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Nation State of Kaowta
"Kaowta at helm!"
Flag of Kaowta, created by Plrog
Coat of arms of Kaowta
Location-8200, -245
Activity levelInactive
Capital cityKardovia
SettlementsActive: Kardovia, Acre Inactive: Bordercross, Fortnum, Jepp's Bay
TerritoriesKaota, Irreal Isle, (southern colony name here)
Government(De jure) Constitutional parliamentary directorial republic (De facto) Authoritarian dictatorship (23/12/23)
• President
Plrog (7/2/23 to present)
• Secretary of State
• Secretary of Commerce
• Secretary of Construction
• Councillor
Stoomer (date- ) Wardenbattletank (date- )
Foundation date7/2/23 (Came to CivMC on 7/26/23)
Preceded byRespein
Succeeded byHeikki
IdeologyNationalism; republicanism

Kaowta (kay-OH-ta), officially the Nation State of Kaowta, is a country on CivMC located in central Karydia, straddling the boundary between -,- and -,+. Kaowta consists of two major regions divided into nine constituent departments, the largest being the department and capital city of Kardovia; it borders Icarus to the west and the Holy See to the south, with a large coastline to its north. It shares maritime boundaries with Mercutio and Icarus. It is headed by its first president and head of state Plrog, along with other councillors subservient under a collective directorial republic.

Government & Politics

Kaowta is an authoritarian republic guided under a system of meritocracy, under the proclaimed president for life Plrog, acting as the sole head of state and electing secretaries and officers that hold power over local sectors of the government. Kaowtan politics are characterized by a perception of strong and smart leadership, with leadership assigned based on skill and service.

Executive power is held totally by the president, whom resides over numerous commissions headed by hand picked secretaries assigned by presidential command. Constitutionally, the President of Kaowta is the official head of state. The government of Kaowta is made up of the Construction Commission, the Defence Commission, and the Resource Commission, each headed by a Secretary. These secretaries manage the functions of the state. The head of government is the Chancellor of Kaowta, who generally coordinates each of the three commissions. The Chancellor is a primus inter pares, holding no explicit legal powers above other secretaries. The Secretary of Resources controls economic and trade matters of Kaowta. The Secretary of Construction is head of the Construction Commission, which controls the affairs of building jurisdiction across the country. Along with this, the Secretary of Defence commands and coordinates all matters of the Armed Forces.

Administrative Divisions

Kaowta is divided into two regions, each under a Governor. The regions are further split into departments, of which there are nine. There are five official settlements in Kaowta, the largest of which is the capital of the country, Kardovia.

Region Departments Total Population
West Kaowta Kardovia
Border Cross
Jepp's Bay
Tortugan Frontier
Tortugan City



Kaowta can trace its history on CivMC back to March of 2023. Prior to this, Plrog led a country that settled a number of other servers known as Respein, where it garnered a number of players. Respein settled what is now known as Kardovia, founding the city Kleygate on March 4, 2023. Development of the city saw it prosper and grow amongst the jungle environments of Karydia, however low morale and the perception of "slowness" in progressing saw Plrog leave by July 18th to find new servers. Respein would grind to a halt, with several players remaining on CivMC to maintain the various remaining settlements.

Issue 1 of the Kleygate Post, the first newspaper of Respein, detailing the establishment of the capital city of Kleygate.

In the weeks following their leave, the community would rebrand fully into 'Kaota', distancing itself from its original name. By July 27th, Plrog would make a decision to return to CivMC, with remaining settlers in Respein offering to hand over the land to the new country.


Settlers from Kaota would arrive to formerly Respein in late July to early August, solidifying the nation by establishing a legitimate government under an elected council led by Plrog. Kleygate would be renamed to Kardovia, the roots of which based themselves in early servers that Respein participated in. Growth would resume, as Kardovia transformed itself into a bustling capital city. Plrog would organize delegations to surrounding nations and territories, notably Icarus under Icenia to improve relations.

Kardovia would be raided by Icenian nomads on the 26th of August, however relations calmed down after Plrog contacted Icenia to relieve tensions and to return items stolen.


On the 17th of September, Plrog would hold a nationwide vote to rename Kaota, citing that "Kaota in Estonian means (to) lose." Names were suggested by the public, where ultimately the name Kaowta won in a slim majority against Kiboya.

Kaowta would continue growth as a nation, incorporating various nearby territories such as Kowloon, which would join on the 26th of September under mariosuper_yt. Furthermore, both the nations of Transylvania and Tortugan would join Kaowta, greatly expanding the nation's size and power.

Transylvanian Issue

Transition to Dictatorship