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The Principality of Pavia
Flag of Pavia under the rule of the Duke of Bedford
Pavian Coat of Arms under the rule of the Duke of Bedford
Alliance Lyrean Community
 Elysian Pact
GovernmentElective Monarchy
Governing documentThe Magna Pavia
• Crown Prince
BritishWanderer III
• Dukes
Foundation date29 April 2022
Foundation documentThe Magna Pavia
Preceded by Gabon
Motto"Immutabilis, Aeternalis, Immobilis"
National anthem"Oh Pavia Parva, the Greatest of All"

Pavia (/pɑːˈvɪˈə/, officially the Principality of Pavia) is a maritime nation on CivMC located in the Lyrean Sea region of Vinteria, comprised of citizens of the former Free Republic of Gabon, as well as others.

The Principality of Pavia is an elective monarchy, with the six Dukes of Pavia making up the Privy Council that convenes to elect the Crown Prince of Pavia through a majority vote. The Crown Prince enjoys a wide breadth of powers domestically and abroad when representing the country on the international stage, with the head of state only being answerable to death whether it be natural or by assassination. Additionally to the Privy Council, all nobility and government members from across Pavia make up the Royal Court to discuss matters of state, diplomacy, and internal affairs.

The Principality's territory is divided into three distinct classes as outlined by the foundational law of the country, the Magna Pavia: Churchland, Crownland, and Dukedoms. These classes administrate their own territories with full authority and can only be superseded by the Crown Prince.

As of the 29th of August 2022, the Crown Prince of Pavia is His Supreme and Serene Highness, BritishWanderer III, elected by the Dukes on the 27th of August.

The Principality of Pavia is a founding member of both the Lyrean Community, and the Elysian Pact.


Pavia's Initial Claims on CivMC, established on the 3rd of June 2022

From the Founding of the State to the First Global Conflict

Founding of the State

On the 3rd of June 2022, many Pavians set off into a brave new world to search for their forever home. Their Graces, paagf & Creepi0n both found themselves lost in a river in the - , + quadrant for over an hour, whilst Cissonius of Braemar was sailing the vast middle ocean hoping for a sight of land. Duke of Windermere, Gobblin, was exploring southern regions across jungles and marshes hoping to wander into the supposed promised lands.

In the late morning hours of the 3rd, BritishWanderer I stumbled across lands now known as Auldmarche and began to explore, calling upon his fellow Dukes to join him in mapping out the surrounding territories. Upon exploring the initial claims, a debate ensued about whether Pavia was settling down too fast before scouting other regions of the map and whether there was a risk of missing out on a more suitable spot. To resolve this quandary, The Dukes of Pavia agreed to set a time, midday, by which if no finer land was found then the people of Pavia would settle on the landmasses found by BritishWanderer I. Midday came by and with plenty more lands prospected, it was concluded that the best lands were those that had already been discovered and charted. The people of Pavia swiftly made their way to the new lands and settlement sprung up inside of an expansive cave complex located on the northern tip of Auldmarche.

The Bureau of Architecture, led by Gobblin immediately began to survey the lands for a suitable Townhall spot, which required swaths of smooth land due to the size of the planned structure. Blueprints were drawn up for the Townhall, designed by the Duke of Vetranio, paagf, to be placed on the western portion of the 'Great Pavia' landmass and as such the people of Pavia ferried resources from the cave complex in Auldmarche to a new cavern closer to the planned cityscape.

As soon as the landmasses were fully explored, the Duke of Lugano immediately undertook the arduous task of signposting the entire shoreline to mark out the claim to dissuade any foreign settlers & scouts. This was later accompanied by a noteblock snitch network laid by BritishWanderer I. On the 4th of June, an island evdenvour led by Hitobashuru saw flags erected on all of Pavia's claimed islands.

In the afternoon of the 3rd, the Dukes of Pavia unanimously approved Pavia's Initial Claims and post them into the Pavia discord publicly.[1] The Bureau of Semiography posted an updated, illustrated, and more detailed map of the claims on the 4th.[2]

Later on in the day, the people of Griffin traversed through Pavian lands and settle north of the river, and both nations were joined by Lambat settling to the east on the 4th of June.[3]

Cave Life

The peoples of Pavia originally settled inside of a cave at the northern tip of Auldmarche, quickly extracting resources out of the cave walls and establishing storage rooms, as well as living areas. However once the Bureau of Architecture decided to construct the foundations of the Pavian capital on the western coast of the greater landmass, it was collectively agreed to move to a cavern closer to the site.

The newly settled cave, on the north western peak of the 'Great Pavia' landmass is an expansive cave, with it's roots extending as far as Auldmarche and as deep as bedrock. There are three entrances, two of which are commonly used and another that is utilised as a skylight for the cave's growing flora. Due to the cave's extensive underground networks, the people of Pavia gained mild riches and collections of build materials with ease, which aided greatly in speeding up the erection of the Town Hall foundations. The cave network continues to be Pavia's primary domestic source of quarried stone and other stone-related materials.

All citizens of Pavia from every social standing agreed to remain to inhabit the cave until the Townhall of Pavia was completed, and construction on the rest of the city could begin. Citizens endeavored to make the cave more homely, they primarily achieved this by introducing vast amounts of flora & fuana into the cave system, with a family of cows & sheep joining the cave inhabitants on the 5th of June. The peoples of Pavia began carving out inlets in the walls to make homes, with some of the grander dugouts hosting a kitchen, living room and bathrooms, for those that didn't have facilities of their own, a public toilet was established in the cave on the 11th of June.

The Pavian Tribune was the first firm to set up since the settlement of the cave, publishing their first article on June 5th. On the 11th of June, the great hole of Pavia came to host its first commercial property, a Topington shop which sold cobble, andesite, and prismarine. This shop was a popular hit and sell out frequently for the period that it was in operation.

Early Island Disputes

Quiet Isle

Although not originally surveyed in the 'initial claims map of Pavia', the people of Pavia soon discovered two islands directly to the west, just 150m from the mainland's shoreline. The then-Crown Prince, BritishWanderer I, immediately led an expedition to these isles, consisting of himself and Hitobashuru of the Semiography Bureau, hoping to claim the islands before another party did so. This matter was viewed as of importance as the isles themselves sit in direct line of sight to the town hall and planned city of Pavia, and any construction there was sure to impact the view and nature of the western coastline. Signs claiming the land were quickly erected across both islands, however their fears of another claimant were realised upon the discovery of a small hovel in a cave on the larger isle.

