards challenging the power of the Imperial Federation, which alligned well with Norlund's own perception of the IF. Norlund had grievances with the IF since they had excluded Norlund from the Berlin Conference, challenged Norlund's new territory from the SPQR, supported the Isles against Norlund, and had accepted Fortuna and ComradeNick into their nation.

At just such a moment, Norlund's leadership was approached by an IF member named Dama with an offer for land and revenge against the IF if Norlund would provide military support for a coup. The Federal Council and some Norlish colonials secretly went to the new world and commenced with the attack. The Norlish attackers notably only went after pre-determined targets, did not attack innocent bystanders, and did not indiscriminately raid. Prime Minister Jacob Grox, who was blackout drunk at the time, incorrectly recalls slaughtering hoards of IF children. The mission was success as IF leadership was pearled, forced to surrender, and leadership was handed over to Dama. Norlund received ownership of the Arlington territory.

The results of the brief war proved politically costly to both sides. As the IF sank into a new non-democratic government, a Cantina alligned state called Raindrop was formed from the combination of Paradise and the IF. This led to the Imperial Federation Civil War and the eventual collapse of the IF. In Norlund, the members of the Federal Council who went to the war reported their actions to the country only to be met largely with anger that they had secretly taken the nation to war since declarations of war must be passed through the house of commons. As the situation in the IF got worse, remorse and regret spurred arguments about further intervention. At the same time, Norlund was expelled from the Fars Seas Alliance when it was revealed they had recieved land for their part in the attack. These combined pressures resulted in Prime Minister Jacob Grox stepping down and resigning his position.

The Interim Federal Council

With Prime Minister Groxlord stepping down, the at the time Minister of Foreign affairs The Big Kannon got agreed upon to become the Interim Prime Minister.

This period was troubled by bandit raids, notably on the city of Tallum which took the brunt of griefs. Pets were killed, chests were popped and people felt threatened. Other members of the NDP were also troubled by the same bandits, and an unified effort in getting rid of these was organized. A bandit hideout was found in the western Tallum mountains, but got disabled by a large unified NDP army, with members from all signatory nations. Eventually the raiders, known as the Goodfellas, got found out to be funded and members of Blackwater, which then due to being defeated in the north by the NDP and international pressure, signed a peace treaty - in which they payed very large reps to the victims, amounting to around 2000 stamina in total (albeit some of it was paid in XP rather than stamina, with varying, but mostly good rates). The reps paid to Norlund, was after being discussed between the King and federal council with the bandits, paid to a large Norlish convoy in Varathia with the motivation of: breaking a previous agreement not to raid, killing livestock, killing pets, popping civilian chests with invaluable items (like eg. books and collectibles), raiding the Tallum bank, actively fighting inside Veria and Tallum, petty griefing, re-griefing newly repaired stuff from the previous griefs, erecting hostile military infrastructure inside Norlish territory and ultimately scaring newfriends and established civilians alike. After the threat of the Goodfellas were eliminated, a new snap election was held for the prime minister, which in turn became the "3 and 1/2 federal council". Elections proceeded normally as per schedule after this point.

The World War

With world tensions rising, and unrest from a number of server changes it all eventually culminated into the obbybombing of CivCorp, in which several civilians of Norlund being affected. Notably the Tawa merchant Hitmehn, who ran a successful store and owned a plot in CivCorp. The Tallumite Presley_Yows was also logged out at the time, but managed to get out once Civcorp briefly got re-captured. After the Obby bombing the group at the time known as the "obbybombers coalition" merged under the authoritarian superstate known as the USA, this superstate mainly consisted of Blackwater, Chungus and Bobanga, with some support from Laconia. Many of the citizens of the USA had previously been involved in the "Goodfellas raids", a bandit group operating in western Tallum, known for their war-crimes on Norlish newfriends, destruction of civilian and national property. Norlund, and the Northern Defence Alliance decided, for both the good of the world and the nations, to pledge their support for Civcorp and with it Carbon, even if Carbon and Civcorp initially wasnt held in the highest regard by some people in the NDP. Norlund rapidly prepared for total war, making roadblocks and hiding valuables.

The Defence of Asgård

The federal council urged all able to fight citizens to hole up at Asgård and prepare for the anticipated siege. Asgårds geographical position placed it as a chokepoint to the North, making it strategically viable for Norlund to hold to ensure national integrity. Many of the Norlish Guard and armed militia went over to Asgård to help defend it. International volunteers also joined up with the NDP, notably from Alexandria and the BSR. A tunnel was connected to Carbon infrastructure by 1drop, Tremerius and King Leobonet, making Carbon forces able to support the NDP and making it easier for defenders to enter the vault safely. Many Norls also helped dig the large outer trench and with other maintenance work on Asgaård itself. Norlund played a large part in bowing the USA attackers, with some ultimately meeting the end, sacrificing their lives to defend their North when the vault eventually got breached - dying with sword and flag in hand. These notably included cantonal leaders and almost half of the federal council; the Minister of Foreign affairs Joy_a and the Minister of Defence Kaoos. Some people got trapped in the fallen vault, but everyone trapped eventually managed to escape the clutches of the USA safely. Asgård eventually met its end, but it held far longer than expected due to the Norlish support, and the additional time allowed much-needed modifications to be made to Heaven. The remaining Norls made their way to Heaven to prepare for the next siege.

