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Featured article & current events

Each week, a summary (roughly 1000 characters long) of one of CivWiki's articles and the Civ community's current events appear at the top of the Main Page as the Featured article. This page, its features and reporting of is managed by User:Specificlanguage and oversees the complete editing process of these features, as well as the associated newsletter for each week. This page serves as an archive for each featured article and current events, as well as a way to see those currently in draft. If you notice an error in an upcoming TFA summary, please feel free to fix it yourself; if the mistake is in today's or tomorrow's summary, please leave a message to Specificlanguage. Articles can be nominated for Featured article at the form, and articles with a date connection are welcome! Feel free to bring questions and comments to the talk page.

Note: Unlike actual featured articles on Wikipedia, articles are generally required to have good content but do not indicate the quality of an article, it mostly indicates a key moment in Civ history.

Featured articles & current events

September 2023

September 11, 2023

From the Featured Article

A render of Impasse, by seldomshock.

Impasse, officially the Kingdom of Impasse, was an early active nation on CivClassic. Built from foundations from nations like Aquila on Devoted 3.0 and Civcraft 3.0 along with various nations in Civcraft 2.0, the country aimed to be a general newfriend recruiting nation focused on building. Its two main districts were built in a renaissance style along with a ’80s and futuristic style. Within its first few months, Impasse made alliances with Hjaltland and built the HITS in cooperation with the country and was a founding member of the Western Alliance, but fell inactive during the Somber War.

The country eventually renamed to Corvus and converted itself to a corporation, maintaining shops in various countries such as Gabon and Icenia. However, they began cooperating with NATO sometime during 2020 and began construction of a vault hole in late 2020. aided various raiders during the War of the Coalition, leading to their ultimate destruction during The Fall of Corvus. (Full article...)

Current Events

The coronation hall in Regentsburgh in the Imperial Federation.

September 4, 2023

From the Featured Article

A render of Mount September from its northern waterfront, by Jasonbord.

Mount September was a democratic nation on CivClassic, founded as a spiritual successor to Mount Augusta. Created following the latter’s move to CivRealms, the country aimed to preserve the culture of Augusta as a new country. Founded to the east of the original city, the country quickly grew with a new voter tree and mall, and within a year had a thriving political system with a Mayor, Judges, and Cupboard (akin to a Cabinet). The country also participated in the Augustan Federation, a loose alliance of all the nations within Mount Augusta’s sphere of influence in order for better cooperation in the region, as well as maintaining relationships to close allies in Gabon and Lusitania.

Their political system lent itself numerous conflicts; continued spits with South Augusta leader TheOrangeWizard were common. The Mount September Ice Road Conflict sprouted from issues with the UDF, who set off alarms near its bunker. However, the country had a weirder, laidback sense of culture. Although events like the Lunar Near Year occurred in the country, the “septem” currency, the first PacStatue, and pictures of founder Squareblob’s profile image were common areas of foolery. CivMC’s iteration of Mount Augusta was set to be a Septembrian successor, however, its main figureheads were not reelected after its early days. (Full article...)

Current Events

An overview of Icenia City from Drekamor.
  • CivMC admins introduced an ore boost weekend during Labor Day, boosting 50% of ore drops.
  • An advertisement from Asgard recruiting fighters from last week was discovered, which came under heavy criticism for false advertising in the midst of negotiations with the Imperial Federation.
  • Icarus announced it would be joining Icenia this past week.
  • Pavian Archduke CedarValiant announced the creation of three national parks in the country.
  • Amicitia hosted a knighting ceremony for Val, as well as launched a new newspaper for the country.
  • Crafted Kingdoms, a new Civ-type server, launched on August 28, and is continually making improvements to their server.

August 2023

August 28, 2023

From the Featured Article

A Civball representation of the Fall of Lexington, by Metriximor.

Civball is a popular art style in Civ, with heavy inspiration from Polandball, that depicts Civ nations in various activities. The art style features deliberately poorly drawn spheroid characters that represent Civ nations, alliances, and more entities that are related to Civ, in various contexts depending on the comic, and are usually filled with numerous in-jokes relating to the country drawn.