Later on in the day, on the 3rd of June, the western island's inhabitant contacted Pavians in local chat to inquire about the signs that had been placed around the shore. SeniorGryphon requested an audience with the Crown Prince to discuss the situation and the status of his island & Pavia. Discussions between the two were friendly and they broached a myriad of topics. SeniorGryphon revealed that he was unaware of the Pavian landmass, having only mapped up to his island before settling down. Whilst initially SeniorGryphon expressed mild interest in joining Pavia as a constituent country, it was eventually agreed that Gryphon was welcome to remain independent on his islands so long as the land was not granted to any foreign power in the future.

On the 6th of June, SeniorGryphon communicated that he was abandoning the island and moving to the - , - quadrant. As a result of this information, the Pavian government at the behest of BritishWanderer led another expedition to these islands, to plant three flags and more signage to reinforce Pavia's claim to the islands. Upon their arrival, they found numerous signs stating that the islands are haunted, these signs coupled with the dilapidated state of the lighthouse and surrounding terrain earned the larger island the moniker of 'Quiet Isle' for its eerie feeling.

Lucassio Islands

The Lucassio Islands are the largest and closest set of islands to the Pavian mainland, with the island chain itself spanning nearly 500 blocks north to south. These islands are numerous and spread out over a large sea-area, making patrolling and effectively snitching a challenge, with the island chain becoming a security issue almost immediately after their claiming.

On the 5th of June, snitch pings alerted the Pavian Nobility to an individual known as 'wiz_cheese' arriving on one of the northern Lucassio Islands, these pings continued for upwards of an hour before the first contact was initiated. The Duke of Windermere, Gobblin, was the first to reach out to wiz_cheese and enquire about their business, wiz responded that they were settling down on the islands and just constructing their home. Gobblin to avoid any issues offered wiz_cheese to relocate into Pavia and join as a citizen where he could live with others. wiz_cheese reportedly refused Gobblin's offer and the snitch pings continued.

As wiz_cheese had rejected calls to remove themselves from the island by Gobblin, the Crown Prince decided to gather up Gobblin & Hitobashuru to lead an operation to investigate what wiz was up to. Upon their arrival they found wiz_cheese breaking the Pavia flag that was flying on the northern island, and noticed that the shoreline & tops of the islands had been partially destroyed and terraformed away. Horrified at the sight, the Crown Prince asked wiz_cheese to vacate the islands, which wiz_cheese agreed to, recognizing that he was outnumbered and left the general area.

Gobblin returned back to the mainland whilst BritishWanderer and Hitobashuru attempted to repair the damage, and rebuild the flag. Hitobashuru also brought with them snitches that were used to reinforce the security of the Lucassio islands to further prevent any troubles from occurring again.

Merely 30 minutes later, snitches spotted wiz_cheese boating around the western shoreline of the Pavian mainland, assuming that he was looking for a new spot the Pavians ignored these pings. However, these pings were a sign of things to come, as eventually the Lucassio Island snitches lit up with sightings of mr cheese yet again at the Island that he had just griefed. As Hito & British were in the area, they quickly made their way back to the north island and upon being spotted by wiz, he boated away from the island. Hito and British began a pursuit in their own watercraft, beginning the first coast guard chase in Pavia. Immediately after hearing of the commotion, Gobblin got into his own vessel and joined the chase successfully. Wiz_cheese performed evasive maneuvers and at times, eluded the three pursuers in the vast western ocean. The hunt for wiz_cheese and the pursuit of his vehicle lasted almost 18 minutes before coming to its fatal end. The pursuit was written about in the Pavian Tribune and was one of it's first public articles.[4]

This sole event led the Crown Prince BritishWanderer I to enact a decree establishing the Pavian Coast Guard under the purview of the Duke of Braemar, Cissonius.[5]

Settlement Development & Construction of the Town Hall


On the 5th of June, the Bureau of Architecture under the leadership of the Duke of Winderemere, Gobblin, and the Duke of Vetranio, paagf, citizens would begin flattening and terraforming vast tracts of land in preparation for the construction of the town hall. This terraforming would be completed the following day and efforts would commence on the bricklaying.

Development of the area surrounding the cave would begin immediately, with progress on the project being faster than expected. Whilst, initially, the construction only grew 4 meters between the 5th and 9th of June, it gained pace rapidly, adding 11 meters to the town hall between the 9th and the 12th of June.

The Town Hall was finally completed on June 23rd 2022, marking Pavia's first megabuild.[6]

Lyrean Community

Main Article: Lyrean Community

Pavia was the main force behind conceptualizing and driving the Lyrean Community. On June 14th, it co-founded the organization with djani'hweh, Griffin, Moloka, Letos, and Lambat. Pavian player hitobashuru created the flag of the community.[7] The organization is focused on communal discussion, regional planning and defense, and co-operation between its signatories.

Pavia co-founded both the Lyrean Border Security Association[8] and the Lyrean Infrastructure Association.[9] It also introduced and pushed for the adoption of the Lyrean Community Resolution 1, a resolution condemning the obby-bombing of non-military targets and binding all community members to help clean up obby grief should an LC member fall victim to such attacks,[10] shortly after it, on its own, condemned the obby-bombing by Rhode Island on the Estalian 0,0 trade hub (cf. Estalia-Rhode Island War).[11]

Elysian Pact

Main Article: Elysian Pact

The Principality of Pavia was approached by Estalian officials on the 14th of July regarding a defensive pact and economic treaty with themselves, Pavia, Jorvik and SPQR. The Privy Council was consulted that evening, with the Dukes advising then Crown Prince, BritishWanderer II to draft a document to be discussed between all parties. The draft was accepted by the Privy Council via unanimous vote, and was then proposed to the other prospective nations of Estalia, Jorvik and SPQR where it was promptly accepted and signed on the 15th of July, formally creating the Elysian Pact. The naming convention for the Pact was short, and a name suggested by Estalia as 'Elysian Pact' was ultimately chosen via general consensus. On the 18th of August, hitobashuru of Pavia would create a flag for the Pact, which was adopted unofficially and displayed on the Elysian Pact wiki page.

First Global Conflict

Main Articles: Estalia - Rhode Island War, Pavian Theater

The newly elected Crown Prince, Gobblin I was barely 24 hours into his reign when the Estalia - Rhode Island conflict broke out on the 24th of July. The Principality's initial reaction was that of concern over potentially being dragged in via the defensive clause in the Elysian Pact,[12]the Pavian government recognised that it was woefully unprepared to defend itself from raiders and the like, especially as Estalian fighters would be distracted by the on-going war. The newly appointed diplomat to the Elysian Pact & Rhode Island, Duke of Bedford BritishWanderer, engaged both parties to express Pavia's neutrality and wish to remain uninvolved, this wish seemed to be respected by Capri of Rhode Island and by Estalia with their assurance to not invoke the defensive clause of the Elysian Pact.

The War Moves Closer to Pavia

On July 26th, the Pavia Tribune reported on a battle that occurred just 200m off of the western coast, the ensuing battle resulted in a Rhode Island causality. The Privy Council immediately sent their diplomat, BritishWanderer to demand answers from Estalia for this usage of Pavian land to further the conflict, as a result of these conversations, Estalia promised to avoid using Pavian territory to conduct military strategy going forward in the conflict. Rhode Island also contacted the Pavian Government for answers the same evening. [13]

As a result of the growing tensions and being sandwiched between two superpowers at war, on the 26th of July, the Crown Prince made the decision to outline the excavation of a bunker hole, so that the Pavian state could defend itself should the need arise. PvP training sessions were also ran by the Head of the Coastguard, Cissonius, using the newly concocted 'BritishWanderer Baseline' method where all trainees undertook a best of 3 fight with BritishWanderer to find their ranking within the Coastguard.

The citizens of Pavia rallied around digging out the 'trainstation' hole as it came to be affectionally named, the hole was dug out on the 28th of July[14] however it was fraught with controversy such as strikes[15], which resulted in the formation of Pavia's first worker's union.[16]Construction of the bedrock defensive infrastructure was completed on the 10th of August. The roof was lifted off of the bunker on the 10th of August, allowing sunlight to touch the bottom of the hole for the first time since excavation was commenced.

The Coast Guard apprehended an obby bomber and murderer who wreaked havoc in the city of the Grand Imperium on August 11th, taking his pearl back to the 'trainstation' bunker.[17] This pearl took up the current prison population up to 2, joining UnholyOutlaw in the spike, who was pearled by BritishWanderer for raiding SPQR.

Provocations by Rhode Island & The Construction of Terminus

In the early hours of the 1st of August, reports would come in that Estalia's 0,0 infrastructure, shops and statue were obby-bombed by Rhode Island militants[18], this marked a turning point in the war where controversial actions in war became more commonplace. The Principality of Pavia immediately sought to condemn these actions and urged that all countries should join in calling for a worldwide commitment to rule out any destruction of civilian infrastructure whilst continuing to call for a strong and durable peace between both countries in a post by Duke of Bedford, BritishWanderer. [19]

On the 12th of August, a Rhode Island fighter, Adderral, briefly crossed into Pavian land alongside RonPaul and engaged in breaking Pavian snitches which were surrounded in iron-reinforced obsidian. After the breaking of the snitch, they promptly tore up the surrounding lands and placed obsidian around the area. [20]The Pavian Government immediately responded by notifying it's allies and engaging in diplomatic talks with Thomas, now leader of Rhode Island, for answers on this unprovoked attack. The Pavian Government were unhappy with the response by the Rhode Island government, who felt that Thomas had attempted to justify these actions as falling under the scope of the greater conflict that Rhode Island was involved in with Estalia.[21]

This event sparked the government to partner with the Pavian institute to create the national threat level[22][23], the NTL was implemented to inform all citizens and outsiders of the potential chance of an attack on Pavian lands, and contains advice of what to undertake as an individual depending on the level. The national threat level was immediately raised to tier 4, Expected, upon its implementation.

On August the 13th, the Head of the Coastguard Cissonius, renamed the Pavian Bunker to 'Terminus' in-part due its proximity to the Pavian train station. The Skybunker of the Terminus bunker began construction the same day, and the cardinal waterdrops were completed.

Tensions would escalate on the same day when Adderral of Rhode Island was caught on radar scouting Terminus by using a stone skybridge to avoid snitches and scope out the infrastructure from the sky.[24] This action was coupled with obby bombing threats by Adderral and others of Rhode Island. The Privy Council once again sent their diplomat to Rhode Island, BritishWanderer, to Thomas in order to discuss this infraction and their relations going forward. Thomas and BritishWanderer eventually came to new terms regarding the neutrality of Pavia in the war. [25]

On August the 16th, the National Threat Level was raised to Certain, the highest tier, due to raised tensions and information that the government had received regarding Rhode Island's activities in the region. [26]

In the early hours of the 17th of August, five Rhode Island fighters faced off against a contingent of Estalians and Titan fighters in SPQR lands, with one causality on the Rhode Island side[27]. This further pushed the conflict towards Pavia's borders. After this skirmish, Rhode Island fighters were spotted snitching various portions of Pavia's landmass, and scouting the shoreline, once again breaking the instructions to remain out of Pavian territory.

Declaration of War & Pavia's Involvement

The leadership of Rhode Island changed once again on the 17th of August leaving Danirague in-charge of the nation, shortly after assuming sole leadership, they made a formal declaration of war on Pavia and it's allies public.[28] [29]Immediately following this post, Rhode Island fighters then bombed travel infrastructure connecting Pavia with its allies and re-entered Pavia to place more snitches.

Later the same day, Pavia instructed BritishWanderer to post Pavia's call to arms & declaration of war on Rhode Island. [30]The nation of Jorvik publicly answered the call, with a post of their own hours later. [31]

Rhode Island fighters subsequently decimated Pavian builds and lands with the spread of reinforced obby across the landscape, bombing indiscriminately. Although Pavian Coalition fighters attempted to catch them off numerous times, they continued to return throughout the evening and pile up obsidian, with some pillars of obsidian reaching 13 blocks high. Estalian forces attempted to put an end to the obby bombing, engaging in small skirmishes with Adderral & RonPaul in the north-west of Pavia, however to little effect as the obby bombings would continue until the north was littered with obsidian.