Heaven and the redemption of the Norlish Guard

Norlund started a "levee en masse", urging all able bodied Norls to head to the Northern coast - starting one of the largest ferrying operations on the server. Organized by the king - to make everyone able to get over to heaven, and to save boats, Norls were told to log off at the Northern coast and wait to be ferried by a ferryman/ferrywoman. This operation was a resounding success and everyone participating got over safely.

During the Heaven defence, after fighting side by side with Norlund - the Queen of Yoslan, Antea formally requested to re-join the Kingdom. This was discussed in the House of Commons and ultimately after opinion polls and many discussions got voted through. YosLan later rejoined fully, with half of it's members remaining unable to vote as a compromise for being dual citizens. With it, YosLan brought the northern claim of Agotep into Norlund claims. Antea, initially unable to vote as apart of the remerger compromise, was later made a full citizen with voting rights. A small part of Agotep was given by Antea to Okx to make his own country, which is widely seen as unrecognized in Norlund due to the eye sore and bordergore it has created on maps. The Okx claim is located on top of a biome anomaly, an unkown remnant from world creation - that changes the biome of the specified area.

The Defeat of the USA

With the defeat of USA, Norlund was formally granted the Carbon exclave, on which the Tallum-Veria friendship farms are located. Older norlish intel thought that the area was inhabited by a Carbonite forward bunker - hence their claim to the area. This was never investigated as to not sour relations with Carbon, and due to the area being utilized by Norlund regardless. Later the bunker was revealed to be a fabrication as to lay claim the area.

Norls headed home from Heaven and started rebuilding damaged infrastructure, much of which yet again was located in Tallum (like the northern Tallum bridge). Many norls also contributed to the cleanup of Civcorp. The server saw a decline in active players after the war, partly because of the shitters of the USA leaving, and manpower losses on the coalition side as a result from the war. Norlund despite this kept high player counts, and it's during this time that Saint Lucias cathedral in the Vatican (Tallum) was completed and work on Pogwarts, the newfriend university really took off.

The CA14 bill and the Tawa bombing

The issue of what defines a canton or not has always plauged norlish politics, and bill after bill has been proposed to fix this - none before CA14 being passed. The controversy that surrounds the CA14 bill first stems from that the bill, before being amended and re-proposed, aimed to remove several cantons which had at least one active member, but according to some in the House of Commons shouldnt be allowed to keep their cantonal status. This prompted the great Tawa sign protest, where Tawa partisans protested in Kannin about the bill, wishing for Tawa to remain a canton. Later a Tawa partisan cell was blown up along the southern Kannin cantonal border, making a large crater and prompting an investigation. Who was behind this terrorist action is still widely disputed.

CA14 got passed with a vote one marginal not counting the abstinations according to earlier norlish praxis. The issue of whenever abstinations should count towards the total was raised and initiated the CA14 discussions and court procedure. This also raised the question if earlier legaslation should be rendered void, if said system applies, and if votes regarding constitutional amendments should require 2/3 of the whole population or just the active voters.

The monarch, Leobonet I, got sued by Okx for making the Prime Minister of the 9th cabinet: CuntJesus the electoral chairman, while being active Prime Minister. This was ruled as illegal as per norlish law by judge Skinny, but the case is still considered controversial by some due to judge Skinny not actually having been confirmed judge by the House of Commons, as the law requires.

The Times of Quiet

Norlund, following the general trend of the server, reached an all time population low. Notable events during this time include the greifinging of the statue of Terry III and the settling of the island based town of Tallinn in the Southwestern territories - the construction work being lead by Nau/TheJamnik and Goragh, as well as the opening of the Pogwarts Newfriend University by TheGreatUniter.

Cantons and Territories

Norlund is composed of 10 Cantons and 3 Territories. A Canton is defined as an area with a settlement occupied by at least three people. A territory is a swath of land lacking any towns or settlements of significant size, and are largely uninhabited and/or uninhabitable.

Old picture of Kannin, capital of Norlund, shortly after the founding of Laketown


Kannin is the oldest canton in Norlund and also its capital. It is known for it's urban landscape, with many shops, factories, and government infrastructure. It is known worldwide for its picturesque views and storied past, and is home to the Kannin Castle, the seat of government, and a federal district ruled directly by the federal government.

Kannin Castle

Kannin Castle is a federal district within the Canton of Kannin. It is home to the throne room and quarters of the ruling monarch, and is also where the Federal Government is based. It is under the direct jurisdiction of the ruling monarch, formerly Terry III, who oversees maintenance and expansion of the small fortified island. The Castle underwent a large renovation project by Bernie once, updating its look and adding features - such as the House of Commons which the castle now hosts.

