Reconstruction Era

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State of Reconstruction Era
State Flag of Reconstruction Era
State Flag of Reconstruction Era
LocationNorthern Continent
Capital citySkulkington
SettlementsPort-au-navire, Port Margaret
National Colors
GovernmentConstitutional Republican Municipal Monarchy
Governing documentConstitution of Reconstruction Era
• King
• Superadmin
• Prime Minister
• Pope
• Reichsmarschall
• Aedile
Foundation dateJuly 10, 2022
First SettlementBlack Forest Base
Preceded byYosLan (in membership)
Succeeded byAngmar Territory, Warmia
LanguageEnglish. (Simlish, Spanglish, Vötgil, Corkonian, French, and Animalese are protected minority languages.)
ReligionNonniq Gos, the Cult of John B. Bionicle
IdeologyNational Reconstructionism
MottoSic Semper Tyrannis
National anthemFreiheit
MascotToa Tahu (unofficial)
Patron SaintMargaret Thatcher
Mythical heroThe Ostracod

The State of Reconstruction Era, often abbreviated ReEra, is a small country on the Northern Continent of CivMC and ethnoreligious group. It is defined by its community, which has existed separately from the Civ genre of servers since about 2016. On previous servers such as CivEx, TheRealmsMC, and CivRealms, Reconstruction Era established nations such as YosLan. In the current iteration of CivMC it was decided that the community should represent itself directly. The history of Reconstruction Era is described in detail on its wiki. Due to its peculiar nature, nationality in ReEra is open to almost anybody, but citizenship is more loosely defined as those trusted with access to the nation's groups. The CivMC community is somewhat divided on ReEra, with some saying that "this is a normal civ nation server" and others saying that "they are a gaming clan".

After a period of inactivity, the lands of Reconstruction Era were overclaimed by Warmia as Angmar Territory. PAWEL_XD was the first governor and established a farm. Today the land is ruled directly by the Central Government although ReEra players continue to actively[citation needed] play in the land.


Buildings in Reconstruction Era are generally on a small scale, which contrasts with the impressive national wonders. The three main cities form a triangle of settlement connected by two block wide cobblestone roads. Skulkington is the walled capital and acts as the center of politics and literacy. Port-au-navire is the economic hub of the nation with the Hades Public Factory and eponymous harbor. Port Margaret is the smallest city, where life congregates around the Swollen Dodo tavern and the little dock on the river.

National Wonders

  • Koch Tower
  • RE-Chan
  • Port-au-navire industrial brewery
  • Toa Tahu statue (under construction)
  • Mount Sno-Cap

Foreign Relations

Reconstruction Era has established various formal and informal relationships with other groups on the server. It has also played a key role in the Non-Aggression Movement.

List of relations: