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Jaydon is a businessman and politician on CivMC, who spends most of his playtime leading Rivia. On CivMC, he was formerly CEO of Solitude before its acquisition by Monument Group. On past servers, he was the Prince of Alexandria, a shareholder of CivCorp, and Minister of Interior and Chief Judge of Varathia.

Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Main ResidenceRivia
Past CitizenshipsCivRealms


Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivRealms 2.0 (Joined Sep. 22, 2019)
Iterations played on


Jaydon joined CivRealms in September 2019, CivRealms was his first Civ Server. The concept got him hooked and he joined Varathia. After a month, he applied for Minister of Interior, and got accepted. Together with many other Varathian Government Members, he established the Senate and slowly turned Varathia into a more democratic place. Later he worked together with VolutionF to create the Varathian Constitution and served as the Head Judge of Varathia.

As support for Emperor Aresot slowly dwindled, among other problems, TTastic and Albyrt founded Alexandria. Still under the rule of Varathia, Alexandria began to grow. Jaydon would decide to join Alexandria in November 2019. With Alexandria growing, so did their desire for independence which they would later achieve.

During his stay in Alexandria, Jaydon_ fought in the Ez2War.

Jaydon_ resigned from his role in the Alexandria City Council on 5 June 2020, and shortly afterwards moved to Cantina, where he fought and participated in the Hell War.

He was pearled on 16 October by the USA in Alexandria for his involvement in the Carbon vs USA War and was freed on the 11th of November.

On 12 November he helped to pearl Beni_Shapiro (de facto Leader of the Alexandrian Revolution) as retribution for the battle Jaydon got pearled in.

5 days later, while running from Yggdrasil Vault back to Alexandria, he got pearled by 116138521292026 (Apache) but the pearl was dropped on a palm tree and he was freed couple minutes later. He was randomspawned back in Alexandria.

No. Entity Title Term of Office
1  Varathia Minister of Interior 3 October 2019 21 November 2019 49 days
2  Varathia First Magistrate / Chief Judge 22 November 2019 2 December 2019 10 Days
3  Alexandria City Councillor 2 December 2019 5 June 2020 186 Days
4  Alexandria Minister Current Current Current

CivClassic 2.0

Jaydon joined CivClassics shortly before it ended. Most of his time on CivClassics was spent playing with Columbia and Kallos.


On CivMC at start of the world, Jaydon started with other Petrins in establishing Petrichor. Shortly after, he and kicky grouped together to form and establish CivMarket, a microstate dedicated to offering trade plots, under the umbrella of Solitude Corp. He quickly started to offer other products under the brand label the then-largest free floating iron to diamond exchange on CivMC; Solitude Terminal, a web trading application; and other services. Cause of the initial sales of CivMarket plots, Jaydon was for some time arguably the richest individual on CivMC, having more liquid wealth at its disposal than the entirety of Estalia at the time[1].

Some months later, Solitude Corp and its products were acquired by Monument Group, with CivMarket’s claims largely being abandoned, where Jaydon became a member of the Monument Group’s Board of Directors and its Chief Technology Officer. He also was part of the Four Hour War on the side of Pavia. In Pavia, Jaydon ranked as lower nobility twice, once with Cintra and another time with Avalonna.

After some time in Pavia, Jaydon stepped down from his nobility ranks in July 2023 to found the syndicalist nation of Rivia alongside Spoonce, Doom, kicky, and Jaime.

Jaydon currently has citizenship in multiple nations and currently lives in Rivia. However, on November 14, 2023, following an incident where he intercepted Cissonious near the Yoahtln vault perimeter, Jaydon's citizenship in Pavia was revoked. This action also led to his removal from roles in the Monument Group and consequently separated CivMarket from the Monument Group. He had previously operated the Iron/Diamond Exchange in Pavia, which was celebrated as the most enduring and largest free-floating Iron/Diamond Exchange on CivMC.

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