Condor (Formerly Laketown)

Condor is a district within the Canton of Kannin, and is home to a significant portion of Kannin's population. Known for its fishing-based economy and its lakefront views, Condor is a quaint place to call home. Founded as a newfriend haven away from the secure bastioned area of Kannin Proper, it has quickly grown to be a town within a city worthy of recognition for its simple and rugged, yet aesthetically pleasing architecture and its friendly community.

Kannin Peninsula

Kannin Peninsula is the core of the Canton of Kannin. Home to the majority of businesses, government buildings, and homes, Kannin Peninsula is an urbanite's dream. It has gone under significant renovation, going from an underdeveloped swath of land with only a couple of dwellings, to a multi-layered city center focused on Odilia Square, where prominent buildings such as the Cathedral of Saint Odilia and the Supreme Court of Norlund are centered around. Some notable tourist attractions are the shitter market, church of Saint Odilia, Kannin castle, Pogwarts (the newfriend university) and all kinds of stores selling both local and foreign goods.

Map of the various Norlundic Cantons, Territories, Cities, and Towns. (Outdated)


The canton of tawa, after a period of rapid growth, it has became one of the biggest urban areas within the country in earlier norlish history, mostly owing to the dedication of the local leadership, led by Koojikii, and the success of their newfriend recruitment policies. The city of Tawa is home to the tallest structure and one of the most recognisable landmarks in Norlund, the Great Tower, which towers well above the clouds. It is also known for its great walls, also a landmark in Norlund and a subject of great debate in the earlier norlish political climate. Currently lead by Hitmehn, who has continued to develop Tawa into an industrial powerhouse, among other things previously running a xp exchange.


Veria has a long and storied past, spanning over four years. Founded on Civcraft 3.0 after a merger between the nations of Euthenia and Illyria. It continued on through many civ servers, including Civcraft 3.0, CivEx 3, CivEx First Light and TheRealmsMC. After the outbreak of Coronavirus, Veria decided to mobilize and settle within Norlund as a new municipality. Maintaining a socialist economic system, Veria holds everything in common, and maintains both a representative and direct democracy, with an executive in the form of the Communal Council and a legislature in the form of the Popular Assembly. With a population of 14 as of the last census, Veria is the largest canton within Norlund.. It is now the center of the great Norlundic Rail Boom, with the construction of the Euthenian Grand Central Station beginning on May 4th, 2020.


Euthenia is the capital of the Commune of Veria. According to the most recent population census it remains the largest city within Norlund. Its neoclassical architectural style is almost unique in the country, with the only other area utilising it being Palaisance. Veria is a major economic and infrastructural hub within Norlund, and is home to the Euthenia Grand Central station. Amongst the most recognisable landmarks in Euthenia are the Great Clocktower and the Communal Library of Veria. Euthenia is also home to the Verian Communal Storage Building and the Iron Bank of Veria, a subsidiary branch of NorBank.


Illyria is, alongside Euthenia, one of the cities which have founded the Commune of Veria over four years ago. It has been settled by A_M_A_Z_E by the northern coast of the Canton, and is planned to be the main port for the Norlundic Expeditionary Corps. Presently undeveloped, soon it will be the official port of call for expeditions into and out of the new world.


Luzia is the second biggest settlement in Veria, with a population of around 6 citizens. It is a quaint medieval settlement located on the western hills of Veria, where once stood the town of Ostertal. Its position close to a picturesque river valley overlooking Lake Veria, as well as its own architectural beauty, has led to its recent rapid population growth.


Palaisance, officially the Palaisien Republic (French: République Palaisienne), is a moderately-sized Canton on the cold Northern Coastal Plains of Norlund. With grand French architecture, Palaisance is a home to the Francophone population of Norlund and the server as a whole.


A small sized Canton with a population of 3 according to the last census, Florentia is a Christian-Socialist settlement. Like Veria, the population holds everything in Common, and has abolished private property. In accordance to the teachings of the Bible, capitalism is the root of Pride and Greed, and socialism is the way to solve those issues. They are friendly and amiable, and are frequently seen discussing laws and current affairs in the Norlund Discord. Presently, there is no significant above ground settlement within the borders of Florentia, due to their grand goal of eventually building a grand cathedral and holy site. Bill 20, the Bill that created the Constitutional Assembly, was proposed by a citizen from Florentia, Ahri, who represented Florentia in the assembly.

Tallum and the Vatican City

Tallum is the 3rd oldest Canton in Norlund. A relatively quaint settlement, Tallum sits on the coast of Lake Vatican, and is known for its lighthouse and verdant farmland. It is a low density settlement, with a large footprint due its homes and places of business. It had a relatively large cathedral near its northern border, prior to the redevelopment of the area.

The Vatican City is apart of Tallum, resting on a island in the middle of the lake, with the majority of the structures being built Leobonet, with varying aid from several other citizens. It sits on the island of Sanctuary within the namesake Vatican Lake, and is known for being a major site for Norlundic Christendom. Headed by Pope Leobonet, the Vatican City the site of significant development. While the full plan for the Vatican has not fully been realized, it's still a site to behold. One of the, what will be, the largest buildings are under construction here: the cathedral of Saint Lucia. The Vatican, specifically the cathedral of Saint Lucia is marked as an international heritage site, and was the first site to be done so in the entire north west.

