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this bitch
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Djani'hweh


 Mount Augusta
Known For⚠️goober⚠️
Known Spoken Languages
  • English
  • Portuguese
Former Citizenships
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivcraft 3.0
Iterations played on
DiscordRose, the captain's daughter#1323

Red_Steel, also known as Red, Rose, and Vermelha, is a creature

On CivClassic

Yoahtl (as 14uu)

Coming with Yoahtl at SOTW she was there for the rise and fall of Axochitlan, being at one point pearled by laconia, and fleeing with the rest of Yoahtl to NYC where she helped to build the first walls and dig the first trenches

In NYC she was just a bit chaotic, becoming a legal precedent for that:

  • disrespecting zoning laws, griefing (TheOrangeWizard v. 14uu, Aug 2017) [1]
  • assault (1machinemaker1 v. 14uu, Aug 2017) [2]
  • more assault (14uu v. 5point0, Nov 2017) "Meming is not an excuse for violence if both parties aren't in on the meme." [3]


As a citizen of Provincia Rose was a miner and underground builder, her endeavors though were ultimately cut short only a few months in by the EOTW. Her house in the Threepton undercity had the honor to be the last structure begun in the cities downtown. During her time in Provincia she became a member of The Workers Party and participated in the October Revolution and the founding of the Grotere West Bosje Sovjet.

On CivMC


Joining Mehri on SOTW Rose has been the main worker on kickstarting Djani'hweh's first farms.

Through the blessings of tshola Rose has helped the town breed ever faster horses, populating it's stable.


Rose became a citizen of Danzilona in July 2022, since making contributions to Danzilona such as transit infrastructure, moat digging, and donations to community projects. Rose was named Consul of the Eastern Shining Isles and Bilgewater on September 15, 2022,[4] serving as such until the abolishment of the provincial consul position.[5] She has also served two terms as defense minister with the notable actions during them being armor production and iceroad building[6][7]