Communion of Kū

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Communion of Kū
Emblem of the Sacred Convention
Flag of Kū-Lani
Activity levelDestroyed
GovernmentCommunes organized into a Theocratic Convention
Governing documentConstitution_of_the_Sacred_Convention
Succeeded byEstalia
ReligionCult of Kū

The Communion of Kū was a civilization on CivMC. Its predecessor was Cococabanna on the CivRealms 2.0 and CivClassic servers.


On server launch Kū-Lani is founded at 1200, 800. Official borders are worked out with the Communion's direct neighbor Estalia. Following the Annexation of Kū, dioceses were disbanded on account of the land no longer being controlled by the Wardens. The Sacred Convention is effectively defunct until the non-pearled Wardens are able to establish a new diocese.

On July 6th, 2022 Black_Fusion is released and a new diocese is established on a land grant from Rhode Island.

All Communion Players left the server due to personal issues with the Rhode Island player base shortly before the Estalia-Rhode Island War, inadvertently sparing themselves further conflict with Estalia.


Constitution of the Sacred Convention

The main governing body of the Communion is known as the Sacred Convention. The Sacred Convention is an assembly comprised of the Wardens of Kū. Wardens are inducted into office by the convention. The primary purpose of the Wardens is to manage their respective diocese and represent said community in political affairs. When a diocese is formed and recognized by the Sacred Convention a Warden is assigned or a prospective Warden is inducted. While Wardens are the absolute leaders of their diocese, excluding decisions made by the Sacred Convention, Wardens may establish a Vestry from their Diocese to help lead. The functions of Vestries range from advisory cabinets to independent action depending on the choice of the Warden.

Warden Diocese
Sadklaus Asylum
Black_Fusion Asylum
pes_t Asylum

Cult of Kū



Capital Diocese
Kū-Lani flag variant
MottoBy Virtue We Triumph
Administrative BuildingHall of the Most Sacred Convention
WardensSadklaus, Black_Fusion
Foundation DateJune 2nd, 2022
Pictured: Central administrative building of Kū-Lani and meeting place of the Sacred Convention. Later destroyed by Estalia in the Ku-Estalia border conflict.

Kū-Lani was razed and occupied by Estalia. There are no ongoing plans to rebuild the city.