The origin of Civball is generally unknown although most trace its origin back to the Civcraft years. It saw a resurgence throughout CivClassic, with numerous Civballs highlighting major events such as the Somber War (pictured), the formation of the UDF, and calls to edit CivWiki (which remains the logo of the site) and the Unified Map Project. Although the typical adaption of Civballs are for webcomics or drawings, there are semi-regular Civball Maps of the World throughout Civ, including those in 2014, 2019 and 2021. Today, Civballs are regular mainstays of Civ Art, with a Map of the World for CivMC in production. (Full article...)

Current Events

A street in Rome in SPQR, leading to their Coliseum.
  • Lambat elected its metro council of Creepi0n, specificlanguage and Tikrai but were unable to elect a Mayor of L-City, resulting in President Kaprediem moving to appoint SamBonusG as mayor.
  • The Monument Group has created a website for viewing exchange rates, along with planning an API in the future.
  • Pavia has opened its schematic forum to the public, allowing anybody to contribute building to the country.
  • Warmia has announced the revival of the Protection Pact of International Security, as an alliance with Lelum Poleleum.
  • Nara and the Atlas Group are seeing protests regarding the ongoing narcotics crisis in Alenarith, with effects being seen in Transylvania and Meracydia.
  • CivMC admins have ruled that the Distant Horizons project is illegal, citing it allows players to have map data that they wouldn't have otherwise visited, providing an unfair advantage.

August 21, 2023

From the Featured Article

Die Haupstadt, Kaltsburg's capital.

Kaltsburg's iteration on CivClassic 2.0 was a German-themed monarchy focused on amicable foreign relations and realistic builds. Founded near Varkonia in 2018, the country received significant support from SPQR in their early days due to continued raids in the territory. The country maintained amicable relations with most nations on the server; the country was never involved in any wars and became an observer state of the first United Northern Congress and the Council of the Medi Sea. The country had several provinces, whose leaders made up a council to advice King deyan. After a hiatus in 2020, the leaders decided to move the country over to the western quadrants for more land.

The country focused on both infrastructure and exporting their German culture, with its simplistic yet distinctly baroque European builds, and building up a trade network through construction of a market and the Great Overland Railway passing nearby. They also established a national brewery, which experimented with the Brewery plugin. The country’s Italian-spiritual successor, Florence, briefly claimed territory in CivMC, but were annexed by Kallos following the Generic War. (Full article...)

Current Events

Verdant Valley in The Commonwealth, the winner of the newsletter's screenshot competition!
  • Mount Augusta elected Podly as its newest mayor after a competitive election.
  • Meracydia is facing a narcotics epidemic, with supposition of foreign suppliers being involved.
  • Transylvania elected fastestgrass as their newest president.
  • Lambat is electing its newest Metro Council, however, many incumbents are not running after many joke candidates have declared their intention to run.
  • Pavia is offering financial incentives for further build contracts.
  • A new Civball Map of the World similar to previous iterations is currently in development.
  • Golden Nations, a previously survival server has announced they would be using Citadel and other related plugins on their upcoming iteration.

August 14, 2023

From the Featured Article

Acid blocks destroying obsidian from obbybomb grief in Icenia during the Generic War.

Citadel is a commonly used Civ plugin and mechanic that allows players to reinforce blocks, which require other players to break blocks multiple times in order to break the block entirely. Although any material could be configured for use, stone, iron and diamond are used as materials by precedence over many servers, representing a low, medium, and high amount of number of breaks. Citadel is heavily tied to NameLayer groups, which allow permissions on who can access which blocks. Additionally, Citadel includes acid blocks, which are special blocks that automatically break reinforced blocks over a long period of time, which does not require the player to be present.

The main use of the plugin has generally been for protecting player-made builds; it allows large cities and defensive infrastructure to be formed without too much threat of raiders. However, quicker reinforcement times have enabled raiders to place hard-to-break blocks very quickly for disruptive purposes, such as creating vaults or “obbybombing” cities. Despite multiple changes and pushback, Citadel remains a critical part of Civ servers in order for nations to grow. (Full article...)

Current Events

Griffin's new manmade mountain along with outer city walls in the country.

August 7, 2023

From the Featured Article

The flag of the U3P.

The United Provinces of the Plus Plus, commonly abbreviated U3P, was a military and economic alliance throughout the +,+ region during Civcraft 2.0. Consisting of Blackcrown, New Danzilona, Little Latvia, Loveshack, and Holy Tree, among others, the countries formed the alliance due to continued raids and desire for further cooperation in the quadrant. Additionally, they were able to give protectorate status to other nations who were not in the quadrant. Compared to other alliances at the time, the U3P had a relatively concrete governmental structure, with an elected senate and secretary general, and reasonable joining policies. Additionally, they were able to provide bastions, XP access, snitches, nether portal access and other various late-game services to their alliance members.

The U3P was one of the major alliances of Civcraft 2.0, and made agreements with the NEA and Prussia, among others. Despite this, the alliance had not been involved in most of the major wars, although international agreements would be broken upon the breakout of the Riverford War. In later iterations, the U3P became the main group for founding the Volantian Federation in Civcraft 3.0, and Provincia in CivClassic. (Full article...)

Current Events

A sunset over Shiroyama, Nara.
  • After a series of internal conflicts within the Imperial Federation, including raids on Anor Lando X, most nations seceded from the country citing political differences within the government.
  • Pavia returned its governmental system to a ducal democracy, along with the addition of noble electors.
  • Icarus is returning as a new nation after agreements from Mercutio, whom they were a part following the 2023 Butternut–SEC Conflict.
  • Nara held a creative writing night to create more books to fill their library in Shiroyama.
  • Aeros and Amicitia have agreed to a declaration of friendship between the two countries.
  • Icenia has elected its new senate for August, with its candidates generally having a want to rebuild and stabilize the country.

July 2023

July 31, 2023

From the Featured Article

Jah Park in Icenia, one of the major targets of obbybombing during the war.

The Generic War was a major serverwide war on CivMC between Rhode Island and Estalia’s allies in the Elysian Pact. The war started in late July 2022 following continued grievances from CivClassic and Civcraft. Despite efforts to de-escalate tensions between the countries, Rhode Island declared war on Estalia following an incident on one of their citizens. The war was marked by large and disruptive obbybombings in Estalia’s holdings in 0,0 and Icenia, along with an unsuccessful but intrusive campaign in Pavia. A third front also occurred in Blockchainistan after accusations from Titan Industries of aiding Rhode Island. Rogue raiders associated with Rhode Island also roamed the newly-launched server, making the war’s effect felt throughout every nation.

On the morning of September 17, CivMC admins announced they banned numerous accounts associated with Rhode Island, declaring their actions to be detrimental to server culture and long-term growth. Shortly after this announcement, a coalition of fighters from all across the server sieged and begun to break the Rhode Island vault, not before minor skirmishes occurred. Blockchainistan soon fell a few days later. With coverage from multiple newspapers such as the Lambat Post and Pavian Tribune, the war has been one of the most reported in Civ history. (Full article...)

Current Events

The skyscape of Altepetl, Yoahtl.
  • The Imperial Federation unraveled a coup in its Anor Lando X territory; a trial for the perpetrators is forthcoming.
  • A large portion of territory of Temporal Isles spun off into the Temporal Empire with agreements from Icenia; the Isles were able to gain massive amounts of wealth and access to a nearby nether portal.
  • The United Tribes of the Southern Sea reached an agreement with the Catholic Church over administration of a nearby nether portal.
  • Nara pearled two Imperial Federation citizens following an attempted pearling of Transylvanian President X_an.
  • A dispute occurred over the Zephyria territory with its former owners, alleging they had been disrespectful to them in negotiations; the former owners were unable to reclaim land and accepted the country's apology.
  • Superbgamer hid several map arts across the server as a puzzle, it was solved within a day.
  • CivReign and CivRev have been shut down, following inactivity and financial issues.
  • CivMC admins have announced further enforcement of their content policy in anticipation for Discord partnership.

