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The Continent of Deluvia, commonly called just Deluvia, is a Geographical Region on CivMC, located entirely within the -,+ or Southwest quadrant. It is sparsely populated, but does have several rail lines going throughout the continent.

The name Deluvia was voted upon by the leaders of the various nations on the continent in the CivMC South-West Forum discord. Other possible names included Borealium, Georgia, Hvadjord, and Pawtropica, although only Pawtropica really gained traction.

List of Nations

Active Nations
Name of nation/territory Other names Capital Form of Government Head of State Alliance
 Imperial Federation IF Imperia Constitutional Monarchy, Federation King Jalhf * Meridiem Compact
* Four Continent Concordat
Otonabee Otonabee ? ? Binchymonkey
Thorian Flag1.png Thoria ? ? ?

Former and Inactive Nations

Name of nation Other names Capital Form of Government Head of Government Alliance
Anor Londo X Anorlondo Anor Londo X Theocracy None
Cooperative Commonwealth of Tenants' Toil CCTT ? Georgist Commonwealth Republic Plupsnup International League of Assistance
Myra Aristocratic Beuracracy AvaniSpades International League of Assistance
 Hyperborean Confederation HC, Hyperborea Other Demorcratic Confederation SpacemanSpleef Meridiem Compact
Leibniz Confederation Leibniz ? ? ?
Tortuga None Tortuga Dictatorship FE_Flags None



Deluvia is primarily snow and ice biomes, making it good for growing beetroots and potatoes, and not much else. Some biomes, primarily in Leibniz, are able to grow more.

Bodies of Water

Leona Sea

Divides the Meridiem Sea from the Southern Sea, it sits west of the Leona Bay, and south of the Lebniz Confederation.

Meridiem Sea

A sea on the eastern side of the contient, it borders the Hyperborean Confederation, the Imperial Federation on the Deluvian side, and Venne on the Alenarith side. The sea is named after the Meridiem Compact, as all members sit around it, and they were all founded on this Sea.

Southern Sea

The Southern Sea is a massive ocean in the western hemisphere that sits north of Deluvia and south of the Western Continent. It stretches from the southwestern world-border to the Leona Sea. The ocean is home to many island nations such as United Tribes of the Southern Sea, the Western Boundary ( 境界の西部共和国 ), Leibniz Confederation, as well as a few exclaves and territories from nearby nations.

Like the Medi Sea, the Southern Sea is also arguably an ocean, due to its size and borders.

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