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Image of Regensburg, taken by Aetherix in 2023
LocationX-3500 Z8900
DemonymRegensburgers or Regensers
Capital cityRegensburg
National Colors
  Imperial Red
GovernmentSemi-Absolute Monarchy
• Duke
current: Asgeir9 (Disputed) King_Cupar (Disputed)
• Senators
• Federal State
 Imperial Federation
Foundation date31 August 2022
ReligionDark Sun

Regensburg, officially the Duchy of Regensburg, is a founding state of Imperial Federation located in the Deluvia Continent. It is a state with a medieval and rustic style, focusing on the abundant spruce and deepslate resources of the Duchy. Originally founded as Regentsburgh in August 2022, it was one of the first nations as part of the Imperial Federation, with its founder, King_Cupar, becoming king. but with him leaving the server and the nation, the title of Duke of Regensburg is now held by Asgeir9. The culture of the Duchy is like that of the rest of the Imperial Federation with citizens doing what they please but uniting for larger projects when needed and working towards a common goal of a more perfect union.


Regensburg was founded by King_Cupar and others on the 31st of August 2022 under the previous name of Regentsburgh. It served as the official home of the King of the Imperial Federation as well as the official location of the Office of Chancellor of the IF until the founding of the Imperial Capital of Imperia and later New Callisto after the 2023 Imperial Federation Secession Crisis. Since the founding of the new federal capital of New Callisto, the offices are located in that area with King Jalhfs primary residence being Aethia.

Transfer of power

The state of Regentsburgh was long held by its founder and King Cupar, when he left the server around the start of 2023 power was transferred to Asgeir9 who has since been the official leader of the state with various senators, mainly PumpkinPie134 and CapianColton serving as de-facto leaders during periods of inactivity from CivMC. During the period of inactivity King_Cupar returned and with the Imperial Federation Secession Crisis made the state independent of the Imperial federation, with the state officially reuniting with the IF during september-october of 2023.


Regensburg has grown and shrunk as a state since its founding, orgininally being named Regentsburgh; it officially switched name to the Regensburg at the end of october 2023 after a referendum. The borders of the the Duchy have changed alot over time, especially under the reign of Cupar and the great declaiming of early 2023, see image "Original borders". With the return of Asgeir9 in october 2023 after a 8 month hiatus the borders were yet again changed to encompass all of the former state of Waterside aswell as the western half of the independent state of Sneg, growing to encompass all as seen in image "Regensburg borders". This expansion allowed for the Duchy to yet again begin the work of developing the states economy, which had lost its primary farm with the great declaiming, the former land of waterside is flat which allows for the easy building of larger crop farms at ground level which is necessary since floating farms are outlawed in the Duchy except for pre-existing farms.

Original borders

1-2 January 2023 Senate election

Regensburg elected two senators to the Senate of the Imperial Federation between 1-2 January 2023.

The election was conducted under the Single Transferable Vote voting system.

Regensburg borders
Regensburg borders

Turnout for the election was 89%.

Party Candidate Portrait Ideology 1st Pref Votes 2nd Pref Votes
Independent Asgeir9 • Rehaul public buildings.
• Improve quality-of-life for new players.
3 (37.5%) 4 (50%)
Independent Juicy_Watermel0n (incumbent) • Develop new factories in the city.
• Work on developing capital city of the Imperial Federation.
3 (37.5%) 4 (50%)
Independent Pandastical • Focus on national issues.
• Strengthen national Government.
2 (25%) (Eliminated)