After the Great Northern War concluded, Tallum saw a spur of activity and dug one of the largest man made canals and terraforming works on the server in the northern part of the city. The project was led by the Tallumite Sene_BR. This feature is not seen on most global maps, but plays a big part in the dynamic of the city.

In early 2021 another settlement, Mountainside/Hekjaoltai [hεcɑoltɑi̯] was built just east of Tallum.


Buryatia is a Canton located on the western coast of Norlund. It had a population of 3 citizens and is centered around the town of Dubrovnik. Due to its rather isolationist nature in the past, it remains unconnected to major federal infrastructure. It was placed under protection due to inactivity.


Drengrfold is focused on the settlemenst of Port Lokkarme and Gwenyth. With a population of 4 as of the last census, Drengrfold surpassed several of the stagnant cantons at the time of its founding. Formed out of the former territory of Northreach (later Midreach), Drengrfold was initially isolated from the federal infrastructure network, though it was later connected with roads going through the various valleys in northern Norlund.


YosLan (officially LörYosLan) is a Canton of Norlund, having rejoined Norlund during The Great War after seceding from Norlund earlier in the year on July 7th. Yoslan got given the lands of Northern Agotep from Carbon due to their participation in the World War. These gains got included into Norlund with the re-joining of YosLan, and some of them have been used to grant land for new towns.


The Southwest Territory

The Western Territories is the region of Norlund on the west coast that has throughout its history been relatively uninhabitet. There has historically been several attempts to settle the area, namely the Western Bell Tower, and the Zexenia/Norlund Friendship Bridge and Saint Peter. The Western Territories has a mostly cool climate, with Boreal Forest and Mountains dominating the geography, along with Cold Steppe on the southern border with Yggdrasil.

The island based town of Tallinn is located here, with its mayor and head colonizer being Nau/TheJamnik.

The Midreach Territory

The Midreach Territory encompasses the entirety of the northern peninsula. Composed of steep cliffs, tall mountains, and thick glaciers, the Midreach territory is near-uninhabited, and near uninhabitable, as little grows in what little hardy soil there is. The settlement of Paris was an exception to the rule. Paris was small commune founded by Rainofpain125 and was a controversial settlement due to their leader's extreme political beliefs. Paris later fell into disrepair after Rain's departure from Norlund, it was later rebuilt under the two newfriends MaiNai and MadBaronofUrga, now calling it Port Lohikäärme, or Kärme for short. This settlement has since been moved to the Canton of Drengrfold, along with Gwenyth. As a result, Midreach had its name changed from Northreach, in order to more accurately depict its geographic position. In addition, Irithyll Fortress is a major landmark. Nestled between the glaciers, Irithyll is meant to be a fallback point should invasion drive the government out of Kannin. Built by RobM, it has since fallen into disrepair. Now it serves as a monument to the Norlish people, honouring RobM, it is also of importance to the church due to RobM's death in the crusade against the Ez2crew. Irithyll hosts a small church in the center of it. Fort Irithyll is placed under fedral management, and various norlish archeaological digs have found artifacts dating mainly from "The King Terry early dynastic era".


Norvansgard is a former Canton of Norlund. It is primarily composed of former Vaskr members, a Viking clan from TheRealmsMC. They maintain a moderately sized town due North East from Kannin. Following The Secession of Ansgar, Norvansgard was no longer part of Norlund, and instead became a major territory of the new Kingdom of Yggdrasil.

Following negotiations between Norlund and Yggdrasil during The Great War, the territory of Norvansgard rejoined Norlund, although not as a Canton due to lack of permanent residents. It is currently a territory with the old viking long house being under direct federal control, like how Kannin castle and Irithyll are managed currently.

Former Cantons/Municipalities


Ostertal was a militaristic Canton situated roughly between Kannin and Veria. Reaching a height of 3 members, it was officially declared a Canton only a couple days before it fell into inactivity. It's leader, Spacey, went inactive due to duties with the U.S. Military, and the other two members simply went inactive shortly after. Its territory has been divided between Veria and Kannin, and the river Ostertal was once based on has since been converted into massive carrot farmland. it eventually evolved into the Settlement of Luzia, a loyal subdivision of Veria, with 4-5 current inhabitants.


A bastardization of the Dutch words for "Fat Tiger," Dikketijger was a promising settlement of 5 newfriends, who quickly went inactive for unknown reasons. Despite the aid of Verian officials, and attempts to contact them, it's unknown where they went.


Paris was a Canton of Norlund, barely, ruled by RainOfPain125, and a controversial figure of not only Norlund's history, but server-wide history, e.g. being the kicked out founder of the IWW. Before the events that led to his pearling by King Shamus the First, the channel dedicated to Paris was mainly just posts from Rain supporting anarchist ideology, and the occasional debate between other Norlish citizens. While entertained during Terry's reign out of fear of IWW's possible retaliation, during the new government, Paris was one of the many cantons under fire for being unable to come up with the minimum number to be able to sustain a canton, and was eventually removed from cantonal status, which then sparked the conflict between Rain and the new government, eventually ending by them being pearled by Shamus.

