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The State of Warmia
Location-1384, -2386
Capital cityBiałystok
SettlementsBrambory, Tofle, Choroshch, Rockfoil Town, Cahradas, Gaysior Town, North End
• Central Government of Warmia
Preceded byKallos
Succeeded byVolterra
ReligionNitro Cult
Motto'A tree does not grow far from the sea'
National anthemMoje Miasto to Białystok

Warmia, officially The State of Warmia, was a nation on CivMC led by 1111111111111000. Situated on a jungle island 'mainland', the nation held a small but active population with a unique culture and avant-garde style of architecture.

Official claims of Warmia as of April 2023
Administrative divisions as of April 8, 2023


The jungle island was originally claimed by Rhode Island around SOTW (start of the world) for its jungle biome, and after its disintegration and fall the island became part of Kallos. Under Kallos new farms were build on the island and Kallosian newfriends settled with permission on the island as the province of Warmia under leadership of 1111111111111000. After the fallout of the Purple War Warmia declared its independence. The nation joined the Elysian Pact on March 29, 2023 after increasingly warmer ties with especially Volterra.

Warmia was removed from the Elysian Pact on July 18th, 2023.

Warmia reformed the Protection Pact of International Security on August 27th, 2023.

Warmia was annexed by Volterra after 1111111111111000 quit the server on October 22nd, 2023.

Administrative Divisions

Warmia Mainland
  • Starosielce County
  • Gaysior County
  • Cahradas Mining County
  • Rockfoil County
  • Białystok Capital Territory
Angmar Territory

This land was formerly the independent country of Reconstruction Era. After a period of inactivity, Warmia claimed it and set up a farm. Today there are a variety of multicultural towns with a mix of Warmian and ReEra players, who are called Yoslanmem.