Further Engagements in the Pavian Theatre of the Conflict

When cleaning up obsidian on the western shoreline during the late evening of the 17th, Duke of Braemar Cissonius was set upon by 4 Rhode Island fighters, Cissonius was over 400m from the vault and without any reinforcements. He successfully kited back to Terminus, whilst a joint force of Estalian and Pavian fighters gave chase to the Rhode Island attackers, the Estalian portion of the defense force chased the assailants nearly 300m into the western ocean.

In the early hours of the 18th of August, a wooden skybridge was spotted circling the outside of the vault's snitch curtain and although there was no breach by RI fighters, Gobblin instructed Pavians to ramp up security around the skylimit area of Terminus to prevent further attacks. Later that morning the Crown Prince, Gobblin & Duke BritishWanderer would respond to an incursion by HOODRATSLAYA to the Pavian vault, they would engage in a small clash just south of the townhall, where HOODRAT would place more obsidian whilst kiting towards the coast. The two Pavians would be joined by Walkers from Estalia who would eventually drive HOODRAT into the western sea.

Come the morning of the 19th, Pavian forces made up of BritishWanderer & Gobblin alongside Estalian fighters of Walkers, ZibeKabir & Shadedoom, would clash on the north coast with Dollaz, HOODRATSLAYA and Hokkaido__ from Rhode Island. The Rhode Island aggressors would place obsidian, and repeatedly attempt to kite to a trap they had constructed on an outlying sand island. This battle would result in no causalities and end with the withdrawal of the Rhode Island fighters back to their Nation-state. Later on in the day, Aprillia2002 of RI would be spotted building yet another skybridge to the west of Terminus. They would immediately flee after being spotted on radar, dumping lava on the bridge in their retreat which would pour down in-front of the Pavian Townhall. This skybridge was promptly destroyed by the Dukes of Bedford and Lugano.

In the early hours of the 20th of August, reports came through to Elysian Pact high command that SPQR infrastructure was under assault by a contingent of Rhode Island forces, made up of Adderral, HOODRATSLAYA, RonPaul & Dollaz. Estalia took the initiative to assemble a sizable force of fighters from Pavia, Jorvik & Estalia to counter-attack RI in SPQR, led by S4NTA & Gregy165 and supported by BritishWanderer, Gobblin, Quinndolin, Stardarkness, thejkh, tomyy789. Upon the Estalian response force's arrival into SPQR, the Rhode Island fighters promptly fled west thought by the Estalian force to be fleeing back towards their home country. However, the Rhode Island forces would loop south by 2000 metres and land on the shores of Pavia which was left virtually undefended with most of the present Elysian Pact pvpers in southern SPQR, Walkers from Estalia engaged in a 4v1 clash in the fields of Pavia whilst the Elysian Pact force made it's way back down south, attempting to cut off any potential escape by the Rhode Islanders. The Rhode Island combatants, having successfully baited the Elysian Pact forces north and now back south, took flight back west towards Rhode Island before any causalities were realised.

Emergence of the Pavian Coalition and Continuation of the War

Following on from the initial Call to Arms by the Principality of Pavia[32], on the 21st of August, the Duke of Bedford renewed his call to arms in a new Reddit post, stating that, despite continued attacks by Rhode Island, "Pavia, the Principality, and our Coalition of allies remain standing strong, successfully holding the Lyrean front against all odds." BritishWanderer dubbed the group consisting of Pavia, its allied countries as well as individuals who help it as the Coalition or the Pavian Coalition.[33]

Pavia saw an influx of donations from across the world stage, from nations to individuals and organisations such as the Red Cross lending a material hand.[34]

The 28th of August would see another incursion by Rhode Island, TheKingCacti pushed into Pavia himself and ultimately overextended resulting in his pearling by Estalian fighter, S4NTA. [35]It was another week until the next incursion by Rhode Island into Pavia took place. In the early hours of the10th of September, Adderal rushed into the bedrock area of the Terminus Vault and attempted to break entry pressure plates and doors on the west side of the vault before quickly retreating upon response by Pavian and Estalian fighters.

The Last Stand

The incursion by Adderal would be followed up on the 11th of September, with a large contingent of Rhode Island fighters returning to Pavia. The Rhode Islanders created an attack tunnel which ran from RI claims to the Pavian Vault, using this tunnel to remain undetected by snitches and coalition fighters, they quickly broke city bastions around the western claim and destroyed multiple vault bastions at bedrock. Upon the realisation of the attack, Estalia quickly mobilised 10 of their fighters to counter the offensive, and engaged in combat. The tight spaces and broken bastions, allowing Rhode Islanders to place reinforced blocks of their own, resulted in the loss of JKH, an Estalian fighter. Rhode Island withdrew as a group with the pearl back to their home country.

Pavia had not yet had to time to examine the damage that Rhode Island had laid to the vault, with the Pavian Government only receiving reports from Estalia noting the loss of a pvper and multiple crucial bastions, Estalia advised Pavia to retreat and abandon the vault as soon as possible believing the defense of the Terminus Vault to be untenable. Multiple Pavians would begin ferrying resources from the vault towards Estalia, with masses of materials being dropchested outside of the country.