However, in more recent times, newfriends MaiNai and MadBaronofUrga were searching for a new place to call their home, discovered Paris, and under consideration of the Federal Government, were allowed to settle down there, renaming it to Port Lohikäärme, or Kärme for short, and have hopes of restoring it to cantonal status (without the toxicity that was formerly accompanied with the region), but in the meantime, are content remaining as a territory and settlement.


Shortly after it had acquired cantonal rights due to reaching the population quota, the main settlement of Gwenyth was been abandoned by most of its inhabitants, barring its leader Seldomshock. Its inactivity has raised concern over the low requirements bestowed upon new Cantons, and calls to dissolve it and to return the lands to Northreach/Midreach Territory have been heard frequently. When the July Census showed that it had a population of 1, it was formally dissolved back into Northreach. However, shortly after this, Seldomshock, along with the citizens of Karme, together formed the canton of Drengrfold.

List of Rulers

Government Executive Body Start of Reign End of Reign
The First Kingdom of Norlund King Terry III Unknown April 2020
The First Interim Republic of Norlund The Constitutional Assembly April 2020 May 2020
The Second Kingdom of Norlund King Shamus I May 2020 June 2020
The Second Interim Republic of Norlund Federal Council June 2020 June 2020
The Third Kingdom of Norlund Pope King Leobonet I July 2020 Present

Government Structure

  • As stated by the constitution, the Monarch is a figurehead role and does not possess any prerogatives or executive power, but he remains as the holder and manager of the national namelayers and does trivial administrative tasks mainly relating to the transfer of power. While not explicitly expressed it has been historical praxis for the monarch to help with the federal councils work, oversee the discord and serve within the Norlish Guard, stemming from the cultural tradition that King Terry III established. The norlish constitutional monarchy is elective- thus if the monarch dies, abdicates or is removed with a 2/3 citizen vote; then a new monarch will be elected as dictated by the constitution. The monarch is allowed to assign a regent in the event of other obligations.
  • The House of Commons is Norlund's legislative body, which functions on the basis of direct democracy. All citizens, regardless of their Canton of residence, may propose and vote on bills following a schedule kept by the Custodian of the House. The citizenry also elects the Prime Minister and members of the Federal Council once every month.
  • The executive branch of government is the Federal Council, which apart from its executive powers has limited legislative powers (as outlined by the constitution). It is composed of the Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defence and Minister of Economic Cooperation. The Council cooperates on solving present issues, initiating economic, infrastructural and defensive projects, handling diplomacy, foreign treaties, recruitment and coordinates the cooperation between Cantons.
    • At the moment due to lower population the Federal council is simplified to one Prime Minister who can but doesn't have to admit more ministers to assist them.
  • The judicial branch of government is the Federal Court. Led by the Head Judge, its an organ composed of nominated judges by the Federal Council, which in turn are confirmed by the people, in a vote in the House of Commons. The Federal Court internally decides its procedures, within the limits of the constitution, and assembles whenever a case is filed. It serves as the criminal, civil and administrative court of Norlund.

Notable Norls

These are Norls who have, in their time spent on Realms, involved themselves deeply into the state's affairs, either outside or inside the nation, and have been agreed to be influential figures within the halls of Kannin, Tallum, Veria, Palasiance, and Yoslan.

Founding Leaders

Terry III - The former King and founder of Norlund. Not to be confused with the Kanninite Terry IV, cousin of the deceased King. His tomb is located inside Saint Odilia in Kannin. Is often noted as among one of the nicest men to his people, and a terrifying force to be reckoned with when it came to those who opposed him.

NeoTide - Former Minister of Defense and owner of The Poppy. Norlish war hero, participating in earlier conflicts and known for having updated the norlish military infrastructure.

RobM - Norlish folk hero, Saint of the christian church and one of the head donators to the Norlish Guard when he lived. Many artifacts have been found from RobM, ranging from diamond caches to his old horse that was found by FPFK and brought to Tallum.

FPFK - Founder of Valenholm. Died peacefully from alcohol poisoning, has a mentally unstable son, seen roaming the ruins of Valenholm sometimes.

Assjackets - Early pioneer in norlish infrastructure and former Prime Minister. Buried right outside Saint Odilia.

Knoxmoor - One of the early important figures of Norlund, Knoxmoor was among one of the most popular figures in Norlund, having been Prime Minister, founder of a canton (Tallum), and responsible for the biggest lumber industry in Norlund proper. While no longer active in-game, the occasional spotting of him on the Discords is fairly common, and has been noted to give choice words of wisdom occasionally, or help an aspiring author with his research into Norlund and Tallum proper.

