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Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known ForLeader of IMC, killing ComradeNick
Main ResidenceWilson Town
Civ Servers
First Civ Server
Iterations played on

Wilson5756, also known as Gwua, is currently the King of IMC, a 5 year TKON veteran and the Kingslayer. He is the co-leader of the perc gang, a a Syndicalist union formed by Wilson, PercJohnson and their real life friends - which consists of around 10 players. On CivMC, he currently acts as the Chief Security Officer for Titan Industries. Shadowy rumors float around MTA that he is closely affiliated with MTA's organized crime scene as a mob boss but no substantial evidence has been made backing this up.

Wilson's history and important events:

Wilson is most well known for his odyssey in Devoted. He was forced into slavery from a young age by the dictator ComradeNick, due to the fact that when wilson and his allies TKON (led by UneSombre and Dagz) first joined the server, they settled on land that unbeknownst to them was under the lordship of Westeros. when their settlement was found by ComradeNick the King of Westeros, he threatened them with a pearl sentence for trespassing on his land, but then later told them that if they did whatever he commanded them to, they could continue to live on his land. They were forced to dig out the Westeros vault, under terrible working conditions, and long hours. while the Westerosi simply stood there and watched.

it was under this oppression that Wilson's journey to fame would begin, after weeks of hardship, Wilson reached his breaking point. realizing, that even if they completed the Westerosi vault, ComradeNick would simply command them to do something else never giving them their freedom, Wilson lead a rebellion against ComradeNick, which ended when Wilson pearled Nick, and imprisoned him in the very same vault that he had previously forced them to dig, thereby earning Wilson the nickname "Kingslayer" a name that he is still sometimes called to this day.

Wilson would then go on to declare independence and lead the new nation of IMC, he would later gain a name for him self as an Elite Mercenary, branding him self as a "Coni missile" (a Mercenary who was often paid to assassinate other players by the warlord Coni).

Wilson's time in CivClassics:

Wilson was one of the first people to join CivClassics when the server first opened it's doors, he build a settlement called Wilsontown (later renamed to IMC) at the top of a mountain in the south west part of the map (-,+)

but would then go inactive for 3 years due to personal reasons. During this time, wilson's claims expired and IMC was claimed by the commonwealth under the lordship of Hexcorp. Wilson would later return in early 2021, bringing with him TKON back to the server. together they made great reforms to IMC, and peacefully regained IMC's independence, remaining one of the Commonwealths many allies. Great developments were then made to IMC, more land was claimed, more cities and settlements were build, and through hard work and dedication Wilson managed to make IMC a powerful and respected nation in CivClassics.


On CivMC, IMC would find a home close to their friends and allies in Titan Industries. Wilson was invited as a full executive and shareholder of Titan due to his close relations with the rest of the corporation. Early on, Wilson founded Titan's first shop in MTA, where he became known as a ferocious businessman who would stop at nothing to ensure Titan increased their profits. He also discovered the river cavern system in Titan, which quickly became a hub of building for old IMCers to walk around after a night drinking and try not to fall off their docks into water. Wilson also became one of Titan's main Protection IV armor forgers, using xp reserves to produce the renowned IMC Elite Gear. He also played a big role in the Titan-KOEL conflict, in which he bloodied his blade with the eldritch blood of annoying newfriends. Since this war, Wilson has dedicated himself to improving the security and infrastructure of Titan Industries by developing new bunkers and forging new armor sets.

During the course of the Generic War, a Titan fighter buzzed Rhode Island’s vault and was kiting away chased by Rhode Island fighters when Wilson went to intercept. The Titan fighter escaped unharmed due to Wilson’s valiant efforts, but unfortunately Wilson was pearled and his prot set was stolen by the USA citizens. It was said that when Wilson was pearled, the parrots in Foxhole stopped chirping, JuniorTide’s bots were paralyzed by sadness, and UB40’s octopus heart was torn in two. Wilson was eventually was released but Rhode Island’s refusal to return his prot set and the obby bombing of icenia was what spurred Titan Industries into the Generic War.