The defenders received not a moments rest before the Rhode Island force would be spotted arriving at the vault again, some Pavians engaged in burning masses of double-chests of potions in expectation of the vault being broken within the next few hours. The government would instruct all citizens to stuff their inventories of material and evacuate to Estalia immediately. The arrival of an intoxicated Crown Prince, BritishWanderer III, marked a turn in the morale situation of the defenders, instructing the citizenry that he would remain at the Terminus Vault and not retreat no matter the state of the battle. Quickly joined by Cissonius, Tvman999 and Hitobashuru, they would bow at the attackers through the doors of the vault, buying time for other defenders to rally to their side. The few Pavians inside the walls would chant "“There's only four of us. We'll die alone, we'll die together, but we'll die as Pavians, and that's what matters!” repeatedly at the aggressors. The Crown Prince issued another call to arms to all citizenry and allies to defend the vault to the last man, the vault eventually became filled with coalition fighters, although the defenders were without any potions due to the mass-burning that had occurred an hour earlier. With the arrival of reinforcements from Estalia and a large cohort of Pavians, the five aggressors, significantly outnumbered, retreated using their attack tunnel. [36]

As a result of this near-death clash, the Crown Prince issued the No Surrender Decree, remarking 'Pavia is in our lifeblood, the very essence of this nation from the ground up courses through our veins, and without Pavia we shall be nothing but wandering drifters without a purpose. Pavia cannot fall without a fight, a fight which I shall see lasts until every one of us has shed blood in the name of our fine Principality. We shall stand strong, linked arm in arm, beekeepers standing with Lords, Dukes standing with miners, and everyone standing alongside the Crown Prince.'[37]

This assault quickly became meme-ified in Pavian culture, revolving around the confusion and quick turn-around of events, especially regarding the drunken nature of the defenders that engulfed the voice-chat during the events. [38][39][40]

A copycat attack would take place on the 13th of September by Rhode Island, with Adderral, Ez2clutch, CostcoFruits and Hangoverd storming the bedrock of the Terminus Vault, however the attackers would quickly be repelled by a large cohort of coalition fighters, with the skirmish leaving minimal damage to Pavia.

Conclusion of the Pavia - Rhode Island War

The 17th of September began with an attack on Pavian soil led by Dollaz and joined by CostcoFruits and MrFlipkin, they bored a tunnel south of the Town Hall and laid an obsidian trap below the surface. They were quickly set on by Pavian & Estalian fighters, led by Walkers & Gobblin who routed the Rhode Islanders back to their country.

Late Afternoon of the 17th, it was announced that multiple individuals had been banned by the administration of CivMC, and many of those banned were members of Rhode Island. Coalition forces immediately capitalised on this news and began an attack on the Rhode Island vault, with barely any defenders and light skirmishes, the coalition forces breezed through bastions and quickly reached the centre of the Rhode Island vault within a matter of hours.[41]

Once into the centre of the vault, the coalition forces freed all the held pearls and began to destroy the military infrastructure to prevent it falling into outsider hands. Peace, and cries of the war being over were quickly announced by coalition nations, including that of the Principality of Pavia. Crown Prince BritishWanderer III announced 'The War Is Over', remarking 'With a coalition of unlikely allies from across the server, united by a desire to simply play and prosper on this server and this genre as it always has been, we have held out, and we have won.

Pavia promised that we would never forget the support of our allies, and we hold true to that. We owe every last one of you an enormous debt, one which we shall spend the rest of this server's lifespan repaying. Whatever shape the postwar world takes, Pavia pledges to safeguard peace, building, diplomacy, politics, trade, and to challenge this shittery wherever it arises.'[42]

Post-War in the Principality

As soon as the global conflict concluded, the people of Pavia immediately began cleaning the obby grief that littered the fields, shores and the western viaduct.

Duchies of Pavia

Flag Coat of Arms Duchy Incumbent Duke Location Lower Nobility Coat of Arms Name Incumbent Ruler
Bedford Flag.png
Bedford CoA Crowned.png
Britishwanderer III
Locator Bedford.png
Lower Nobility

of Bedford

CoA San Selano.png
Seigneury of San Selano
Seigneur hitobashuru
CoA Artega.png
County of Artega
Count CedarValiant
Braemar Flag.png
Braemar CoA Crowned.png
Cissonius I
Locator Braemar.png
Lower Nobility

of Braemar

Caesaria Flag.png
Caesaria CoA Crowned.png
CaesarBiggles I
Locator Caesaria.png
Lower Nobility

of Caesaria

Lugano Flag.png
Lugano CoA Crowned.png
Creepi0n I
Locator Lugano.png
Lower Nobility

of Lugano

CoA Tirana.png
March of Tirana
Marquis Thraldrek
CoA Khugdir.png
Hold of Khugdihr
Marcher Lord tvman999
Vetranio Flag.png
Vetranio CoA Crowned.png
paagf I
Locator Vetranio.png
Lower Nobility

of Vetranio

Windermere Flag.png
Windermere CoA Crowned.png
Gobblin I
Locator Windermere.png
Lower Nobility

of Windermere

CoA Lucassio.png
Barony of South Lucassio
Baroness SandFalls


Map of land use within Pavia, current as of 19th September 2022.

Crown Prince

The Crown Prince of Pavia is recognized as the Head of State and is entrusted with supreme legislative, judicial, and executive powers.[43]

Crown Prince Elections in Pavia

The Crown Prince of Pavia is elected by a majority of the Dukes no sooner than every four weeks and no later than every 10 weeks.

Dice Day

The wide breadth in time between electable periods is due to the Pavian National 'Dice Day'. After four weeks of rule, the Crown Prince must partake in Dice Day; a randomized dice-based system that will determine when they 'die', and their reign ends. Every Saturday after the 4th week, the crown prince must choose a number off of a 6-sided die and roll the dice, should their chosen number appear then they are deemed dead by the state and an election for a new Crown Prince is held immediately. Should the Crown Prince's number not appear, then they are safe from death until the next Saturday when they must roll again. However, this time picking two numbers, as the number of numbers picked each Dice Day shall correspond to the number of Dice Days they have endured in their current reign. For instance, if it was the Crown Prince's 3rd Dice Day then they will pick 3 separate numbers off of the dice, giving them just a 50% chance of survival.

For the first two Crown Princes, the reign length of the Monarch lasted six weeks before dice days would take place, however this was changed by unanimous vote at the end of BritishWanderer II's tenure via the Crown Prince Reign Length Amendment, II (C.010). The new reign length is an initial 4 weeks, followed by dice days every Saturday afterwards.

Dice Day Chance of Death Total Reign Length Deaths
#1 17% 28 days N/A
#2 33% 35 days CoA Windermere.png Gobblin I
#3 50% 42 days CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer I*
#4 67% 49 days CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer II**
#5 83% 56 days N/A
#6 100% 63 days N/A

* This reign occurred prior to the reign length changes. BritishWanderer I would pass on their first dice day.