Notable Leaders

Okx - Among one of the most famous Kanninites in Norlish history, Okx has been around since the beginning, and often has gotten involved in many controversial events in Norlund. Despite this, Okx has always pledged his loyalty to the state (despite a well-known rivalry with Groxlord), and is noted as one of Norlund's greatest fighters, being one of the instrumental fighters that ended the Norlish Bush War, and fighting alongside some of his former enemies in the Great War. As Prime Minister, Okx secured land earned during the Norlish Black Ops, improved relations of Carbon and confirming an official friendship alliance, and helped found the North Defensive Pact with Yggdrasil, Yoslan, the Roman Empire, Moloka, and other notable signatories.

Groxlord - One of the most famous (or infamous, depending on your country of origin) Norlunders around, Groxlord has created a name for himself and Veria (his homeland) as a whole as one of the most intelligent leaders Norlund's possessed. An immensely popular figure, despite (or because) of his communist leanings, Groxlord has earned the longest reigning title of Prime Minister in Norlish history, a career which eventually ended during the Norlund Black Ops mission into the Imperial Federation. Despite this political setback, Groxlord continued pleding his support to Norlund (even when he disagreed with some actions), and helped, along many Verians, during some of Norlund's more difficult trials, especially during the Great War.

CuntJesus - Accepted by some as Groxlord's successor thanks to his candidacy and subsequent victory in Prime Minister elections, CJ is often noted as one of the many men who fought in the Great War, participating in it to the very end, and pushing for every Norlish citizen to get involved, and died fighting the shitters during the Siege of Asgard, alongside many of his countrymen. CJ is noted during the duration of his PM reign to be an intelligent ruler, pushing for NDP involvement in the Great War, and preparing Norlund for the eventual fight, knowing full-well the shitter's future invasion of the state.

TheGreatUniter - A figure who stuck around with Norlund until the very end, Uniter is responsible for many of Norlund's last projects, the very last of which, Pogwarts, was a dedication to all newfriends. While stubborn on many of his views, (and being elected Prime Minister), Uniter has always preached for the newfriends, and fought to the bitter end for any who opposed him, internal or external. Coined the term 'Fat Norlund', something that would become one of the most reoccurring memes in CivRealms.

TheBigKannon/KannonKyle - Widely accepted as one of the strangest political figures in Norlund, Kannon was a newfriend entering politics at a strange time, and was often noted as more of a 'follower' then a leader. Despite this, he became among one of the first 'temporary' Prime Ministers in Norlish history, despite involvement in the operations that ended the career of the Prime Minister before him, and is best known during this time for creating the infamous 'Norlund Apology' to the IF, which still holds some credence in Norlund as a stupid move. Despite this, Kannon is best well-known for being among one of the longest reigning Foreign Affairs Ministers, setting up organizations like the DA, an organization dedicating to creating embassies for Norlund, one of the most notable successes of the program being Presley's embassies in MtA. Has been involved in numerous missions, and is probably most notable for his lack of pvp skills, losing not one, but two sets of Prot given to him by Antea.

Pope-King Leobonent - The third and last King of Norlund, Leobonent is best well-known for his preach of kindness and valor during the ages of great difficulty, the creation of the Vatican City and the completion of the most monumental church in Realms, perhaps even Civ history, and leading the country in some of the greatest struggles known to man, despite whoever happened to be the Prime Minister at the time. Widely accepted as one of the most successful Kings of Realms, and perhaps even Civ.

Zam - Among the core of Defense Ministers, Zamoradin is among one of the best-known, thanks to his involvement in many of Norlund's wars, and helping to create the safe and secure state that Norlund was best known for before internal troubles came a-knocking. Despite his allegiance to Veria, Zam believed in a Norlund united by mutual security, and always worked towards bettering the country that his state had joined, even if it put him into constant arguments with Norls who disagreed with select ideas.

Amaze66/Maze - Often called General Maze, Maze is best known for his leading of the Norlund Black Op missions, including the mission to the Imperial Federation, but was the main contributor to the Norlund Expeditionary Forces, and leader of the colonizing effort, but aided Norlund in every misadventure that it found itself in, and pushed for a truly strong Norlund. While considered a war crime by some, in many in Norlund, he's a hero.

Regional Leaders

Joadgr - The co-leader of Tallum and among the most prestigious ministers of Economic Cooperation in Norlish history, as well as the longest reigning Minister of all time, Joadgr was often noted to be the 'father' figure to many of Norlund, especially Tallum's, newfriends. If you had a problem, or any questions, Joadgr was always willing to help, and while many leaders faced controversies at every corner, Joadgr is among one of the few who has solely worked for the benefit of Norlund and Tallum, and is responsible for the rise of many notable people on the list, including but not limited to, KannonKyle, Presley_Yows, along MANY who would become notable men and women under the Tallum banner, and, discovered the New World first.

Xraptor3344 - The leader, founder, and primary builder of the luxurious Palasiance, Raptor as he is called is among one of the many builders that reside in Norlund, but unlike many of them, his property is among one of the best examples of the diversity offered by the Kingdom, having spent ages collecting and reinforcing his builds as a haven for all those of French descent in the Kingdom.

