Doom City

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Doom City
Official Flag of Doom City
Location3600, 3300
Governing documentTBA
• Prime Council
Foundation dateMarch 28, 2022
Preceded by

Doom City is a city-state on CivMC. It is a neutral, international city-state with the primary goal of facilitating a safe, open trading centre & place of residency for all nations/individuals alike. The city focuses on maintaining this openness between all participating nations, as well as acting as a forum for peaceful international discussion.


Prime Council

Elected Council

International Committee


Doom City's initial map claims (6/3/2022)


Doom City is located in the +,+ quadrant continent of Alenarith. Doom City's initial claims were made within hours of the SOTW. Following a night of claims disputes, the official claims were released on June 3rd, 2022.

Agreements & Documents

Rights & Laws of Doom City

International Agreement of Doom City

By signing a nation into Doom City's neutrality agreement, the signatory's nation agrees to all limitations stated in said agreement, and in doing so, their citizens gain access to Doom City & its rights entailed to residents while inside the city. To better represent one's nation within Doom City, each nation will elect their own delegate to sit on the international committee, as well as optionally running for 1 of 2 elected Councilor positions within the City Government.

(More coming soon)

Foreign Relations