** This reign occurred prior to the reign length changes. Due to a calculation error, BritishWanderer II would only serve 42 total days as his first dice day was scheduled to be a week earlier than it should have been - this was upheld by the Dukes however and the process continued, with the Crown Prince dying on his 'second' dice day, with the 'actual' intended reign standing at 49 total days.

Election Process

Elections are to be done anonymously, with each Duke informing the State Tabulator privately of their desired candidate for Crown Prince. If no Duke reaches the threshold of a ducal majority, or if there is a tie, then the State Tabulator presents the anonymized vote tally to the Dukes, and voting shall continue in the same manner until a majority is reached. Within this system, elections for Crown Prince may go on for multiple rounds until a candidate is chosen.

Elections always take place on a Saturday, and in the event of a legal assassination of the Crown Prince, the election would be held on the nearest Saturday.

State Tabulator

The State Tabulator is elected unanimously by the Dukes and shall serve indefinitely until their removal or replacement.

List of Elections

Election State Tabulator Candidates Votes
April 30th 2022 CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer I, Duke of Bedford 4
CoA Windermere.png Gobblin, Duke of Windermere 2
Britishwanderer I died on his first Dice day, 11th June 2022
June 11th 2022 CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer II, Duke of Bedford 5
CoA Windermere.png Gobblin, Duke of Windermere 1
Britishwanderer II died on his second Dice day, 23rd July 2022
July 23rd 2022 CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru CoA Windermere.png Gobblin I, Duke of Windermere 2 3 4
CoA Lugano.png Creepi0n, Duke of Lugano 3 3 2
CoA Vetranio.png Paagf, Duke of Vetranio 1
Gobblin I died on his second Dice day, 27th August 2022
August 27th 2022 CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer III, Duke of Bedford 6

Pavian Laws

List of Privy Council Votes

The Privy Council of Pavia is a voting and discussion body made up of all reigning Dukes of Pavia. Generally it operates on majority vote, in the exception of constitutional laws and amendments.

Italicized names indicate a non-Duke.
Formal Title Number Date Proposer Author(s) For Against Result Notes
Establishment of Election Procedure
29th April 2022
CoA Windermere.png Gobblin CoA Windermere.png Gobblin
CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
This vote established the election system for the Crown Prince of Pavia.
29th April 2022
CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru

CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer

CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
The Magna Pavia is the bedrock of the nation-state, establishing the

system of governance and the institutions that make up Pavia.

Appointment of the State Tabulator Act
30th April 2022
CoA Windermere.png Gobblin CoA Windermere.png Gobblin
CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
This appointment was given to Hitobashuru who counted up the

Duke's votes for the first national election of Pavia.

Reign of BritishWanderer I
Lugano Amendment
15th May 2022
CoA Lugano.png Creepi0n CoA Lugano.png Creepi0n
CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
This vote of approval officially legitimised the new name

for the Duchy of Lugano in the Magna Pavia

28th May 2022
CoA Caesaria.png CaesarBiggles CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru
CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
This vote officially endorsed Hitobashuru's legal essay establishing the tradition

of sovereign unanimity and the basis of a Pavian legal system

Churchland Preservation Amendment
31st May 2022
CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer
CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
CoA Caesaria.png
This vote settled the discussion if Churchland in its current form

should retain as one of the three land holding estates.

Churchland Extension Amendment
1st June 2022
CoA Lugano.png Creepi0n CoA Vetranio.png paagf
CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
This vote settled the discussion encouraged by paagf if the Churchland

should be extended to include other subjects as e.g. embassies, companies

and/or some kinds of public infrastructure.
1st June 2022
CoA Lugano.png Creepi0n CoA Vetranio.png paagf

CoA Lugano.png Creepi0n

CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
This Act redefined the powers and scope of Churchland of Pavia,

and deemed there to be no official state religion, allowing all citizens to choose freely.

3rd June 2022
CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru

CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer

CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
This unanimous vote established the claims of the Principality of Pavia on CivMC.
Caesaria Amendment
6th June 2022
CoA Lugano.png Creepi0n CoA Caesaria.png CaesarBiggles
CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
This vote of approval officially legitimised the new name for the

Duchy of Caesaria in the Magna Pavia.

Lyrean Community Act
8th June 2022
CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer
CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
This vote of approval legitimated the Crown Princes intentions to

become a founding member of the Lyrean Community.

Lyrean Ambassador Act
8th June 2022
CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer
CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
This vote officially appointed Hitobashuru as the Pavian Ambassador

to the Lyrean Community.

Reign of BritishWanderer II
Lyrean Charter Ratification Act
12th June 2022
CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru
CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
This vote of approval legitimatized Pavia's ratification of the

Charter of the Lyrean Community.

In Feudium Endorsement Act
13th June 2022
CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer CoA Caesaria.png CaesarBiggles
CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
This vote officially endorsed AidenVonLoopy's legal essay on

feudal titles and their use in the Pavian feudal system.

National Armorial Act
13th June 2022
CoA Lugano.png Creepi0n CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru
CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
This vote established the Pavian National Coat of Arms system as

created and designed by Hitobashuru, Royal Semiographer.

Crown Prince Reign Length Amendment, I
24th June 2022
CoA Lugano.png Creepi0n CoA Lugano.png Creepi0n
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
This vote proposed to amend the Magna Pavia at paragraphs §2.4 and §2.4.1

to shorten the reign of Crown Princes from six to four weeks.

Crown Prince Reign Length Amendment, II
26th June 2022
CoA Vetranio.png paagf CoA Vetranio.png paagf

CoA Lugano.png Creepi0n

CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
Identical to the previous failed proposal, however with a clause

indicating that the four-week reign rule would only come into affect after the reign of the incumbent Britishwanderer II.

