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SpacemanSpleef, or Spaceman_Spleef(IGN), is a usually friendly mediumfriend, known mostly for his usual incompetency. Only a few people have heard him speak a good amount, and he usually stays away from VC's. He is best known for his many citizenships, being the Acadian MoFA, and being head of SPLEEF Corp.
Spleef's MC Skin
Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known For
Main ResidenceThompson, Acadia
Known Spoken Languages
  • English
  • Spanish(small amounts)
  • German(at random, done poorly, and mostly for jokes)
Political PartyNational Visionary and Defense Party
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivUniverse
Iterations played on

Notable Escapades

  • He has reportedly listened to the entire soundtrack to Hamilton in a VC once, and was reportedly disappointed no one joined him to rock out.[1]
  • Built a 60+ block tall tower to take the title from Ashton Tower in Acadia(Spleef's Notes: I'm proud of this one)
  • Partook in the CivUniverse Coalition War
    • During the March 14th, 2021 Cincinnati Vault raid, he reportedly screamed "Leroy Jenkins"[2] into his mic, which was muted at the time, before running into the battle and getting pearled within five seconds(Spleef's notes: at least i have chicken)
    • During the March 15th, 2021 vault raid, during New Vegas' skybridge attempt, he assisted Bloof_ in making and organizing potions, mostly filling bottles with water, and dubbed himself "The Waterboy"
  • Lost an election while out of town by a coin flip
  • Almost got themselves pearled because of an iceroad into a vault's snitches(Spleef's notes: In my defense, i like exploring)
    • He has done this twice as of Nov. 1st, 2021 (Spleef's notes: IM SORRY GUYS)
  • Has lost as of May 30, 2021, Two seperate exploration logs to unknown deaths(Spleef's notes: I really need to use /logout more)
  • Finally got to rock out to the entire soundtrack to Hamilton with FE_Flags on June second, 2021(Spleef's notes: POG)
  • Took an 8 week break over the summer of 2021 and after returning had to be told what happened approx. 3.875 times. What had happened? A lot (check out the Acadian page for more info about the TNSC conflict)
  • One of his goals on CivClassics is to gain as many citizenships as he can
    • as of November 1st, 2021 his tally is 19
  • Became the first person to win an Acadian Election against an Incumbent (MoFA)
  • Also has as of Sept. 16 2021, the most number of revisions on a players wiki (Spleef's notes: Mainly due to my general incompetency and editing things like one at a time instead of doing big things)
  • Was the first "outsider" to become a citizen of the City of England (Spleef's notes: Whoopee!)
    • For approx. 3 minutes(Spleef's notes: aww man)
    • He got it back(Spleef's notes: WOHOOO)

Titles and Aliases


  • Acadian Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Guild Leader of the ACGG
  • Master Cartographer of the ACGG
  • Master Archaeologist of the ACGG


  • Spleef
  • Spaceman
  • Space
  • The Waterboy
  • Lord Waterboy

Former Citizenships




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  2. Leeroy Jenkins HD 1080p[2]