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Cortesia Del Mar is a medium-sized nation on CivMC. It is located around 4900, 2700, in the northeast of the continent Alenarith and on Eastern Continent. It borders various nations in its 2 sizeable claims, those being its currently unamed Western Claim and Aurellia. In the Western Claim, Cortesia borders Danzilona, Doom City, and shares a unused bridge to Zatoka. In its Aurrelian Claim, it borders Iria, Ila Kyavul, Calw, the Reunan Union, and Lusitania. It is a member of the March Pact and Security Enhancement Coalition.
Cortesia Del Mar
Peacetime Flag of Cortesia Del Mar
Wartime Flag of Cortesia Del Mar
Location4900, 2700
AllianceMarch Pact
Capital cityTBD
GovernmentProvisional Secretariat
Governing documentProvisional Constitution (intended to be a temporary measure)
• President
• Vice President
• Secretariat Member
• Secretariat Member
• Secretariat Member


Pre-Civ History

Cortesian pre-CivClassic history consists of four years of Cortesian existence on various non-Civ servers, particularly Towny and nations servers. While these experiences had a profound impact on Cortesia Del Mar[citation needed], understanding them is not essential to understanding Cortesia Del Mar on CivClassic.

CivClassic History

Cortesia Del Mar first established itself on CivClassic, its first Civ server, on January 2 2021. On this server, Cortesia occupied a modest claim in an underdeveloped region of the +,+, where it constructed the futuristic city of New Sol. Cortesia was a founding member of the DUMP, the CES, and the AF-CES Partnership; it was also allies with all iterations of Eddie Murphy and a member of the Korell Alliance, at the times when these polities existed. In October 2021 Cortesia ratified its Provisional Constitution, and completed a vault hole in which no vault was ever constructed. Cortesia Del Mar remained relatively unchanged on CivClassic through to EOTW in December 2021.

CivMC History

Cortesia Del Mar settled its final location within the first hours of CivMC SOTW, after it was discovered by then-new Cortesian citizen CommradePotatoe. The nation quickly established lines of communication with its southern neighbor Danzilona and western neighbor Doom City, with whom it established specific borders on the server's second day. Cortesia formally announced its claims on June 6th (the server's fourth day), in cooperation with Mount Augusta, the Arsenio Pact, Aurellia, Ila'Kyavul, and Danzilona. Cortesians would soon build a wooden (Later uprgraded to obby) bunker underground called the Togo bunker named for one of its players, Togo. This bunker has served as a main operating base of Cortesia since SOTW.

Soon after settlement, EngineeringBean would lay roads in the Northeast of Westesia. Around June 25th, CommradePotatoe and Fierysomething3 would build houses in the North Hades Islands. Despite this early construction, political divisions would prevent the unnamed capital from being built.

On July 8th Cortesia Del Mar would unite with its Neighbor across the Santiago Straits under the treaty of Santiago. This merger was a result of the friendship between Monterrey, Krowatia and Cortesia established on Classics.

Danzilonan Occupation

Cortesia Del Mar (Danzilona)
Flag of Cortesia Del Mar (Danzilona)
Location4900, 2700
DemonymCortesian, Danzilonan
Alliance Free Danzilonan Republic
Capital citySantiago
GovernmentProvincial Consulship
Governing documentConstitution of the FDR
• Consul
Succeeded by Cortesia Del Mar
Foundation dateOctober 1, 2022
Dissolution dateOctober 2, 2022
Preceded by Cortesia Del Mar

On October 1, 2022, CDM was briefly incorporated into the Free Danzilonan Republic after being unilaterally annexed by the First Consul of Danzilona, Des23, during her final hours in office.[1] CommradePotatoe was named Consul of the new province and a flag was created for it. This annexation was tacitly accepted by the Cortesians until CommradePotatoe declared CDM's independence once again on October 2, 2022 and re-instated its pre-annexation status.






Cortesia Del Mar is the 6th largest nation on CivMC with 5 major geographical regions. They are as follows:

  • Westesia
  • Aurellia
  • The Chocolate Islands
  • The Cortesian Ice Shelf
  • The Melian Forest Colony


Westesia was Cortesia's first ever claim on CivMC. Westesia is dominated by a central plains region mainly used for agriculture.

Unnamed Capital

The North Hades Islands



The Chocolate Islands

The Cortesian Ice Shelf

The Melian Forest Colony


Cortesia Del Mar is a member of the March Pact, a trilateral mutual defense pact with its neighbors Aurellia and Ila'Kyavul.

Cortesia Del Mar is a member of the Security Enhancement Coalition alongside Icenia, Southshire, Kallos, and the Arsenio Pact.

Cortesia Del Mar is a member of the Alenarith Forum.
Cortesia Del Mar has a direct mutual defense pact with the Arsenio Pact.
Cortesia Del Mar has a direct mutual defense pact with Sovia.

Cortesia Del Mar is a member of the Transport Union nether gate rail and infrastructure network.


Vice Triumvirate - A bandage measure to mollify inflammed tensions in Cortesia Del Mar, whereby three Cortesians were appointed to the Vice Presidency simultaneously in Ocotber 2017.
Zhuge / Ragsmel - Ringleaders of the "Clique" which dominated Cortesian politics in late 2017 and early 2018.
GLHF go die in a fire halfbreed / Hope your halfbreed master likes it - Rebukes by Zhuge during the Cortesian Revolution of April 2018.
Your presence is no longer requested in the nation of Cortesia Del Mar - Statement of severance given to former Secretariat member Aid711 in March 2020.
Don't fucking crawl back / Don't come crawling back - Response to the above by Aid711.
Reinforce your fucking roads dammit - Text on signs spammed by Naglafer on the unreinforced roads of Cortesia's abandoned CivClassic city of Ventura.
Why do you always bore people with walls of TEXT / You guys are poisoning this nation - Statements by Lambatan Assemblyperson ArtificialDriver following an especially lengthy IceCarim text wall in November 2021.