Elysian Pact Ratification Act
14th July 2022
CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer
CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
This vote endorsed the signing of the mutual defense treaty 'Elysian Pact'.
Reign of Gobblin I
Majorities Clarification Amendment
23rd August 2022
CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer
CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
Amending the Magna Pavia for greater clarity about Crown Prince elections needing a

majority vote, not simply a plurality. This was to reflect the existing precedent of Crown Princes

being elected via majorities only.
Reign of BritishWanderer III
31st August 2022
CoA Bedford.png Britishwanderer CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru
CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
Distinguished clearly between Amendments, Acts, and Decrees,

and created a standardized system of titling, numbering, and formatting for

Pavian legislation. Retroactively renamed most previous laws to meet the new system.
27th September 2022
CoA Braemar.png Cissonius CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru

CoA Braemar.png Cissonius

CoA Bedford.png CoA Braemar.png CoA Lugano.png
CoA Caesaria.png CoA Vetranio.png CoA Windermere.png
Formally incorporated the Coast Guard as the military force of the Principality of Pavia,

with a sovereign "Institution" status equivalent to the Bureaus of Architecture and


Crown Prince Decrees

Formal Title Number Date Crown Prince Author(s) Status Notes
Reign of BritishWanderer I
Coast Guard Establishment Decree D.01.01 5th June 2022 CoA Bedford.png BritishWanderer I CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru ACTIVE Founded in response to the imminent threat of criminals trying to gain a foothold on Pavian soil.
Reign of BritishWanderer II
Fortifying Our at-Risk Territories (FORT) Decree D.02.01 15th June 2022 CoA Bedford.png BritishWanderer II CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru ACTIVE Delineated Pavia's territorial waters in response to continuing threats to Pavian borders, shores and islands.
Wildlife and Natural Environment Protection Decree D.02.02 13th July 2022 CoA Bedford.png BritishWanderer II CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru ACTIVE Established a legal framework for conserving and protecting Pavian nature and wildlife.
Protected Species Decree D.02.03 13th July 2022 CoA Bedford.png BritishWanderer II CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru ACTIVE Defining the actual species protected under the powers of the Wildlife and Natural Protection Act.
Security Transparency Decree D.02.04 13th July 2022 CoA Bedford.png BritishWanderer II CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru ACTIVE Expanded citizen access to national security infrastructure.
Coast Guard Regulation Decree D.02.05 13th July 2022 CoA Bedford.png BritishWanderer II CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru ACTIVE Instituted a meritocratic promotion system and training regimen for the Pavian Coast Guard.
Reign of Gobblin I
Ambassadorial Appointments Decree[45] D.03.01 29th July 2022 CoA Windermere.png Gobblin I CoA Windermere.png Gobblin OVERTURNED Appointed ambassadors to the Elysian Pact/Rhode Island, Lyrean Community, Lusitania/Lambat,

Nara/New Danzilona, and the MDSC.

Labour Duke Decree[46] D.03.02 3rd August 2022 CoA Windermere.png Gobblin I CoA Windermere.png Gobblin ACTIVE Appointed Duke CaesarBiggles I to coordinate with Pavian unions and organized labour.
Bee Workday Decree[47] D.03.03 11th August 2022 CoA Windermere.png Gobblin I CoA Windermere.png Gobblin ACTIVE Extended the workday of the Common Pavian Bee to 18 hours per day.
Reign of BritishWanderer III
Ambassadorial Appointments Decree, II D.04.01 5th September 2022 CoA Bedford.png BritishWanderer III CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru ACTIVE Reshuffled the Ambassadorial cabinet established by D.03.01.
Official Secrets Decree D.04.02 5th September 2022 CoA Bedford.png BritishWanderer III CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru ACTIVE Established a four-tier framework of Classified Information for national security purposes.
Common Land Decree D.04.03 6th September 2022 CoA Bedford.png BritishWanderer III CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru ACTIVE Established an area of 'Common Land' permitting regulation-free building for all citizens of Pavia.
No Surrender Decree D.04.04 11th September 2022 CoA Bedford.png BritishWanderer III CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru ACTIVE Decreed that the Pavian vault is to be defended unto the very end by all Pavians, without any retreat.
National Holidays Decree D.04.05 24th September 2022 CoA Bedford.png BritishWanderer III CoA San Selano Lesser.png Hitobashuru ACTIVE Establishing a calendar of national holidays for Pavia.


Before the recognition of the claims of Pavia, the official state religion was to be the Church of t.

This, however, changed with the law "Expounding the concept of Churchland" which was passed on June 1st.[48] The law puts the current system in place, allowing multiple Churches to be recognized within Pavia (with an official state religion within Pavia being explicitly prohibited), and for every Church to own Churchland, given to it either by a Duke (from their Ducal territory) or from the Crown Prince (from Crownland).

The allowed Churches are chosen by the Crown Prince, but are not subject to them or any Duke, but rather a part of the larger Pavian state. While the Churchland may be redistributed by the Crown Prince and the Churches must seek permission from the Bureau of Architecture in order to build in their Churchland, it may administer the land as it wished, and the aforementioned Bureau is excluded from building or, de-jure, enforcing a build-style in Churchland.

The only currently recognized Church in Pavia is the Church of Sun, Horse and Man, who has been granted a Churchland, known as the Holy Land of the Sun on Earth, to the very south of Pavia, in Auldmarche.[49]
The Pavia Naming Convention occurred shortly after the first settlement was established on the landmass, these names would be enshrined in law with the passage of the 'Establishing Pavia's claims on CivMC Act'

Institutions of Pavia

The Institutions of Pavia are the established bodies deemed of vital importance to the health of the Principality, and as such the institutions along with their bureau heads are enshrined in the Constitution, requiring a unanimous vote to overhaul them.

Bureau of Semiography

The Bureau of Semiography is responsible for designing and maintaining all heraldic symbols, coats of arms, and flags. The position of the Royal Semiographer is currently inhabited by Hitobashuru, Seigneur of San Selano.

The Heraldry of Pavia is under the purview of the Bureau of Semiography, which is currently led by Hitobashuru. Hitobashuru has been responsible for creating the Coat of Arms for 6 Dukedoms, and 1 Seigneury. The CoAs are made with continual advice from the noble and are made to reflect their traditions, colours, and their attributes.

Bureau of Architecture

The Bureau of Architecture is responsible for outlining, innovating upon, and enforcing the build-style of Pavia. They also maintain control over city planning within established urban areas. The position of Head of Architecture is currently inhabited by Gobblin, Duke of Windermere.