July 24, 2023

This week's featured article was written by iinkuu.

From the Featured Article

The logo for the Forum for International Diplomacy, made by Gjum.

The Forum for International Diplomacy (FID) was an intergovernmental organization on CivClassic, founded in late 2020 during the Infinity War, and disbanded later that same year. The FID was founded by The Commonwealth, Mount Augusta, Icenia, Yoahtl, Holy Jaded Empire, Gabon, Gensokyo, and the CCCP. The FID aimed to foster international diplomacy, develop friendly relations among nations and overall, bring the international community together. “The Forum operated on a consensus-based model, with a particular focus on promoting and supporting dialogue between its members.” Free discussion was encouraged by the FID, its members permitted to call for a meeting at any time concerning matters of international importance, with the meetings overseen by an impartial team of moderators.

The FID’s end ultimately came down to its member nations not foreseeing the amount of bureaucracy needed to establish a solid foundation for such a forum, nor for carrying out the goals they wished to accomplish. With dwindling interest, an unstable foundation and the community’s general consensus on United Nations formations on Civ, the forum disbanded. Though the Forum is one of many different attempts of UN formations on Civ, it has generally been regarded the furthest attempt to bring an international coalition of nations together. The idea of a server-wide UN is still an idea that is passed around but generally disregarded. (Full article...)

Current Events

The streets of Meracydia in the rain.
  • Arsenia, a country founded on Arsenio Pact land and consisted of former Cliqueston members, claimed an ice road that was previously used by the SEC. Demanding the infrastructure was to be disabled, leader SQOpenSpellBook was pearled in an altercation with Icenia in the ice road.
  • Icenia also announced they would be disbanding the SEC, opting to focus on internal matters. They also agreed to Butternut County, Gang Shi, and Lambeau's terms for reparations.
  • Mount Augusta, Fempire and the Imperial Federation announced the BUILD alliance, focusing on mutual aid and defense for self-proclaimed buildfriend nations.
  • Warmia left the Elysian Pact following an internal vote, citing a misalignment of values between Warmia and the other member countries.
  • The Catholic Church's land was taken over by Lambeau after demands from the country to vacate the land for the nether portal in the region. They are currently moving to a new area near Mercutio.
  • Meracydia has claimed new land in areas that were formerly Ila'Kyavul for a new territory.
  • CivMC's latest update fixed several bugs to random spawning, wordbanks, one-time teleports and adds a lot of content related to Brewery.

July 17, 2023

From the Featured Article


The Great Overland Railway’s iteration on CivClassic was an international rail line that connected many of the major cities and nations on the server. Created by Yoahtl (CivClassic) in 2018, its initial stretch from its allies in the NCA to Mount Augusta was monumental for its time. From its namesake, the line was an overground route, unlike the vast majority of rail lines on the server. The railway has not been without controversy; Mount Augusta and the Holy Jaded Empire were wary of northern expansion as neither preferred to host foreign infrastructure in their territory. During the Infinity War, a trap was constructed under the railway by Mir to capture NATO fighters, a move that has been widely panned by SATO and Yoahtlan allies.

Although development was paused during bgbba’s ban, extensions northwards to Icenia and south to Laconia were constructed by the server’s end in 2021. Upon its creation, the line routed players automatically using Snitches; when RailSwitch became available, it pioneered the use of the plugin to route players. Today, a second Great Overland Railway is currently in construction on CivMC, currently stretching from Lambat, Yoahtl, and Lusitania, with plans to extend westward. The construction of the railway and the surrounding movement inspired many nations to rethink their transportation infrastructure and shift their rails aboveground. (Full article...)

Current Events

The gardens outside Pavia's town hall.
  • SlothInASuit was sentenced by Gang Shi for one weeks' pearl and banishment from the country after a long and humorous trial after skybridging Pavia the prior week.
  • Several countries have been accused of overclaiming territory including DonFuer and Warmia.
  • Thorian MrCoCo_Cola preemptively issued a ban of all Imperial Federation citizens following a pearl altercation in the territory.
  • The Monument Group in Pavia has had fluctuating iron/diamond prices for the past few weeks, which have concerned investors.
  • CivMC admins have been introducing new Discord features in their discord, and introduced a revamp to their patreon page to decrease their operating loss.
  • The CivClassic map has been recovered by Gjum after uploading a world download the week before. Check it out!

July 10, 2023

This week's featured article was written by User:Prawny331.

From the Featured Article

The bombing of CivCorp at the start of the Great War.

The Great War was a war in late 2020 on the server CivRealms 2.0 between the coalition (Carbon, Northern Defensive Pact and Rhodesia) and the USA, which was a coalition of former enemies (notably Blackwater, Olympia, Chungus and later Savaguard). The War started following the obbybombing of the trade city CivCorp, and the following fallout developed into an all-out war between the bombers and their allies and much of the rest of the server. The conflict also spilled over into the New World, with several bombers seeking to form a new state in the isolated shard, starting the Barbary War. The war saw several major vaults fall, starting with the incomplete Varathian and Bloom vaults, the Napistan vault Daybreak (in which Carbon's leader, Convoy, was pearled) and eventually the Yggdrasil vault Asgard after a prolonged two week siege.

The fall of Asgard was devastating to the allies, losing many pearls and most of the pearls they'd obtained in the defence in the failed retreat to the megavault Heaven. The war directly led to the collapse in activity on the server, due to a large number of combatants being pearled as the war developed into a stalemate with only bots remaining active. During the war, admins also made controversial decisions that changed the outcome of the war, including banning Citadel bombing for a short period, creating a "King of the Ashes" rule, adding a small chance to instantly kill a player following the fall of Asgard, and banning of most of the USA. Following the war, the server's activity never recovered, with most players returning to Civclassic or joining CivUniverse. (Full article...)

Current Events

Outside the Town Square of Port o'Mehri in Mery.

July 3, 2023

This week's featured article was written by Xcios and Slusshi.

From the Featured Article

Bloom's iteration on CivClassic.

Bloom is a group of players that originated from RebirthCraft, and first joined the Civ Genre on CivClassic. Settling in the -,-, their town building theme often pulled from Parisian influences and featured a government consisting of democratically elected Members of Parliament and a Prime Minister. During the Infinity War, Bloom was kicked from the UDF after Columbia caught them playing games with NATO. This resulted in Bloom moving to CivRealms, and in 2021, handing the ownership of the state over to Icenia.

Once on CivRealms, Bloom existed as an entity within the nation of Carbon. There was nothing as significant as the two previous cities due to the limited time and resources on the server, but was still able to build a trenched city with an accompanying vault. After the death of CivRealms, Bloom remained stagnant until the release of CivMC. In later months, Bloom consisted of the core members from its towny and CivClassics days. Bloom is a group that consists mainly of buildfriends and grinders, and their playstyles reflect that make-up, resulting in the government being less democratic and more assigned. Today, Bloom exists as a state of Icenia. (Full article...)

Current Events

Regentsburgh, in the Imperial Federation.
  • Players insided the Arsenio Pact's Reluctance Vault in cooperation with Butternut County, the vault attack was briefly stopped due to admin intervention and suspicion of VPN usage. The SEC was disbanded after the attack resumed.
  • Following the disbandment, many nations left their associated countries and declared independence or joined others, and sentencing for many SEC leaders were also given.
  • Pavia and the Monument Group released their Q2 earnings report, with continued stability for the company despite new ventures.
  • Lambatan President Kaprediem released a summary of their happenings throughout the past month, excusing their inactivity.
  • Nara did a land exchange to claim a nether portal inherited to them by Dalgon.
  • Several posts this week saw a renewed arguments for declaiming large swaths of land on the subreddit for various large countries.
  • CivMC admins are looking at updates for wordbank and further updates to increase pearl costs.