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Personal Info
Current Citizenships Titan Industries


Known ForBeing a HanTzu Alt
Main ResidenceYour Insulation
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivclassic 2.0
Iterations played onCivRealms 2.0

Naglafer is a Civ player who is best known for his work founding the corporation Titan Industries. On CivClassics, Naglafer initially started in Pacem where he served as the Newfriend Ambassador and quickly made a name for himself selling Protection IV armor. This operation expanded when Naglafer moved to Icenia, where he founded an autonomous corporation state known as Titan Industries. Titan Industries rapidly expanded their inventory from merely Prot IV armor to other high tier enchanted goods as well as bastions, beacons, and obsidian. The main headquarters of this operation was the Hyperion Complex, composed of Hyperion Vault, Bi0nicRenegade's Vault, and the Titan Industries Gold Farm. Hyperion Vault was the crown jewel of this operation, boasting a massive beacon pyramid and a sizable 8 rings with beefy yet unfinished sky deffenses. Naglafer was also the owner of Prometheus Vault, a small 3 ring vault in the +,- on CivClassics. During his time in Icenia, Naglafer served as Minister of the Interior and as a Judge. He was a valiant Icenian soldier during the Infinity War where he learned important knowledge on SkyBridging as well as Vault Science. Naglafer was the first victim of the event that would later become known as March Madness when he was pearled by EZ2Clutch while delivering a prot set.

Naglafer is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Titan Industries as well as President of the Board. He is a strong advocate for sneedposting and 'H Posting' over the much more prevalent 'G posting'. Naglafer enjoys raiding MTA and making fun of Truds.