1234fireball/Flameoguy: Notable leaders of Yoslan, these two individuals are often noted for constantly utilizing any and all opportunities to further their causes. Despite this, the two never held hatred for the Norlish state, and often worked for it's benefit.

Wolftale - A notable leader in their own right, Wolftale has oft served on the Federal Council, but was among one of the few grinders who contributed much of their earnings to Norlund, occasionally evening rivaling Gingerbuddie in their contributions.

Hitmehn/Koojiki - Leaders of Tawa, the pair were best-well known for their contributions for newfriends, and an impressive wall around their canton. The pair were fierce in their protection of their canton, and nearly drove the country to the brink at a few points, but always agreed to a compromise for the betterment of the state and the canton. Hitmehn is also notable for his contributions to a Norlish XP center, even owning a proper shop in CivCorp before it's bombing.

Skinny - The leader of Florentia and among one of the most controversial figures still residing in Norlund, Skinny is best well-known for their e-lawyering and helping to lay the foundation of the Norlund Code of Law.

Notable Citizens

Henderwicz - Tallumite writer, behind the works of Leobonet's errors and Norlish Church architecture.

414eff - Norlish entrepreneur from Condor and founder of J-mart.

Presley - Tallumite entrepreneur who has been mistaken for Condor's mayor, and the main owner of J-Mart under eff414's steed. Among one of the many who have fought in the Great War, but surprisingly never pearled, always managing to escape extreme situations, having been located in CivCorp during the Obby Bombing and the Fall of Asgard, both of which have high mortality rates for those involved. That, ontop of a long and successful diplomat career, even creating the embassy based in MtA, Presley has enjoyed a long and successful life in Realms.

bhieex3 - Among one of the many active citizens during Norlund's golden age, Bhieex is responsible for many landmarks in the Norlund proper, most notably being the Norlund 'Crack' where the monthly Carrot Festivals were held. Among this, Bhieex was instrumental in the creation of Norlund's second-most popular religion surrounding carrots (especially Karl), and built upon the previous Verian/Tallum traditions of carrot-loving to make it a much more widely accepted way of worship in Norlund.

Kaaos - While notable for their time as a Minister in the Federal Council, Kaaos is best well-known for their establishment of a national library system, many of whom, like Presley and Kannon, often utilized as to help entertain themselves. Besides this, Kaaos is also well-known for their valiant effort helping to lead the Norls in the Siege of Asgard, and dying sword in hand.

Gingerbuddie - Most responsible for essentially everything that Norlund has, any and all gear possessed by the Norlish Guard, any building that has blocks, and any projects needing manpower, Gingerbuddie supplied it all. Without Ginger, Norlund would've easily fallen to the likes of their neighbors and other foreign powers, and it's thanks to Ginger that Norlund has a proper statue of Terry once more. If any were notable enough to get onto this list, it would be one Gingerbuddie.

Antea - Along with Zam and Gingerbuddie, Antea's notablility came to their skills with grinding and pvping, and while temporarily an enemy of Norlund during the Norlish Bush War, eventually spearheaded the effort to get Yoslan back into Norlund, and despite some adversity, eventually succeeded. Contributed vastly to many war efforts, and even suffered some losses when a certain minister of Foreign Affairs lost not one, but two sets of prot.

Imic - One of the kindest individuals on the server, Imic took on jobs that many veterans would've feared, namely becoming the Custodian of the Norlish House of Commons, and pushing himself and others round him to be better. A brave volunteer in the Norlish Guard, and fought in many occasions for the banner of the North.

Cortwade - Among the roster of political figures, Cortwade was among the most idealistic, pushing for a truly pure state that he knew that Norlund could be. While often fighting with many citizens about how to better themselves and the Kingdom as a whole (like Veria), Cortwade always put his trust in his Norlund first and foremost, and often signed up for projects that would involve him deeply, like the Diplomatic Core, and became the longest running Custodian of the Norlish House of Commons, and established just why everyone refused to take that job.

Meonises, Bishopess of Kannin and Duckapore, Missionary in YosLan, Abbottess of Saint Peter's, Grand Inquistor- A controversial figure in some regards, but always for the betterment of Norlund, Meo was willing to fight tooth and nail for their country, and was more then willing to kill one of Norlund's own when they threatened to throw a delicate balance in wack. Helped establish many farms, and harvest them, while also spreading the good word of the Lord to fellow Civ players.

Renhorn - Among one of the core players, Renhorn is one of the longest members of the Norlish Guard, helping to protect the Kingdom of the North from any and all external threats.

Rowan - Sibling to Presley, and while not necessarily as political as their sister, Rowan has displayed her own skills, building their own embassies, and is among one of the first of the Diplomats in the Diplomatic Corps, Rowan also served in the Defense of Heaven, and is notably in a video by Mr. Beast [2]

Jecowa - Helped to exctract King Leobonet from a Blackwater controlled Norlund during the Northern War, boating around the world in treacherous waters to find safety in Neotides house in Bloom.

a_judas_goat - Another notable volunteer of the Norlish Guard and Norlish Expeditionary Force, despite not playing too often, Judas contributed vastly to Norlund, including one of the biggest farms in Norlund.

