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Outdated Map of Moloka
Capital cityBraxos
GovernmentOne-Party State
• Zafiro & Leader
• Zafiro
• Zafiro
Foundation date10 Oct 2019
MottoAutarky 100%

Moloka, officially named Moloka al Adina, was a sovereign independent nation located in the northern part of the continent in CivRealms 2.0. It was bordered to its southwest by Savaguard Unitas, as well as I.C.O.R. to its southeast, and Agotep to its north. The majority of the territory in Moloka, including its capital Braxos, was located in the valley formed between by the mountain range of High Atlas in the south, and a smaller mountain range in the north. Tributaries from the mountain ranges converge into the Saraswat River which flows west through Braxos to lake, Lanhu.


First Settlement

The first settlement of Moloka was present-day capital, Braxos.

One Day War

EZ War

Moloka suffered serious casualties and destruction as a result of assaults from the EZ2Crew. Moloka survived the war, but was launched into a long period of decay marked by the destruction of the capital, loss of player base, and dissolution of the Molokan Commonwealth.

The Molokan Renaissance

Moloka had begun to rebuild itself following the horrors of the EZ Conflict. A new player base had been building in the recently founded town of Stonegate. Stonegate has been pursuing newfriends vigorously, leading to its fast rise. This sudden boom town had seemingly brought Moloka back into relevance in the server.

Additionally, there had been major reconstructions in the capital city of Braxos, and plans to repopulate the city can be expected to follow.


First Government

The Molokan government was functionally a council (The Supreme Authority) of the Sapphire, the Pale Diamond and The Amber. All of these positions held relevance to different sections within Molokan society.

At the discretion of the Supreme Authority, towns were allowed to elect governors to assist in petty administration and day to day affairs.

Second Government

The 2nd Molokan Government was very similar to the first one, with the differences being that the Supreme Authority was now compromised of several Zafiro's acting as the executive body of the nation.

Third & Current Government

Internal Administration

Moloka was divided into 5 provinces: Braxos, Darklore, Nagaya, Tirisfol, and Val'zara.

Province Capital City
Braxos Braxos
Darklore None (Administered by Braxos)
Nagaya Winnetuit
Tirisfol StoneGate
Val'zara None (Administered by Braxos)
Molokan administrative districts as of August 31st, 2020.

Geopolitical Situation

Molokan Commonwealth

Moloka formed a loose union state with several surrounding nations known as the Commonwealth of Moloka, these nations were aligned with Moloka militarily and politically. They were Moloka itself, Unitas, Aurora and the Teutonic Order. The Commonwealth existed until it was dissolved by its members during the EZ Conflict.

Relations With Others

Moloka maintained cordial but neutral relations with most nations on the map, Varathia had a closer relationship to Moloka as a result of shared interests and cooperation. In contrast, the former belligerent nations during the One Day War and their descendants had chilly and sometimes outright hostile relations to Moloka.

Culture & Religion

Moloka mainly practiced Indoja, a polytheistic religion widely practiced in Adina, and Arellani. With a belief in many deities and spirits, including the belief that spirits are found in non-human beings and objects such as animals, the waves, and the sky. It includes a number of religious traditions with a loose sense of interconnection, A notable feature of Indoja, is that it does not originate from one prophet or teacher. The earliest record of Indoja teaching is found in the Realm of Estara server circa 2009 but many indoja claim that Indojic tradition is as old as the game itself, being based upon eternal truths, which have no mortal source.

Within Moloka, Indojic tradition was largely dedicated to the worship of Dahe, the great river spirit of the Saraswat.


Braxos served as the capital of Moloka and is located in the center of the valley, on the Saraswat. Braxos was the cultural center of Moloka, with the city itself being built in the traditional Molokan architecture style.

Government in Braxos

Since its founding in October, Braxos had had a governor to oversee the city. The responsibility of government was assumed by the Zafiro Maxpowerboy, however due to the Zafiro's mounting responsibilities, it was declared that the Governorship would become an elected position. Governors served in 1 Month terms and are elected by the People of Braxos.

No. Image Name Term of Office
Maxpowerboy 10th October


9th December


1 Month, 30 Days

(60 days total)

LOW_REZZ 9th December


8th January


30 Days
3 iakwai 8th January


8th Febuary


30 Days
4 Supreme Authority


8th Febuary


18th May


3 Months, 10 Days

(100 days total)

5 Egi 18th May


Incumbent 1523 Days


StoneGate from the east, September 1st, 2020

StoneGate was a large town located on the western edge of Moloka near Tallum in Norlund. It was founded on April 16th, 2020 by JP_0309 and boywar3, growing quickly from a singular community building to a walled town with significant investment from Braxos and the Molokan government.

Current Leader JP_0309
Founding Date April 16, 2020
Major Exports Military Equipment, Wheat, Potatoes
Population 9