Walled City of Surmadri

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City State of Surmadri
Shatter Star \ Surmas Council Insignia
Location-4800, +7300
Capital citySurmadri
National Colors
  Deep Saffron
GovernmentDirect Democratic State
• Governing Body
The People's Council of Surmadri
• State Founder
• Current Council Representative
Foundation date12 January 2023

The City-State of Surmadri was previously a state in the western Imperial Federation founded on the 12th of January, 2023. It formed during a period of relative emptiness in the Western regions of the Federation, primarily built to serve as a hub for the mainland. However, since the Imperial Federation Secession Crisis, the city of Surmadri has remained separated from the Imperial Federation.

Beliefs and Fundamentals

The 5 Pillars and Shatter Star

The state of Surmadri and it's people adhere to 5 pillars of understanding, represented in the shatter star, the national symbol. Preservation, Self-Sustainment, Diplomacy, Compromise and Security.


Imperial Federation Involvement

Surmadri, over the course of it's inclusion in the Federation, had been involved involved in a number of events. The IF-Thoria western border dispute being the most substantial of them.

Humanitarian Efforts

Surmadri in cooperation with the Blue Cross has supplied multiple efforts for easing limited access to food during wartime. Most prominent of which being the Butternut–SEC War support campaign involving large amounts of food related supplies being delivered to Icenia citizens

Politics within the Federation

Surmadri played a a large role in the hosting of various political parties within the Imperial Federation, primarily the Accelerationist party and the isolationist oriented Imperial Stronghold Party (ISP-DSF). Largely exerting a primarily neutral and hands-off political scene to the federation, valuing isolationism, infrastructure building and non-involvement in war abroad.

Involvement in the Imperial Federation Succession Crisis

Surmadri played the role as one of the first illegally separating states, following in the footsteps of the departure of Grenada. At the time of this incident, the Surmadri people's council voiced overwhelming support for the separation, citing an extremely probable likelihood that the Imperial Federation was unlikely to survive, and due to such circumstance, Surmadri was required to take self-preservation into it's own hands. To avoid potential involvement in a wider conflict, Surmadri ratified it's ruling and departed the federation on August 5, 2023.



Imperial Federation

Relations have since normalized since the Imperial Federation Secession Crisis, often harboring neutral or positive opinions mutually, despite concerns of aggressive IF expansionism in the region.


Grenada and Pride Isles have remained closed partners of Surmadri following the Secession Crisis, assisting in various minor projects together in the region.