Nau and Goragh - Carrying Norlund through perhaps the darkest of times, when activity reached an all time low.

Aullikanr - Notable word wizard, behind many famous Norlish great works of literature. Infamous for his norlish (over)zealousness and struggling to find meaning in civ.

JPM_Stalin - Founder of Port Nord, was leader of the last movement trying to create a Canton. Notable writer near the end of the world, with many books sold around the known world.

Oofgl - Known for initially refusing to use discord, and famously prompting the debate about ingame voting.

Infamous Sidenotes

Tweetabix - While Tweetabix spent his last days in Yggdrasil, he right before his death wished to re-join Norlund though only was granted residency. A controversial and (in)famous character. Buried beneath Saint Lucias cathedral in the Vatican (Tallum) as per his death wish.

Raine -

The former head of the now defunct Paris Commune, Raine is a figure now agreed upon to be well-disliked in Norlund. While some may disagree with former King Shamus' actions, after the griefing of the Kärme territory to which Raine has discussed his involvement (supposedly gathering the materials for said griefing, but having no knowledge of it, and allowing 'friends' to do such a heinous action, and refusing to play after his friends were banned for such actions), Raine no longer holds any prestige in Norlund, now being collectively agreed upon as a nuisance at best, and a traitor at worst. [3]

KIng Shamus the First - Among one of the most infamous characters in Norlish history, Shamus essentially lead the events to creating the modern day Norlund, and is responsible for the reworking of the court and legal preceding, as well as leading the precedent from seceding the country. While temporarily redeemed during the Great War, his betrayal of LABS essentially led him to being banned not only from Norlund, but his new home of Yggdrasil as well, and saw his canton eventually returned to Norlund proper.


Every month (in earlier elections, every second month) Norlund holds an election to determine the composition of the Federal Council, as well as the Prime Minister.

1st Norlundic Election

Records are unclear

2nd Norlundic Election

Okx - 5 votes

assjackets - 3 votes

3rd Norlundic Election

assjackets - 6 votes

Okx - 2 votes

4th Norlundic Election

The method of electing the prime minister changed, now votes are cast using a ranked system and are privately sent to the king.

Knoxmoor - 7 votes

5th Norlundic Election - 1st Federal Council

The election code has changed significantly, with each position into the Federal Council being elected separately. The lists will only display the elected candidates.

Prime Minister: Groxlord - 36 votes (87,8%)

Minister of Foreign Affairs: A_M_A_Z_E - 39 votes (95,1%)

Minister of Economic Cooperation: Mirakles - 20 votes (47,6%)

Minister of the Interior: Leobonet - 37 votes (90,2%)

Minister of Defence: Ahrimanne - 20 votes (46,5%)

6th Norlundic Election - 2nd Federal Council

Prime Minister:​ Groxlord - 28 votes (75,7%)

Minister of Foreign Affairs:​ TheBigKannon - 18 votes (50,0%)

Minister of Economic Cooperation:​ Joadgr - 29 votes (82,9%)

Minister of the Interior:​ Cortwade - 32 votes (91,4%)

Minister of Defence:​ Zamoradin - 23 votes (60,5%)

7th Norlundic Election - 3rd Federal Council

Prime Minister: Groxlord (93.1%)

Minister of Foreign Affairs: TheBigKannon (68.9%)

Minister of Economic Cooperation: Joadgr (93.1%)

Minister of the Interior: Cortwade (79.3%)

Minister of Defense: Zamoradin (66.66%)

The Interim Federal Council

Interim Prime Minister: TheBigKannon

Minister of Foreign Affairs: TheBigKannon

Minister of Defense: Zamoradin

Minister of Economic Cooperation: Joadgr

Minister of the Interior: Cortwade

The Provisional Federal Council - "The 3 and 1/2 Federal Council"

Prime Minister: Okx

Minister of Foreign Affairs: TheBigKannon

Minister of Defense: Zamoradin

Minister of Economic Cooperation: Joadgr

Minister of Interior: Cortwade

8th Norlundic Election - 4th Federal Council

Prime Minister: Cuntjesus/Trollstein_PT

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Joy_a

Minister of Economic Cooperation: TheGreatUniter

Minister of the Interior: Imic

Minister of Defense: Kaaos

9th Norlundic Election - 5th Federal Council

Prime Minister: Cuntjesus/Trollstein_PT

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Zamoradin

Minister of Economic Cooperation: Joadgr

Minister of the Interior: Joy_a

Minister of Defense: Groxlord

10th Norlundic Election - 6th Federal Council

Prime Minister: TheGreatUniter

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Antea

Minister of Economic Cooperation: Joadgr

Minister of the Interior: Wolftale

Minister of Defense: Sixx (Gingerbuddie)

11th Norlundic Election

The method of electing the Federal Council changed, now votes are privately sent to the king and only the position of Prime Minister will be voted on.

Prime Minister: TerryTheThird