Governmental offices

Pavian Coast Guard

The Pavian Coast Guard was first established in June 2022 by Crown Prince BritishWanderer I. in response to the imminent threat of criminals trying to gain a foothold on Pavian soil. He handed over the Head of Office to Cissonius, Duke of Braemar, endowing the office with extended rights and powers. The Office currently is still active.

On July 13th, 2022, BritishWanderer II reinforced the Pavian Coast Guard by passing the Coast Guard Regulation Act. This Act instituted a meritocratic promotion system and training regimen for members of the Coast Guard.

Crown Princes of Pavia

The Crown Princes are elected by the Privy Council, which is made of every Duke of Pavia. The Dukes vote anonymously by messaging the State Tabulator their choice for Crown Prince, their choice must be a reigning Duke to be counted as valid. The State tabulator then counts the votes, should a candidate receive a simple majority then the election is concluded and they are crowned as the ruler of Pavia until their death. If no candidate reaches a majority of ducal votes in the first round, the State Tabulator shall make every Duke aware of the anonymous tally, and then ask for everyone to submit their votes again, this process repeats until a Duke reaches the majority needed to ascend to the position of Crown Prince.



Duration of


Portrait Country Arms House Arms Death House Acts & Decrees Passed Other Accomplishments / Notable Events
BritishWanderer I

'The Navigator'

April 30th 2022


June 11th 2022

43 days

(9 days server time)

Pavia CoA Bedford.png
Bedford CoA Crowned.png
June 11th 2022
1st Dice Day
House Wanderer
  • Solidified the Magna Pavia and the nation's legal tradition
  • Established Pavia's Claims
  • Set up the Lyrean Community
BritishWanderer I, known as BritishWanderer 'The Navigator' for his efforts in scouting & exploring the mainland of Pavia on server start, was a Pavian Crown Prince who ruled from April 30th to June 11th, 2022.

Although his reign only lasted for 9 days of server time, his reign was instrumental in implementing the foundation of the state and outlining the precedent & the tradition for the legal system of the Principality. BritishWanderer I would go on to commit significant efforts towards improving relations with Pavia's neighbours in the region and would eventually initiate the Lyrean Community alongside Hitobashuru, the latter of whom would be appointed Pavia's Ambassador to the Lyrean Community.

The Privy Council of Pavia would vote on 9 separate instances during his reign, and as such BritishWanderer would spend a sizable portion of his reign debating the precedent of the Constitution as well as Churchland and the powers of the Estates within Pavia.

In-game, The Crown Prince would spend their time assisting workers in gathering resources for the construction of the Town Hall and securing Pavia's border with an expansive snitch network. BritishWanderer I would be involved in Pavia's first criminal boat chase which would lead to him signing a law to establish the Coast Guard to defend the coast & territorial waters of the Principality.

BritishWanderer II

'The Lawgiver'

June 11th 2022


July 23rd 2022

43 days
Britishwanderer IIPortraitPavia.png
Pavia CoA Bedford.png
Bedford CoA Crowned.png
July 23rd 2022
2nd Dice Day
House Wanderer
  • Claimed Pavia's Territorial Waters
  • Protected Pavian wildlife
  • Signed the Elysian Pact
BritishWanderer II, known as BritishWanderer 'The Lawgiver' for his extensive decrees and diplomatic efforts, was a Pavian Crown Prince who reigned over the Principality from June 11th 2022 to July 23rd 2022.

The Crown Prince's reign followed in the footsteps of his predecessor and would expand upon decrees previously passed such as the Establishment of the Pavian Coast Guard Act, with its subsequent reinforcement in the Coast Guard Regulation Act. BritishWanderer II would extend Pavia's diplomatic scope beyond the Lyrean Community, by engaging, drafting, and eventually signing the mutual defense treaty named the Elysian Pact with Jorvik, SPQR, and Estalia. The Crown Prince would continue to focus on the Lyrean Community however, with the establishment of the Infrastructure Association between Pavia, Lambat & Mehri. As well as pushing for the addition of the Grand Imperium into the Community.

Internally, BritishWanderer II would make environmental protections the cornerstone of his reign, with the passage of the Wildlife and Natural Environmental Protection Act and the Protected Species Act. In-game, the Crown Prince would assist in completing the western rail viaduct, and begin work on the station foundations. He would spend over 400 diamonds during his rule on building materials and nearly 1000 diamonds on acquiring protection armour and weapons for the fledging Principality.

Gobblin I

'The Defender'

July 23rd 2022


August 27th 2022

35 days
CoA Pavia Windermere.png
Windermere CoA Crowned.png
August 27th 2022
2nd Dice Day
House Gobbonia
  • Ambassadorial Appointments Decree[45]
  • Labour Duke Decree[46]
  • Bee Workday Decree[47]
  • Appointed Diplomats to over 10+ Nations
  • Appointed a Duke for Labour
  • Oversaw Pavia's inclusion into the Estalia - Rhode Island Conflict
Gobblin I, known as Gobblin 'The Defender' for their extensive defensive works projects and their rallying of the Pavian peoples, was a Pavian Crown Prince who reigned over the Principality from July 23rd 2022 to August 27th 2022.

The Crown Prince's reign would, within 24 hours of being elected, be utterly focused on the Estalia - Rhode Island conflict and the necessary preparations that the Principality of Pavia had to undertake as a result of it. Gobblin I would oversee the excavation and construction of the Terminus vault, and multiple incursions and eventual declaration of war by Rhode Island on Pavia. No Pavian would lose their life during this reign, mainly due to the temperament and planning of the Crown Prince, and his ability to delegate diplomacy & wartime activities effectively and efficiently.

In-game, The Crown Prince spent their time assisting in the construction of innumerable defenses, building the Terminus vault, and improving snitch security throughout Pavia. Outside of the conflict, the Crown Prince would complete the erection of the Pavian Grand Station, and finish planting the courtyard's extensive gardens.

BritishWanderer III

August 27th 2022


Pavia CoA Bedford.png
Bedford CoA Crowned.png
House Wanderer
  • Pushed for the Standardization of Legislature
  • Saw Pavia's Victory in the Estalia - Rhode Island Conflict


Building Style

Monuments of Pavia

The Grand Townhall of Pavia
The Train Station & Viaducts


Pavian Propaganda during the First Global Conflict


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